Audi RS 3 Sportback, 367 hp car fun

Audi RS3 Sportback 2015Audi RS3 Sportback 2015Audi RS3 Sportback 2015Audi RS3 Sportback 2015

The engine of this Audi RS 3 Sportback is a "Old acquaintance" between the sportiest Audi models. Its origins go back, nothing more and nothing less, than racing cars with the brand with the four rings competed in various forms, rally and touring car championship, as well as production models of the '80s. In the year 1994, Audi put on stage the first model under the banner RS, the RS 2, a saloon familiar body that broke with all known to date. From there, the five-cylinder engine has been falling about as charismatic models such as the RS TT 2009 in the RS 3 Sportback first generation (which surprised the brand sold twice as many units than they had planned) and later in the SUV RS Q3, a model that is having a significant sales.

Another guarantors of this mechanics is his record: from 2010 until last year It has been awarded in all editions with the title Engine of the Year, a title with enough weight in the automotive world.

A first engine

Audi RS 3 Sportback

This time, the 2.5-liter engine turbo announces the highest figure ever taken power in it: 367 hp and maximum torque of 47.5 mkg from just 1,650 rpm which they are maintained up to 5,500 rpm. Has a new variable displacement pump, stop / start system, turbocharger with a maximum power of 1.5 bars blowing (which can reach up to 2.35 bars at peak times) and a maximum theoretical yield of 1100 liters of air per hour. The engine is very small and compact, measures 49 centimeters long and is mounted manually on the ground that the mark in the Austrian town of Györ.

The sound emitted arrancarlo and nothing indicates that no this is a "normal" Audi. With a butterfly located in the exhaust system, the noise from the engine becomes a real melody when brought to the red zone the counter pointer. Its ability to lap up is very high, while Typically we get to cut us a little neglect If we are using the manual mode S tronic change. The benefits are a good cover letter: 4,3 seconds to reach 100 km / h and one self-limited top speed to 250 km / h that, as soon as the road is clear (in Germany, of course) it is reached very quickly. There is an option to increase the maximum speed limit to 280 km / h.

In a everyday use, the engine is a delight for its softness and adjusted consumption, but when we start to extract all that gives of itself, the engine is transformed into a machine to deliver horses and gain speed from any engine speed. He Automatic dual-clutch S tronic (Standard) is an excellent ally when we both walk and when we put the helmet and overalls to enjoy the full potential of the car. The are well-spaced gears, not much gap between them and the management of the dual clutch is very fast in all circumstances. So the answer change as engine and address can be configured using the so-called Audi Drive System touch of a switch on the center console. If we decided on the Dynamic mode, the sound from the exhaust and warns us that each and every one of the 367 hp available are willing to gallop out as quickly as possible.

Audi RS 3 Sportback

Like all S and RS, this version has the quattro all-wheel drive a multiplate hydraulic clutch electronically controlled. To a better distribution of weight, this element (and battery) is placed on the rear axle and is designed in its electronic specifically for this model. The torque is distributed fully automatically between the front and rear and can send from 50 to 100 percent of the torque to the rear axle, depending on how we driving state and asphalt.

The address, from variable assist (Between 15.3 and 10.9: 1) and with specific operating laws for this version, has a soft touch at low speed and wheel firmly when fast and also it offers very good information to the driver of what happens between the wheels and the road. So much dampers and springs receive a specific moron, firmer and optionally Magnetic Ride damping improves the dynamic behavior of the car when fast wheel is offered.


Audi RS 3 Sportback

In order to prove its dynamism, nothing better than rolling in a circuit where security is a key element. In our Touchdown we traveled to the Autodromo Vallelunga, near Rome. In it we saw two fundamental aspects: its capacity to 367 hp not put in trouble at any time or to the frame or the driver and efficiency offered by the optional equipment of carbonocerámicos brakes (first offered in this model). We were the first to roll with ease quickly. The RS 3 Sportback surprised by virtually no understeer in the tight corners and the traction you have when you step on the accelerator. The distribution of torque between axles, with a bias towards the rear and the presence of so-called "Torque Vectoring" applying touches on the inner wheels to transmit more torque to the outside as well as a stability control tuned for sporty driving , make the RS 3 Sportback you move with agility and efficiency worthy of mention. And above all, offering ease and safety to the driver that makes cornering speed is very high.

As for the carbonocerámicos brakes, the truth is that surprised us the ability to stop the car at all times; In fact, you usually have to lift your foot off the brake because, as they say vulgarly, "you've gone." The feeling you have left is that you could always have more braking hurry (And at every turn the hurried over). Of course, we must also bear in mind that the brakes were "hot" because the car was rolling all day, what benefits the one hand their effectiveness and on the other, says a lot about them, since They were inexhaustible in all batches.

The RS 3 Sportback and can be ordered and the first units will begin arriving later this month. If you are thinking of buying one, you see preparing 59,800 € and a little more to put some other element that is not standard, as carbonocerámicos disks and bucket type seats.