We drive Subaru XV, new compact SUV

Subaru XVSubaru XVSubaru XVSubaru XVSUVs'Crossover' or SUVThe reality is not soImpreza dressed in 'field outfit'urbanite "Urban Adventure" Diesel top end versionIt defends with easepermanent all-wheellower the center of gravitydynamismmarketing strategyUnlike many of its rivalsSerial AWDWe have led us by land landurban useunpaved landgood behaviorIt can be extendedit defends fullness

ground clearance of 220 mm'Crossover' that looks compact but very highdesignnothing that stands outInside quite correctgood materials, softwithout many frillsmultifunction displaysteering wheeltoo loaded buttonsCar statusconsumptionOther data Subaru XV
Ground clearance:
Brakes (front / rear):
Front suspension:
rear suspension

Boxer 2.0 diesel 147 hp at 3,600 rpmsix-speed manual35.7 mkg torqueposition of the shift leveruncomfortablegasoline enginesStart&Stop Series114 hp 1.6 and 15.3 mkg5-speed manual gearbox and2.0 150 bhp and 20 mkgautomatic Lineartronicfour-cylinder boxerstop-start system5.6 liters146 g / km6.5 l / 100 km151 g / km6.6 liters153 g / km

AdvanceSportExecutiveExecutive PlusPrices
19,900 €
23,500 €
27,000 €
€ 29.000
27,500 €
€ 29.000
31,000 €