Alfa Giulia against Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE, Lexus IS and Mercedes Class C

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia faced rivals2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia faced rivals2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia faced rivals2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia faced rivals

There was a time when the sports saloons They were really sports. Gasoline ran jets for its six-cylinder engines and imported more sound than consumption. But what really counted were their performance, maximum speed and, in some cases, his achievements in the various touring car series. The equipment, comfort, the security, the efficiency, and even so fashionable connectivity, They are concepts that have been taking shape after as well have been changing needs of drivers. Without going any further, now Diesel A singing and however premium that is a model, its owner look very closely consumption, if only to have to stop less often to refuel, to show off how advanced technology is its engine or to be more environmentally friendly. This does not prevent facilities are brilliant, in fact evolution has gone in all directions and Diesel now little or nothing to do with those of yesteryear. The softness, response and pleasure of use they provide are perfectly compatible with what is expected of a aspirational high-end car as we compare these pages. Of these, yes, Lexus is the exception because it uses a gasoline hybrid configuration with getting consumption Diesel, with a combined capacity of 223 hp. The other models tested-Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes Class Jaguar XE and C is between 170 and 190 hp, and of them, only with manual transmission it is the Alfa Giulia, but optionally also offers a automatic transmission which will surely have a chance to try later.

Alfa Giulia against Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE, Lexus IS and Mercedes Class C: back to basics

How could it be otherwise, in this type of car It is of great importance Driving touch. To distinguish themselves from the general saloons have in mind calibration steering, suspension, pedals, shift each with its specific programming, including BMW and Jaguar, which share ZF 8 speed- reactions of the chassis, engine response, calibration of electronic aids ... The personality of each is dictated not only by its design or specific features of each brand, and it is no accident that all but the Audi A4 make use of the rear-wheel drive. Traditionally, this configuration in which the work of the driving wheels and independent guidelines has offered its advantages-and disadvantages facing the habitability and ease of driving-especially in certain power models. He Alfa Romeo Giulia It is a clear commitment to this concept and, ignoring the wishes of not a few fans, takes up this mechanical configuration that did not offer the Italian brand from the Alfa 75.

Alfa Giulia, Audi A4, Lexus IS 300h, Mercedes C Class, BMW 320d and Jaguar XEAlfa Giulia against Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE, Lexus IS and Mercedes Class C: Going into detail

At Alfa Giulia the management takes a leading role. It is the most direct difference of the lot, more suitable for a supercar that for a sedan, but there precisely lies its charm. Its accuracy is absolute and is so fast that requires some adaptation on our part, because the first time you bend a corner can end up turning too. A high speed requires going concentrate on driving, they are sufficient to guide movements millimetric a frame instantly obey our orders. The feeling is excellent, the car reactive and agile note, but very poised and stable at the same time. To top it off, the center of gravity is very low and just open the hood off any of his rivals to verify that the motor is located very close to the ground. In turn, the weight distribution between trains is almost 50% -specifically 51/49% - and not content with this, It is with the slightest difference. The result is that it allows some high speeds around path type and a step curve denoted intentions Alfa Romeo to again be the reference for sportiness. It is the one that provides greater accuracy in line and this must be made if we want to really embarrass her incisive and effective front end, since hardly deviates from the safe path marked which largely overcome the limits of logic. If necessary the rear rounded the turn, but always supervised by a -little intrusive electronic aids but not desconectables- that modulate the evolutions of the frame, not to interfere with driving but to provide even more precision, as if under the wheels had a virtual rails. Thus, It gives a lot of confidence at all times, so sometimes you feel underpowered, but not because it is slow, but for the good work frame. Among its list of options there are elements to further refine their behavior as a package consisting of adaptive dampers and limited slip differential. The engine, which shares the capacity and dimensions of Mercedes Benz, It provides a very immediate response -the driveshaft carbon fiber sure it has something to do with it- and strong even at very few laps, and has remarkable ability to turn any regime, so it supports all types of driving and does not disappoint. One of the drawbacks that we will find considering the segment it faces is that not so refined like its rivals at the level of vibration or sound under acceleration it is so isolated, despite not being disagreeable. Yes, its controls this will be the last thing you come in mind. Meanwhile, the suspension is slightly firmer but not uncomfortable and a fabulous quality of bacheo.

Alfa Giulia against Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE, Lexus IS and Mercedes Class C: good design

As for the finishes and the design of its interior, the Alfa Giulia not clash alongside genuine specialists "Haute couture" present in this segment, although there are some details that might criticize gourmets. Your system information and entertainment is not as sophisticated as those found in Audi and BMW, and the rotary knob with which it is handled does not have a touch so be careful driving. Nor does the sound shut the glove compartment is so studied, but, as we have said, only the most die-hard lovers of luxury prioritize these elements on issues related to driving, which is where the Alfa Giulia out more.

Alfa Giulia against Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE, Lexus IS and Mercedes Class C: ultimate sophistication

If what really matters is the interior and the equipment available, the Audi A4 It is hard to beat. Its realization raises the bar practically levels Audi A8, also for sound insulation and absence of any mechanical ruggedness. Since the door open so special notes and a high dose of quality, with some customization possibilities as wide as your pocket allows buyer. Both aesthetic (read ambient lights of multiple colors, different upholstery, inserts and design lines) as technical elements (Matrix LED headlights, various types of suspension, Head-Up Display, virtual box control, active steering...) And comfort (sound equipment Bang & Olufsen, browser Google Earth, connection Internet) You can be set up to find a car almost tailor-made. However, what farther away Audi A4 your competitors are attending countless driving which can incorporate many of them for now exclusive to the brand with the four rings. One is the predictive efficiency assistant, suggesting when to lift off the throttle to maximize the circulation inertia (The system calculates the right time to reach the right speed signal without limitation have to stop), or mode Intelligent deadlock, which it takes into account frontal radar data to engage or disengage the fly as traffic conditions, something we also can avoid touching the brake and provides more comfort than a conventional system driving candle. Security also offers innovative features such as a alert for passengers if they are attempting to leave the passenger compartment and a vehicle is approaching from behind, or an aid to avoid obstacles which increases the steering angle if the driver has not turned enough.

Alfa Romeo Giulia and its rivalsAlfa Giulia against Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE, Lexus IS and Mercedes Class C: electronics, holy hand

As in the rest of cars of this comparison, the behavior can be described as brilliant. Even as front-wheel drive, accelerating in the turn closes the racing line slightly, but it does because of the rear axle round the turn, but because his Emulator electronic limited slip, based act on the inner brakes and divert some of the power to the outside front wheel, causes the car gird inward curve. This makes you involved more driving, and even forced to make a correction in the direction, which can be slightly influenced if you take advantage of all the engine power in tight turns where you get very good traction thanks to successful calibration of electronic aids. He ESP count with one Sport mode very little intrusive, but keeps everything under control for ease behind the wheel is the one that defines all Audi, achieving at the same time high efficiency. Their reactions are very neutral and only on slippery pavement becomes something understeer. Moreover, the address is uninformative and does not leave too feel what they are doing tires, but eventually you get used and sharpening the senses know what's going on. His driving may not excite much as its rivals, but how well they work and interact with all systems in the case of so many-Maxime, since no left or the minutest detail to chance. Like its rivals, she spends very little, aided by a 7th of almost 80 km / h 1,000 rpm, the march of greater relief that can be found in this comparison. The engine, fabulous by touch, responsiveness and push from very low engine speeds, moves the 7th freely only above 130 km / h, otherwise it's such a long relationship that serves exclusively for llanear and if you need to accelerate suddenly , he immediate change S tronic dual-clutch It is responsible for reducing one or more speeds.

Alfa Giulia against Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE, Lexus IS and Mercedes Class C: athletic balance

In our previous comparison with the same saloons (complete test on Highway 2942), in which only lacked the Alfa Romeo Giulia, the winner was BMW 320d. Rapid, extensive and performed with obsession with detail -Cuesta find a bad ending even the most insospechados- places, and one of the secrets of his success is his commendable dynamic equilibrium. With this generation no longer seeking sportsmanship above all, it provides a behavior where Comfort is also a problem. After restyling, steering and suspension were recalibrated with great success, becoming one of the models that provide a more pleasurable and satisfying driving any circumstance. From said updating the advantages of adaptive damping They are less evident, while earlier almost forced to combine high doses extra ride comfort and precision. He Engine / gearbox assembly is probably the best in the category, and performance, and that adaptation to the Euro 6 legislation has lost some grip. Compared to the Alfa Giulia, is not so extremely accurate in sporty driving, the front axle is less incisive and his body has larger swings to the limit, but offers greater thrust. The Sport + modes and Traction stability control (fully disconnectable) leave greater freedom of movement for "to play" with the rear axle, thanks to the abundant power can cause gas base without being overly demanding, but overall is a very neutral car.

Navigation system and multimedia information at the time

Something also worth emphasizing is its excellent navigation system Alfa Romeo Giulia, while is true that BMW usually equip the top end choice in their units tested for the press. Both size and visibility of the screen and its operation, is one of the best alternatives on the market. Its handling is very intuitive and takes into account information from the real-time traffic, in fact you can avoid a lot of jams recommending alternative routes. Other interesting features are its adaptive headlights led (With active shadows to avoid dazzling) or Head-Up Display, also very successful. One of the few points that could improve is relative to the driving position, and the pedals are slightly offset to the left, although versions with automatic transmission not noticed much. In any case, you get used quickly.

Jaguar XE: sexy feline

Another model that takes into account the behavior providing an extra point of sportsmanship is the Jaguar XE. Either by accelerator or via steering wheel can make your back is the most participatory when rounding turns, plus its front end is part of curve without hesitating a moment, obeying our orders without question and with little understeer. Its efficiency curve is very high, although body roll can be somewhat charged when we in nearby areas depends on the configuration chosen for the suspension, as there are several possible-, precisely because of the move to the limit of adhesion-all high tire grip combined with a setup that does not give a remarkable comfort. The modest performance of electronic aids does not interfere with driving, so that we have a car that, if we, brings a touch of fun to drive very welcome and in line with their image, always with an overall feeling fine, great personality and the particularity of being made of aluminum. its engine Diesel It is felt more than their German rivals or Lexus, but less than the Alfa Giulia, and inside it breathes modern and very neat environment, seating of excellent, well chosen materials and proper disposal of all controls.

Some elements, such as the mouth of the tank adblue in the trunk rather than outside, as in Audi or Mercedes, make the task of refueling the additive is more uncomfortable. Also lower ceiling height in the rear impairs the habitability of the rear passengers, but not critically, understandable as the price for having a body design so appealing.

Alfa Romeo Giulia and its rivalsLexus IS 300h: luxury hybrid

Lexus He has followed its own path in which a propulsion system is concerned, since It does not offer alternative Diesel in its range. Instead uses a efficient hybrid gasoline engine, which has a transmission system similar to a continuously variable operation. This has advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand provides softness difficult to match, Boundless in delivering power (except in Sport mode or using the steering wheel paddles, situations simulating some extent fixed gears). On the other hand, when sudden acceleration or want to take advantage of good virtues of its frame by performing a driving true sportsmanship, the answer is not as immediate as we would like and push not always correspond to the speed of the engine combustion. It's a shame, because it does not defend anything wrong with twisty, where it is agile and very precise, with progressive reactions and always demonstrating a aplomb. He low center of gravity because of the position of the batteries in their favor, while the overall weight is distributed exactly 50% on each axis, as in the BMW.

Alfa Giulia against Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE, Lexus IS and Mercedes Class C: total comfort

In actual use in driving situations that can occur during regular journeys, this occurs rarely, so in general terms we have a car that provides a Soaring pleasure to use and refinement, direction with flawless and exceptional ride quality. Even the brake pedal presents the artificial feel of most hybrid and electric, as its dosage is perfect both very soft stops and in city traffic, where this Lexus IS 300h gives us a very low consumption and a very relaxing driving, with occasional moments of progress in electric mode in total silence. All seasoned with an interior topped with a reference quality standards.

Alfa Giulia against Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE, Lexus IS and Mercedes Class C: driving pleasure

Returning to the importance given to the dynamic section in this type saloon for the latest generation of Mercedes C Class It has placed particular emphasis on developing elaborate scheme suspensions, with extensive use of aluminum and high strength steels very structurally. Needless travel many kilometers on board to ensure that its agility has improved, the result of a logradísimo front end, the best of which are among the protagonists of this comparison after Alfa Giulia, as it provides superb guiding capacity. Allows rhythms cornering vertigo, but to extract the quintessence of the frame is necessary to disconnect the stability control, which nevertheless remains dormant mode-actually amount to a Sport- position. This greater driving fun without compromising safety and a better balance between trains is achieved because the rear axle rounded curves slightly depending on what we do with the right foot. We were disappointed to know how is this model should equip air suspension, because it is the only segment that offers on its list of options, and it will surely get even better results both in terms of dynamism and comfort and ride quality, although its price, already high, would increase considerably. There is plenty of power available, indeed CV 170 officers have proven to be 186 hp to our bank roller, being car particularly fast. It is the best step from 80 to 120 km / h achieved and 7-speed automatic transmission torque converter has very good performance, despite not having inertia mode. Even more remarkable is its brilliant Stop / Start system, especially gentle to both stop the engine and boot, and as fast as in the first pistonada and the car starts moving, so even you are thinking off. Audi Y BMW They are very close, but the change of double clutch Audi A4 It does not allow such precise dosage start of the march.

Ultimately, the level is very high in any of these cars and none disappoint, but quite the opposite. They are cars that even at low speeds, driving them quiet in the daily mode, have something special, lacking in models of generalist brands. If that were not enough, besides being irreproachable level of dynamism, their computers with surprise trip very low consumption figures. They do not give up anything and it's not surprising that remain object of desire for any fan car.

Comparative saloons, data

MeasurementAlfa Romeo Giulia 2.2 DieselAudi A4 2.0 TDI S tronicBMW 320d SteptronicJaguar XE 2.0 D AutomaticLexus IS 300hMercedes C 7G-Tronic Plus 220d
Power (*)180 hp at 3,750 rpm190 hp at 3,800 rpm190 hp at 4,000 rpm180 hp at 4,000 rpm223 hp170 hp at 3,000 rpm
maximum torque (*)38.8 mkg at 1500 rpm40.8 mkg at 1,750 rpm40.81 mkg at 1,750 rpm43.9 mkg at 1,750 rpmN.D.40.8 mkg at 1,400 rpm
0-100 km / h7,97 s7.94 s7.39 s8.57 s8.47 s7.66 s
0-1000 m28,6 s28.76 s28.27 s29.51 s29.05 s28,60 s
Real urban consumption6 l / 100 km6,1 l / 100 km7.1 l / 100 km7,7 l / 100 km4.0 l / 100 km5,9 l / 100 km
actual road use5,2 l / 100 km4.8 l / 100 km4.8 l / 100 km5,6 l / 100 km5,2 l / 100 km4.4 l / 100 km
Real average consumption5,5 l / 100 km5.32 l / 100 km5.72 l / 100 km6.44 l / 100 km4.72 l / 100 km5,0 l / 100 km
Frenada 100-0 km / h37 m36.3 m38.4 m36.3 m39.3 m37.8 m
Weight1,502 kg1,645 kg1.600 kg1,648 kg1,690 kg1,634 kg
Width / After142/137 cm142/137 cm141/139 cm144/138 cm141/134 cm140/136 cm
Space legs back80 cm74/79 cm80 cm76 cm76 cm74 cm
Trunk390 liters470 liters445 liters410 liters430 liters440 liters
Prices35,050 euros40,210 euros40,350 euros39,861 euros35,900 euros43,177 euros

(In asterisk * official data, the rest of the data, own measurements of the Technical Center Highway).

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