Test: Mercedes 200CDI GLA 7G-DCT, forget conventional

Test: Mercedes 200CDI GLA 7G-DCT, forget conventionalTest: Mercedes 200CDI GLA 7G-DCT, forget conventionalTest: Mercedes 200CDI GLA 7G-DCT, forget conventionalTest: Mercedes 200CDI GLA 7G-DCT, forget conventional

Far from being a criticism, the fusion of concepts gives rise in the Mercedes GLA a different vehicle, of attractive appearance and impeccable behavior It is giving the reply to all deepest way. A car that draws the attention of pedestrians and drivers, however, external dimensions is lower than its main rivals, although higher than the A class, with whom he shares many of its genes, including engine and suspensions.

Its 1,55 m height provide easy access and exit the car all passengers and posture, dominant higher driving in a car, though not as straight as that of an all-terrain. It is also convenient access to the luggage compartment with a flat load lower than its main rivals though his mouth is not too wide nor its also notable for capacity; a bad generalized in a category where the largest is less than 400 l but in this case it has very square shapes, allowing you to be quite profitable, and removing the tray enough to carry such complicated objects like a mountain bike.

Always better four passengers

Mercedes GLAMercedes designers have created for the GLA one comfortable interior with easy access, It inspires very pleasant sensations due to material care and good sound insulation of the interior, although small windows can obscure vision both backwards and give the impression of lack of freedom in the rear passengers.

Four passengers go five more comfortable given the preform from the curb and back support. But they might have some difficulty placing legs because it has less than a few centimeters longitudinal habitability. Nor is bright the trunk, which we verified 340 l capacity, although it is fair that just gives 50 against the best of its rivals, the BMW X1, and its loading port is situated low enough to what is usual, resulting in comfort for everyday use.

Economic, although noisy

The engine of our test unit is a 2.2-liter that stands out more for its general thrust and low power consumption, even lower than the Audi Q3 or Mini Countryman, although it can reach disappointing given the expectations placed on a Mercedes art in terms of refinement or sound especially cold. However, once the temperature has reached the correct use It sounds little and move the body smoothly, especially if as in our case it is associated with the dual-clutch automatic transmission, which one would disguise some hypothetical lack of power at low engine speeds or circulating gas tip.

Mercedes GLAIt is therefore a rutero engine, those that let you keep good cruise ride in open roads, but if we are going to practice a very dynamic driving with a loaded car, we might miss the extra power 220CDI 170 CV.

We have 136, with which we can move comfortably above speed limits prevailing, but not to get into trouble frame. Its chassis stands for good overall accuracy and remarkable poise curved, with a fairly neutral behavior and behind that is always shown very much assured that we cut gas in the turn. Sways slightly and while the suspension is rather firm-and that had not ridden the Short- AMG15 mm, this does not mean it uncomfortable on asphalt in poor condition or that will lose contact with the ground when driving on gravel roads .

And in the field?

The GLA is a whole way. Hence, especially if as in our case we are facing a two-wheel drive car, which We enjoy more on asphalt or roads without too much difficulty in truly rugged areas. Better to opt for the former; but not because it will lose the composure to go through potholes which digests with commendable entereza- but because its low ground clearance, just 150 mm, it requires extreme caution in the presence of deep ruts or bumps in the road. The solution can be off-road suspension optional, that besides giving a more adventurous to GLA air increases the height by 30 mm and also improving the ventral and attack angles.

Mercedes GLAAlthough it is not the case for our guest, this Mercedes 4Matic also has variants -2500 more expensive than the versions of two wheels motrices- euros. Compared to its competitors out for its lightness, with the power unit that drives the transmission shaft housed in the 7G-Tronic itself and the multidisc which drives the rear axle located thereon. The force distribution between the axles is automatic and is designed so that the back is automatically activated when your input is needed, when the front wheels are slipping.

Change, meanwhile, incorporates an extra function modes Manual, Sport and Eco. This is the Off Road that would manage throttle response and shift points dulcificándolos speeds to avoid aground when driving especially on loose soil or mud. It is with the DSR button, which voluntarily limits the maximum rate of descent the only function in which the driver will have to intervene.

You decide how much you pay

Unlike other brands, Mercedes does not configure different commercial finishes. produces only version that subsequently receives optional equipment. Thus, we can not say that a car headlight mounts series standard bi-xenon is poorly equipped. Not at all. Especially for security concerns, with a large assortment of airbags and the system warns the driver when low concentration. But, as usual, Mercedes booking the best, these elements truly premium as the Distronic Plus active cruise -control able to completely stop the car, 'or lane keeping system for optional chapter. Also paid (433 euros) for the PreSafe that in case of imminent collision up the windows and tightens belts; acceptable. But it does not seem right for a car of more than 30,000 euros to be paid by the dual zone climate control.

Still, analyze their price makes us see the fineness of the cost of GLA, because it is clearly cheaper than Audi Q3 and much more Range Rover Evoque, which leads in novelty, although it is at least 1,000 euros more expensive than BMW X1 18d or Mini Countryman. Not to mention the general rivals such as Honda, Toyota or Volkswagen, convinamos can not be a priori their main rivals in the minds of most of the public, although there will always be who you may have.