Test: Peugeot 2008 1.6 e-HDi, new perspectives

Peugeot 2008 1.6 e-HDiPeugeot 2008 1.6 e-HDiPeugeot 2008 1.6 e-HDiPeugeot 2008 1.6 e-HDi

Why only family in Instead of well familiar? He could have replaced the 207 SW without an original and sexy body able to compensate for these differences in space and versatility that has always separated the B segment C. But the market today is moving based on impulses and who can not find customer motivation is destined to die. So view fever hinted the car higher and "dominant" tourism use appears that has everything to gain, and if you carry the tagline SUV, even better. Thus crossing borders this new model of Peugeot that, by incorporating the "double zero" in its name, he comes bound to bring some surprises in addition.

Test: Peugeot 2008 1.6 e-HDi, new perspectives

grip Control

And functional utility of skilled adventurer familiar. Grip Control can be the key for those seeking the idle side of 2008, but do not kid yourself that does not reach to match the image of your body with off-road performance. It is a specialized traction control four wickets -more a fifth so that nullifies the ESP- always combined with M + S wheels and is only available in Allure, the highest finish range ... And that we analyze us. What can not find the knob in the pictures inside? Indeed, in France differ trim levels and we could test unit comes without that element. I think it would be wise to buy in Spain an e-HDi 115 and -here, necessarily linked to Grip Control- whenever you can let go of mixed wheels, grip worse braking on asphalt -a e-HDi / 92 Grip Control which has passed through our Technical Center has shown that theory and logically, also with less cornering grip.

What I could tell is that There are differences of opinion as to what can bring that magic roulette working on brakes and engine to provide maximum traction on each occasion: some people It has emerged unscathed from amazing muddy areas, Some also I was trapped in a miserable puddle, thus, it is clear that also has much to say expertise who drives when reading the terrain and know how to manage accelerator, its 16.5 cm of ground clearance and 230 mm suspension travel per wheel measured TT on our ramp heights.

Just do what I am convinced is that I would not know how to quantify the mixed wheel contributes and how much traction control in that kind of track conditions. But it can also, like me, you are of those who have seen in the field and I think you know what kind of field hablamos- more cars than SUVs, so these versions with Grip Control may have more to say in other areas embarrassing, such as cold and icy asphalt with playing live, and not go to your search in winter areas where the mere fact of wearing the right wheel is worth its weight in gold.


I do not care to talk about behavior, materials or mechanical touch. 2008 is a car that clearly stands out from the category average, use either utility or true SUV. One of the things I liked about this "transformation" is how, with dimensions, body, etc., also It has changed the character and feel of driving in 2008 compared to 208, pulling him closer driver profile that will move accompanied by the the family. On one hand, the damping is significantly stronger to compensate for increased ride height, but nevertheless, I warn higher absorption capacity and ride quality compared to the smallest. On the other hand, also they change the address parameters to be less reactive, so that without changing the footprint tread, 2008 has poise and linear stability of a car with greater separation of wheels. And include that, even though those almost 20 cm more in length rear overhang generate more than 208, rear fitness 2008 is unwavering. The side effect is, yes, more understeer which makes it less agile between curves than its little brother, but still keeps up his sleeve very effectively and above all, a high driving pleasure.

Test: Peugeot 2008 1.6 e-HDi, new perspectives
Collaborate in this sense of great car car-or more, if understood well the best- low noise, aerodynamic or mechanical either, the delicacy with which the stop&start the engine starts and stops, as the exclusive atmosphere proposed by the Allure version. By the way, you come back to see you sitting like a 208 but with the height of somewhat higher hip, but with the same configuration and ergonomics, atypical and unusual until the kilometers and time do you familiarize yourself with it.

With the intermediate range finish -Active- you can only buy 1.6 e-HDi 92 hp. At the highest Allure This is where only comes into play e-HDi 115PS. A finishing step to another is around 2,000 euros like for pensárselo-; meanwhile, the most powerful HDi "alone" It costs 700 euros more. I have clear: to the 115 CV but it's up to you to assess if you assume a difference actual average consumption of almost one liter. Bring the gearbox 6 speed and increased power and torque is clear that make the 2008 faster, more agile response, "more car"...

And more car is. Maybe not enough to get him into the family without being criticized for lack of space in the rear seats. But 2008 opens up a world of possibilities regarding the utility of 5-doorCorrects the lack of width missing a 208 Go on without being sufficiently and with almost 400 liters of luggage can make the same service as a compact. As a complement, rear seats that fold and leave a pallet quite long and very flat.

Test: Peugeot 2008 1.6 e-HDi, new perspectives

In a nutshell

Of more less. Good short acceleration from low speeds to then feel the thrust relentiza.

Six "good" marches series, more than enough to pay the 700 € it costs more than 92 CV reason.

Very safe and stable limits, but only correct distances: cuts in almost 10 m to the version with M + S tire.

added value of this e-HDi. Those who spend less (Captur for example) is at the expense of a less powerful engine.

developments "push" in 4th and 5th gear that guarantee agility. Low weight for the sixth weighs in these exercises.

Gain compared to 208 in width rear seat and trunk, although the 2008 does not take much oil as the Captur.

It meets promised, but it's an engine that only begins to feel bright from 1,800 rpm.

5% more length than the 208, 25% percent more trunk. It's not bad because it offers the same volume as a more expensive and larger compact.