First Test: Jaguar XE, a turbo 240 horses worth

Contact: Jaguar XE, a turbo 240 horses worthContact: Jaguar XE, a turbo 240 horses worthContact: Jaguar XE, a turbo 240 horses worthContact: Jaguar XE, a turbo 240 horses worth

We had previously been able to get behind the wheel of the Jaguar XE when they were only prototypes. So we accepted all defects as something correctable. Not this time, these units Jaguar XE no longer carry warning stickers, and cars are like those who reach customers. We had then complained about the noise Diesel, which although still present in sharp acceleration, steady-state appears as a faint murmur. Still, we have focused on the gasoline engine, the only one who had not yet conducted a "veteran" premiered known because the XJ.

This is comfort

Filtering seems one of the most important sections in the specification of the Jaguar XE. Not only in sound, getting even camouflaging the beautiful sound Listening to other traffic when exiting exhausts 2.0 i4, the basic version of gasoline. Also rolling is dominated by silence, even with the intermediate tire mounted our unit, a large 18-inch wheels. The aesthetic presence is another of its strengths and therefore offer different tire designs and even 19-inch variants. Aesthetics also involves admitting sacrifices. The beauty of its line pulling coupe, for which other rivals opt for a model specific bodywork, signify a limited rearward visibility (Not because of the interesting electrical optional blind) and access to the rear seats is improved. However, once seated inside, ingenious recesses in roof coatings and forming seats allow an adult fits like a glove. Those 89 centimeters to head far from a vault, but it fits. Each rear occupant has its place in the doors, an air outlet and cigarette lighter socket 12 volts. For the three rear passengers? No, because only two travel well back in the XE; for those who want more and you offer the XJ, which also boasts an integral aluminum these genes. If you are looking boot, either here they have taken the rest, with tortuous forms and some improvement, such as coatings or abatement backups. Before you feel more broadly, without the remarkable this aspect, but it is good to involve more the driver in his activity. Impress facing the dashboard, the careful design of the aerators, metal letterheads with the Jaguar name here and there. With the door closed, you feel the dedication of a three-dimensional design, a risk that some were hit with the knee when entering or leaving. Our version was the Portfolio luxurious, but offers two notches below -Pure and Prestige- well as a sports termination R-Sport.


A bit disenchanted watches dashboard, the plastic of some controls, but this makes up the large central touch screen. Jaguar intends to take the rest in the multimedia and connectivity equipment, much of this are options, but if you want, The XE can be the spearhead in this field. Pedals no longer supported electrically adjustable old Jaguar, still at the wheel posture is good. The boot button with red pulsating light and the emerging roulette for driving the automatic transmission form and the identity of the brand cars party. As with all new sedans, with his voluminous changes of many marches, the legroom is a bit limited. Our unit had associated the ZF automatic eight-speed (2,500 euros more than the manual six), with levers on the steering wheel comfortable manual handling, but above all, with a exemplary tuning for softness. No matter which of the four driving modes have selected using the keys are between -eco seats, nomal, sport or winter-step of the gears is chaired by almost imperceptible transitions. He turbo engine pushes smooth and forceful, always well supported among so up, so you forget handles except to reduce winding roads. In these tortuous paths Jaguar is also in sauce. Jaguar has always boasted a tuning very personal chassis. In this case means staff comfort and control of body movements. It does so masterfully. In front It incorporates a double wishbone suspensions, getting a much better controlled movement and lighter the wheel. You may have doubts premiere of Jaguar in the directions of electric assistance, but as we have seen in other manufacturers, there is no fault. insurance They are seeking linearity and information on the steering wheel and there it is, fast in perspective. With a wheelbase of more than 2.8 meter XE moves with natural presence in expressways. Cornering also unfolds gracefully and if they are fast, even better. In the slow not daunted, but comes to light his character understeer if you search for all that is able to give, despite attempts by the ESP to help: it has a special function "differential vector by brake". Now, dry and in good weather, we thought the XE still be able to put a point of sportiness to its smooth and agile roll. Maybe in another climate, its dynamic character seems to us fully reliable and uneventful, as is the rest of the car.

Engine range: from 163 to 340 hp

The Spanish range Jaguar XE It consists of a total of three motors, the two four-cylinder splitted in power: 2.0 Diesel 163 or 180 horsepower (at the same price, What everyone will be? ) And 2.0 petrol 200 or 240 horses. The three-liter V6 provides 340 hp compressor.

Prices Jaguar XE

XE 2.0 163 turbodiesel I4: 37,000 €

XE 2.0 180 turbodiesel I4: 37,000 €

XE 2.0 i4 200 Gasoline: 39,000 €

Gasoline 240 XE 2.0 i4: 44,000 €

XE 3.0 V6 340 Supercharged: 60919 €

Finishes: Pure / Prestige / R-Sport / Portfolio / S