BMW 7 Series 730d xDrive, supreme car

BMW 7 Series 730d xDrive, supreme saloonBMW 7 Series 730d xDrive, supreme saloonBMW 7 Series 730d xDrive, supreme saloonBMW 7 Series 730d xDrive, supreme saloon

I admit that I felt overwhelmed to sit down and subsequently lead the new Series 7 from BMW. As on other occasions and also those that were numbered rivals, the first experience that is the 6th generation Series BMW 7 Takes you to have to assimilate so many new things, you appreciate a responsible brand you explain on-site how the car works. In my case were just 10 very short minutes to not hear much, unable to process many and many new features to implement them in what would be a long and varied journey through lusas lands.

I will say that the key to the new series 7 It resembles a smartphone (With induction recharge including also mobile who accept), a screen display tactile that sheds some car information. From the lobby of the hotel where we stayed, I consult the key autonomy 730d waiting for me outside parking, about 300 meters. I note also in the display of the key all doors Y wickets is it so closed. According path "my" imposing series 7, open with the remote control key car and me in real time indicated on the display. He hoped to I desaparcarlo remotely from outside form, but this function It wont be available until November. And it remains curious that the delay does not respond to difficulties techniques but legislative. The law requires that all car that it moves in a via public have to be obviously the driver to board. Hence the driving autonomous will evolve according to how you legislate about it.

In this case, given the small range (you have to align the front car with the garage or car park and we can only move forward or backward our 7 Series 1.5 times its length -Body normally 5.10 meters), it seems that the law is the work of specifically authorize and they confirmed those responsible for the brand in our country, in Spain it will be of righ now possible. Thus no setbacks is not your system maintenance from lane active, which combined with the Active Cruise Control, he is able to lead us by a freeway, following the route of the rail and adapting the speed of the car that precedes us. However, it demands our attention and the system detects if we are not in contact with the steering wheel, warns us to take control.

BMW 7 Series 730d xDrive

I could write a serial with all the equipment that has the new Series 7, by the way upgrade to his endowment from series because they recognize the brand there is a perception that BMW they come "peeled"But I will tell only the most innovative, the rest no longer anything more advanced we know the industry, in the case of Series 7 it encompasses everything.

BMW He has developed a system what recognize a series of gestures our default hands to accept or to refuse call of phone, up and down he volume radio or activate a quick access. It is surprising to see how the car obeys gestural commands, which is true sometimes you are confused with natural hand movements if you gesticulate while driving (we say we should not do). You will find that the same order you can do it with gesture, moving a physical control or touching a virtual control now touch on the central screen. Necessary?

You can also have a tablet removable from any passenger also govern many of the functions from comfort Y multimedia available, which are endless. Hiring the relevant fee, you can make your Series 7 a WiFi is available and see external terminals and internal screens arranged in squares you back what the Google world puts at your fingertips. Needless to say that the environment for brightness, space, materials, settings, silence gear and self quality from rolling the car is much more than exceptional.

Surely you've seen and liked as passenger, but I assure you that the driver is another one privileged of the Series 7. He comfort It is something that comes in huge amounts by default in a representation sedan and even if it is better than another can be testimonial, this time BMW he has tuned up a series 7 in which sensations smoothness Y filtration possibly they are reaching the best levels of competition. The suspension is pneumatics in the two axes (Previously only back) and active dampers, like stabilizing that minimize body roll.

He is known in command BMW that lets you choose between driving modes ECOPRO, comfort Y sport, debuts a fourth mode: adaptive. The adaptation thus dynamics between many parameters affecting the suspension, not only reacts weather real an unforeseen, is also expected to know what kind of tracings circulated to obtain information navigation system, and also by the reading a frontal camera It makes traffic that precedes us and the road layout. The ride comfort is extraordinary and therefore more amazing is how nimble feel it too. If I tell you that BMW prepared a journey that had done a few months before the Opel Adam S in its international presentation and still many sections of retorcidísimos Rallie Portugal, You can get an idea of ​​the message also wanted to convey the brand.

BMW 7 Series 730d xDrive

What "fit"Turn and run the Series 7 as it does on these roads you have much merit. The version "short" It is going to 5.10 meters, 14 centimeters less than the version long battle. This generation is larger than the previous one, but also advertised 130 kilos less of weight. In its monocoque and bodywork combined steel high strength, with plates aluminum and Slats CFRP, or put another way, of polymers reinforced with carbon fiber. Anyway its agility Y maneuverability hides more, namely address integral (Optional) already opened the Series 7 above, but in this generation supports traction xDrive 4x4 (Optional depending on engine). With the 4 wheel pulling Y directing, the feeling of security Y effectiveness is brutal. Surprisingly, a saloon of such magnitude "I weighed" Y "Measure" so little in their guided in a mountainous dual carriageway. Breast removed BMW and rightly shape to combine comfort Y dynamism of this new series 7, when a priori if you define a configuration for the first, inevitably you assume commitments in the second, and vice versa.

He new 7 Series It will be in Spanish dealers immediately. The range will initially with a Diesel version (730d) engined 6 cylinder 265 hp 3.0 and one version from gasoline (750i) Engine 4.4 V8 Turbo 450 hp, both associated with an automatic 8 relations with glide function. Standard on the 750i, the xDrive is available on the 730d and the double option bodywork. For later already announced a 740E hybrid version.