Opel GT Concept, we got the sporty two-seater of the future

Opel GT Concept, try the futuristic two-seater sportsOpel GT Concept, try the futuristic two-seater sportsOpel GT Concept, try the futuristic two-seater sportsOpel GT Concept, try the futuristic two-seater sports

Following in the footsteps of his predecessor in office, Experimental Opel GT 1965, he Opel GT Concept It became a success of public and trade press in the last Geneva Motor Show 2016. A few weeks later, autopista.es has had a chance to take the wheel of the GT only exists in the world, whereby the responsibility was great.

Little or nothing to do with that first GT. The new Opel GT Concept shares only things like long hood, the double exhaust, the absence of a trunk lid and of course the name. From there, everything is new.

The Opel GT Concept measures 3.85 meters, 15 centimeters less than a Opel Corsa, but in such small package Opel has managed to bring together the latest technology and design. Its lines are simple. Its designers wanted escape from impossible angles and an aggressive design, in favor of a cleaner aesthetic, without many elements that divert the sight of his initial idea. And this is simply to convert the Opel GT on a think tank, a place to unleash the imagination of its designers without the constraints imposed by current safety requirements.

Opel GT Concept rearAhead of its time: Opel GT Concept

Look no exterior mirrors, door handles on doors, windshield wipers or trunk lid. Because you will not find any of this. On doors, large size, painted areas and the glass melt imperceptible to the human eye. And the best thing is when we play an integrated red roofline touch panel and open electric gates. They disappear, literally, under the front wheel arches, allowing to draw a wide opening while saving space. He panoramic glass roof It is a continuation of the windshield, allowing you to enjoy unbeatable views inside. The front wheels red They are a nod to the motorcycle Opel Motoclub 500 and they are mounted on rims bold design inspired by a skateboard.

The simplicity of its exterior design is continued inside, interrupted only by some detail out of the ordinary. as the rounded screens vent nozzles showing us an image around the vehicle and replace traditional rearview mirrors. The images come thanks to small cameras located behind the wheel, They say that because that ensure good vision when driving city. There is also no buttons, because everything is handled by the voice or the touchpad located in the center console. And the two classical instrumentation clocks are actually projection surfaces that display information in three dimensions.

Is the car that suits you and not vice versa. You can choose the right music, temperature or route. This is shown in the screen on the right, with graphics easy to read without any numerical indication. The car also You can talk and send messages as "Be careful. Pay attention to that motorcycle coming from behind. "It's an advanced version of the future OnStar system.

Driving: Opel GT Concept

He Opel GT XXI century It does not aspire to become a sports reference. So under the hood we find large displacement engine and enormous power. On the contrary, it uses a 1.0 three-cylinder turbocharged 145 hp extracted, power is sent to the rear wheels through a sequential gearbox six-speed. Ensure that the Concept Opel GT reaches a top speed of 215 km / h and performs acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 8 seconds.

For our little Touchdown, however, as developed in the interior of a ship and can not perform tests with combustion engines, engineers improvised riding a small electric motor, which he did not allow us to draw many conclusions from their actual performance. But life on board. Enter and leave the cabin is a cinch and inside there is plenty of room. In addition, the panoramic glass roof provides plenty of light. Allowing seats envelop you enjoy comfortable position, something that also helps to pedals and steering wheel they can be adjusted electronically.

Yes or no about his possible arrival to production. But the statements each other, it seems unlikely the Opel GT Concept comes to fruition. It is more a testing bench for future technologies and design elements Opel future. Also a touchstone to see the public reaction that, so far, there has been more positive.

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