Comparison: Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi ST vs Peugeot 308 GT BlueHDi 180 and Volkswagen Golf GTD

Comparison: Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi ST vs Peugeot 308 GT BlueHDi 180 and Volkswagen Golf GTDComparison: Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi ST vs Peugeot 308 GT BlueHDi 180 and Volkswagen Golf GTDComparison: Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi ST vs Peugeot 308 GT BlueHDi 180 and Volkswagen Golf GTDComparison: Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi ST vs Peugeot 308 GT BlueHDi 180 and Volkswagen Golf GTD

First were the GTI gasoline, agile and light cars without resorting to exaggerated levels of power, succeeded very dynamic and exciting driving, but without the maintenance costs of the most serious sports. Eventually they have gained weight, power and sophistication, and have even appeared ... Diesel versions. ¿Sacrilege or intelligent evolution? For some, certainly it has broken with the original concept, but also, under a more open view, it could be understood as a adaptation to a currently dominated by oil medium. On the other hand, Diesel engines have advanced so far that have nothing to do with those of yesteryear, surpassing in some respects to those of gasoline, so why not give them a chance?

... sound false?

Comparison: Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi ST vs Peugeot 308 GT BlueHDi 180 and Volkswagen Golf GTDIt is true that no laps up the rage of a gasoline or reach such high revs. But its high level of torque has its charm, and elaborate racks that are based on fairly well supported increasing weight of such mechanical. And the sound? Nor it has left out this important detail, even if it means having to make some "traps". The three of them processed in one way or another so that it reaches the ears completely transformed driver with sporting overtones. Ford Focus ST, for example, uses a soundboard that after enhance certain frequencies, channels it from admission to the passenger compartment. He Peugeot 308 GT, meanwhile, broadcast through loudspeakers bellowing achieved moderate but slightly reminiscent of a V8, and not only responds to engine speed, but also the throttle angle, giving a very credible result. As for the Golf GTD, uses a external speaker-modulator located in the exhaust line next to silent, which captures and playing a sound more "full" and audible even from outside the car. Both Golf as in the 308 You can enable or disable this function, which is linked to their respective modes of sports driving. At Focus it is permanent, but also gives the impression of being the most realistic and getting a result more "evocative" at high speed.

Diesel as good, and despite its generous power you expect from them a high level of efficiency, the main factor likely purchase for many. The Peugeot 308 GT is the homologated consumption figures lower and, despite its automatic transmission with torque converter, achieves very good records on the road, perhaps because it has a developments even longer than its rivals, following the current trend in the segment. The moves smoothly and smooth motion, making clear that its modern mechanics is the most enjoyable of the lot. Nevertheless, the Golf GTD, which has DSG transmission and function "inertia"She has spent less measurements in our Technical Center. As for the Focus ST, its consumption is significantly higher, even he is the only one with manual gearbox comparative, something always appreciated in a true sports.


Comparison: Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi ST vs Peugeot 308 GT BlueHDi 180 and Volkswagen Golf GTDLeaving aside the inevitable issue of consumption, the greatest differences arise from their racks, each with a set-point very different. He 308 GT not only receives a sportier aesthetic and an interior even more care, also wins certain firmness suspension. It is not excessive, but it manages to convey a higher initial sportsmanship, though when the truth behavior hardly differs from other 308 who have passed through our hands. That is, it is a very good level, but in this version GT waited an extra dynamic curve consistent with his image and the power of its engine, as well as more precision and poise when looking for limits on twisty sections. His body heads too close to accelerate and hollowing, so that the line drawn is quite influenced by what we do with the right foot even to the normal order rates, which achieves a very entertaining and enjoyable driving at all times, but the rest pure efficiency if you want to go really fast. Full support to accelerate the path opens, and understeer appears relatively soon if not carefully We dose the accelerator. If, on the other hand, try to cause a slip rear axle, the reactions are not as smooth and precise as we would like. Yes, more peaceful rhythms something that can have its advantages in times corren-, his manners are impeccable. Neither its change converter (The only available by now in this particular version) is raised to an extreme driving as It is overtaken by events when you use it in manual mode.

Beside, the Ford Focus ST is much more radical, a lot more hard suspension and less friendly with our backs in everyday use. In the first corner and you unveils its intentions, it has a very rapid progressive radius direction -less than 2 turns between topes-, combined with a body that just sways, more grip and some changes of immediate support. As much as turn up the pace, the front obey our orders to the millimeter and does not abandon his post. To dislodge the Ford Focus ST you have to go much faster than the Peugeot, and not just the front the first to yield to pressure, but their reagent rear axle, which achieves a very sporty reactions if necessary, or to any provocation. Always precise and progressive, everything happens faster and requires some expertise on our part, since by reactions, feelings and overall feeling, it's a sports car with all of the law. If your address was a little more information would be fantastic, because it still would more confidence.

He Volkswagen Golf GTD is the only one that does not leave you completely disable the ESP, and touch is a completely normal car, as comfortable as any other Golf thanks to its optional active shock absorbers. Nothing would make you suspect that, Once you change the chip and go "attack", Its effectiveness is closer to Focus at 308. You feel it lighter and easier, Y if not faster than the Focus ST in step-by-little curve owes faltar- if it is motor. In any case, It conveys such confidence that just circulating even faster. The final question is, versatility or feelings?