2017 Mercedes E-Class Estate: proof luxury family

Test Mercedes E-Class EstateTest Mercedes E-Class EstateTest Mercedes E-Class EstateTest Mercedes E-Class Estate

He New Mercedes E-Class Estate surprises with design very stylized, modern and soft shapes. Not surprisingly, it has been sought a dynamic and sporty image, for a type of bodywork that is becoming increasingly popular, especially among the younger clientele, lover of sports and outdoor activities. It should be noted that in markets such as Germany two out of three E-Class Estate are sold, something similar happens in Italy, while in our market barely reach 15 percent, although this percentage is increasing.

In addition to attractiveness, New Mercedes E-Class Estate 2017 You can also boast a extraordinary interior roominess. Count with one luggage compartment with a capacity of 670 liters that can reach 1,820 liters if the rear seats. These can be replicated in a proportion 40/60 and the remaining surface is also completely smooth, which greatly facilitates transport large objects. However, the volume of the luggage compartment can pass 700 liters if a position of the rear seatback 10% more vertical is chosen. The Loading capacity reaches 745 kg and besides the Estate It allows up to 2,100 kg tow. For these purposes it is strongly recommended air suspension Air Body Control It offered as an option and that the Estate always remains horizontal. You can also mount a third row, especially designed for young children and which considerably increases the versatility of this version.

Mercedes E-ClassHe tailgate Mercedes E-Class Estate 2017 system features series electric drive and optionally you can have a system that allows the foot passing actuate the lower rear bumper. It is also possible to stop the tailgate in any position and limiting the opening angle to prevent scratches on the plate if, for example, the garage ceiling height is limited.

2017 Mercedes E-Class Estate Engines

He new E-Class Estate It will be available with same engines as the sedan, although at first the offer is limited to E 220d of 194 hp, while gasoline are available E 200 and 250 with 184 and 211 hp respectively. Among Diesel later also reach the access variant E 200d with 150 hp and the powerful E 350d with motor 3 liter six-cylinder. In gasoline supply will increase with E 300 2-liter turbo engine with 245 hp, also come to the market a Hybrid plug called E 350e.

Depending on the version, will be offered the six-speed manual gearbox or automatic 9G Tronic, logically it is the most demanded by the public. As well It will be offered in the drive 4 Matic with certain engines, another option to consider is the damping Agility Agility Control Control and lowered height 1.5 cm. The price of E 220 d Estate is € 53,350, € 52,100 on the E 200 and € 57,200 on the E250, representing an increase of 3 to 5 000 euros regarding the hatchback.

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