BMW 225 xe: MPV, 4×4 and hybrid plug

BMW 225 xe, 4x4 minivan with the efficiency of a hybrid engineBMW 225 xe, 4x4 minivan with the efficiency of a hybrid engineBMW 225 xe, 4x4 minivan with the efficiency of a hybrid engineBMW 225 xe, 4x4 minivan with the efficiency of a hybrid engine

Car supply hybrids It grows at times and also BMW. Gradually hybrid cars are becoming realistic alternatives to traditional gasoline cars and diesel. But not only that. The increasingly common news environmental They are speaking of contamination of the great cities and protocols that they would apply on private transport, placed in a privileged position models hybrids, if finally restricts or prohibits the use of conventional cars in these centers big capital and access to hybrid and electric allowed. And in this regard, BMW Active Tourer 225xe come with "bread under his arm".

BMW 225XE: hybrid plug 4x4

If you click here you remember what kind of hybrid is the new BMW 225xe. But do not be alarmed by all its technology. Perhaps the best of 225xe it is conventional to your driving, how well it works and, ultimately, a sense of normalcy transmitting. At the controls you feel BMW 225xe Active Tourer as another Active Tourer more, even with a high degree of sophistication. In developing this unprecedented minivan from BMW was considered to have this version and the differences or penalties do not seem much.

The rear bench remains 30 mm higher compared to conventional versions to make room the lithium ion hybrid system, but its great naturalness to enter and leave the 225xe Active Tourer, I would say even more comfortable. In the case of trunk 68 liters are lost in the 225xe and the 400 liters remaining is true that may be not very bright in a minivan family claims. also their Deposit from gas, reduced from 61 to only 38 liters, it seems little for long journeys. Moreover, its functionality and operability take you to feel like a Active Tourer more ... but different.

BMW 225XE: zero emissions

Its ability to travel exclusively on electric and to a speed 125 km / h, he 225xe It conveys that magic that you have any electric car. Under way MAX eDrive, the electric motor on the rear axle is responsible for moving the car would respond this way as a rear wheel drive. They are 88 CV Y 16.8 mkg giving to move around town and suburban routes with a very good credit rating. In the first meters, spontaneous capacity of answer of the motor electric allows you, especially in the urban driving between streets, cars Y traffic lights there is no other Active Tourer best. Remember that change is automatic 6 speed, but when the 225xe Active Tourer it moves only in electric transmission and wheel does not intervene as having only a march, bringing its acceleration is very progressive, consistent and maintained Boundless. Is fabulous plucking and accelerating, without noises mechanical and a smoothness Overall very nice.

BMW Active Tourer 225xe

By Munich capital and surrounding areas, we have been able to roll in electric with the 225xe just over 30 kilometers, starting with the battery charged butt. By default, the 225xe It proposes combined operation mode Auto eDrive when you boot. This mode switches and combines the conventional engine gasoline and the electric in the most efficient possible. If the electric motor covers our demand for acceleration and speed (in this mode up to 80 km / h), the 225xe respond as pure electric. From there, under greater acceleration, engine 1.5 petrol 136 hp suddenly enters the scene and so very soft. At that time passed around as a front wheel drive and now I change manages engine thrust his 6 speed.

Depending on many variables, depending on the efficiency, the benefits and the stability, the engines HE alternate or combined, transmitting too much comfort from driving and operating at times as a vehicle traction integral. So you can do to 125 km / h. From there, the electric motor reenters no longer running. Therefore, the increased efficiency of 225xe spreads mainly to the speed and capacity as 4x4 He reaches that point. It not intended as a sports variant, or a version 4x4 specific, but these features provide timely continually giving priority efficiency. With both engines pushing the combined maximum power is 224 hp and accelerates 225xe accordingly. From 0 to 100 km takes 6.7 seconds, only a tenth that 225i xDrive Automatic 231 hp and 6 unless the 220d xDrive Automatic 190 hp.

BMW Active Tourer screen 225xe

He BMW 225xe Active Tourer It has a third mode, SAVE Battery, what maintains constant load level of the battery, to be used to back where most interested us. Should be dead battery, thus also would recharge with petrol engine the battery to 50 percent, inefficient one way but it serves to provide pure electric range in urban area.

BMW 225XE: Roadside

He 225xe load overweight 150 kilos regarding 225i Y 220d xDrive, but BMW talks about a more balanced distribution than the 4x2 versions. In any case, 225xe Pisa and guided with high sensation from firmness Y security, at the same time that filtered the uneven surface with smoothness. Road lends itself to be driven as you want. Retains driving modes conventional range: Sport, Comfort or Eco Pro, with the response motor and chassis they can be Modify. In mode Eco Pro The change also interferes with the function of displacement inertia.

Finally, the price final of BMW 225xe Active Tourer for Spain shall be 39,500 euros. Due to its characteristics, the 225xe benefits from aid purchase the Plan Movea, so you must subtract 3.700 euros (This bonus is taxed later in your income). Still, the price of 225xe and generally all hybrids and especially plug, It is a major obstacle, but his sense is no longer a matter of economy or even use commitment environmental, It may be simply to have a right to circulate in the cities. And out of them be as convincing rodador as a conventional car.

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