Suzuki Vitara, a car that is a great competitor

Contact: Suzuki Vitara, significant competitorContact: Suzuki Vitara, significant competitorContact: Suzuki Vitara, significant competitorContact: Suzuki Vitara, significant competitor

Retrieves the new Suzuki Vitara a historical name that began in 1988, which had a prominent place in the history of all-terrain and had now been somewhat forgotten to the strength of other SUVs and before its commercial evolution towards a Suzuki Grand Vitara has endured as has been the onslaught of rivals with role bigger artillery budgetary one.

Suzuki VitaraSuzuki but still looking forward to war and conquer virgin territory between Size SUV utility, those moving between 4 and 4.2 meters, no attitudes needs of large off-road Suzuki Vitara though the may propose 4x4 its purchaser and a striking design. Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008, Nissan Juke, who opened this segment as we understand now- even a Citroen C4 Cactus can be its rivals, though by staging and size inside can even challenge models that move in 4.3 meters long, and here you can already get even Opel Mokka.

All his rivals except the Opel Mokka, play with original aesthetic but renouncing masculinity, strength, robustness ... And here is where you can be accommodated Suzuki Vitara new, a model with a striking front, with a very muscular side, and all with a cubic centimeters interior architecture to provide are appreciated, especially in the rear occupants. In addition, commitment different colors, almost mandatory at this time duotone combination with another key roof ... the eye, no one would argue that measures 4.17 meters. You think you're at greater length model, a car that excels in five centimeters in height to their rivals ....

Suzuki VitaraMechanically, only two options on startup, gasoline and diesel, both 1.6 and 120 hp. As gearboxes, it said goodbye to the S-Cross CVT and is changed to a new automatic six relations -only petrol engine, the moment. In addition, two manuals, five relationships for gasoline and six for Diesel. There are no official consumption figures Diesel -Emissions of 106 g / km of CO2 it should be placed in about 4 liters while gasoline consumption start at 5.3 l / 100 km. Configuration 4x2 It will be the defendant, although with the possibility to benefit from Allgrip system already he submitted his older brother and S-Cross four drive configurations: 4x2 auto -prioriza economy and problems except when it detects wheel-drive, sport, snow and mud -this last lock mode or trialeras applying thrust to the wheels with agarre-.

Security, surpasses its older brother Suzuki S-Cross, presented last year and half. In a segment like the Suzuki Vitara racing, offer LED lights, adaptive cruise control keeping safe distance from vehicle in front, braking -first city emergency alerts if performance does not detect the driver braked, seven airbags including knee, back camera... are very noteworthy elements. Inside, it highlights also almost mandatory touch screen to remove pushbuttons of the center console addition to being able Connect with your smartphone sharing capabilities of your phone.

What we believe about the new Vitara

Suzuki VitaraThe truth is that the new Suzuki Vitara we liked a lot, even more than its big brother the Suzuki S-Cross. Dynamically we did not find large differences, but the Vitara is very well insulated, do not move into vibrations and very little noise sneaks.
He 1.6 Diesel engine 120 hp, which we tested, is energetic Suzuki Vitara in the new, offers a number of very strong torque from 1,500 rpm and recovering well. He consumption in the computer Travel during the brief touchdown made around Nice has been 6.6 l / 100 km, very good if we consider that we have circulated on mountain roads with four occupants on board. smooth and precise steering and suspensions comfortable and efficient They contribute to drive very easily and with great deal of confidence. No sways the new Suzuki Vitara much cornering and allows great path accuracy.

Inside the new Suzuki Vitara also it seemed good solved, with more than enough room for four occupants, good legroom for the occupants of the rear seats and excellent headroom. He trunk, meanwhile, with 375 liters, is not the largest in its category, but it is suitable. Overall completion is pretty good though no soft plastic on the dashboard Suzuki Vitara; enough holes to leave objects on doors, center console and glove compartment and Very complete equipment in the top range version.