Honda HR-V 1.5 i-VTEC, Minivan SUV with the soul of

We tested the Honda HR-V 1.5 i-VTECWe tested the Honda HR-V 1.5 i-VTECWe tested the Honda HR-V 1.5 i-VTECWe tested the Honda HR-V 1.5 i-VTEC

We begin to analyze the Honda HR-V from outside, precisely, serving exterior length: 4.30 meters, Compact size car for Honda HR-V, for its height and design, perceive as a small SUV, the category most fashionable. Now, stay with some other figure more: 470 liters boot -to which must add another 105 liters good hidden under the cover, valid for a pair of plane- type bags, 80 cm of legroom in the rear seats, 136 cm width flat or almost flat ... With the exception of Skoda Yeti, no compact car-what we understand as a cigar segment C so interior space, nor many SUV with such versatility of use.

Honda HR-V: The revolution is not only space

Honda also applied a good deal of ingenuity when conceiving the HR-V. Derived from Honda Jazz, its platform It has some characteristics as the location of fuel tank in the zone central interior, just under the front seats, but without limiting the space for the feet of people traveling back. The rear doors Honda HR-V are also especially large relative to the size of the car, besides having a really wide opening angle for easy access. And as icing, Magic Seats house brand, whose base rear seats can put vertically, can transport objects in the passenger compartment than in other cars would not simply fit inside.

Honda HR-V-proof

I like that to be an SUV, have the ability to adjust the seat in a low position in relation to the belt line of the car. And again, wherever you look, in the HR-V will see more signs of ingenuity and know-how typical Honda. Neither the scorecard or dashboard display have the slightest reflection It's funny because if you try to make a photo come out always portrayed by hard you try to find the adequate- angle, emergency brake is automatic, lever, a delight to use, and the console that divides the two spaces allows an organized small items you want to carry by hand. Coating the front and rear doors finished fabric unifies aspects and qualities in both environments, while the dashboard does not seem rigid plastic until you touch it. For its part, black lacquered finishes are, yes, a source of dust, but give a touch very careful when cabin. If the USB ports two in this case and auxiliary audio jacks are rife, Honda HR-V also adds an HDMI input.

I know, we have not yet begun to walk, but worth waiting a few more lines. Three trim levels configure the Honda HR-V range, where you do not have to go crazy with the options: Elegance is the intermediate and comes really complete for active, passive and comfort features. At the moment, have no equivalent gasoline engine in the Honda Civic, for whom, incidentally, have already announced changes- to cross references, but a diesel, and not just any, the 1.6 i-DTEC 120 hp, one of the best drivers of market: 2,600 euros separate the two cars ... in favor of the Honda Civic, already head of the category in functionality and interior space, and as an advance, also with a roll, perceived quality and refinement senior. No, not the HR-V car with the best price category, although it does offer good correlation value and product.

Honda HR-V 1.5 i-VTEC: a motor "author"

Now, half a turn of the key -only Executive has finished button- boot, and begin to find a world of contrasts... good, or not so many as you want to see. Promising innovations under the brand label Earth Dreams, And here's one: A modern petrol engine with direct injection reminiscent of genuine Honda. Far from new fashions, there's no turbo or three cylinders and yes its complex variable valve timing lifetime, with cross-modifying raised valves, and of course, also change timbre and thrust its progression until about 7000 rpm to which he is able to come up with maximum power near the court. Regular rotation exceptionally engine with stop&restart start almost imperceptibly, those who inadvertently and intentionally accelerate empty stretch to the court to give a tribute to some of your senses.

You may have too sporty for what you expect from a car chassis and eminently familiar character and its power and torque characteristics, It is more than possible that you see driving this Honda HR-V more to "attack" what would you do with an overflowing turbogasolina torque or Diesel. Not missing softness, is not it. I would not say it's not an elastic engine, but it is true that the 1.5 i-VTEC is expressed with maximum joy and force from 5,000 rpm, area where you have to get close if you really want to gain speed quickly. No exaggerated moves a development change. In fact, so light and balanced is the engine that can cross the city in the sixth without the slightest hitch. And easily maintain cruising speed without feeling the HR-V will "turning off" when the path becomes less favorable. From there, consumption really good, the best among SUV gasoline equivalent. But what is missing, as I said, it forcefully and agility when you step on the accelerator. Fortunately you have only a foot from the right hand a exceptional performance change, Honda also typically to avoid recovery times so slow in the past two gears. And once you try the delicious touch, sound and response of this engine up there, beyond the 4,600 rpm to delivering maximum torque, I bet you want to find very often with Mr Hyde.

Honda HR-V, test

Honda HR-V, moving more Civic Jazz

Both provide certain structural elements, but the Honda HR-V wheel and behaves more in the line of great little Jazz to the most refined and efficient Civic. Very nice and fairly quick steering, and a damping just right flexibility, breadth and strength, agility, comfort and poise Honda HR-V retain a successful breakeven even in fast driving, not as sport as a character has this engine. Border overcome this supposed to meet certain lack of precision in direction and bounce more desired front axle, but no loss of sense of security. A SUV, so, clearly aimed at the family in which, as those first generations, you can redefine revolutionary, this time, yes, door inward.

In a nutshell

ACCELERATION. Jekyl and Mr Hyde. Two sides clearly differentiated operating ranges of the variable i-VTEC distribution. Up, way up, angry and delicious.

Transmission from the Civic, but still somewhat firmer adjustment lever. Although somewhat rough, it is downright fast and pleasant to use.

BRAKING. firm pedal feel, with a mordant which provides a lot of security at the first pisotón emergency. The distance, however, is just good, no more.

CONSUMPTIONS. There is a lot of technology in the bowels of the engine. And the HR-V is also a fairly light car. The resulting, an SUV that spends little road and very little in town.

There is the strong point of this engine, so the speed of these exercises will depend on your involvement: good use seek change much agile and safe overtaking.

OCCUPANCY AND WEIGHT. There are lighter-the Mazda CX-3 is one of them, but the HR-V does not spare one gram of fat. Nor is missing a centimeter of doors inside. Reference passenger compartment space.

POWER AND TORQUE. The graphs do not reflect a change so radical mood, but from mid-range 1.5 i-VTEC is transformed into a propeller with more anger and very sporty mood.

SONORITY. Perhaps the worst aspect solved: aerodynamics, engine and running gear, are noted too.

TRUNK. Duplex convenient access, with separate 105 liters lower floor and one upper with 470. Among the like, only the Skoda Yeti gives both itself.

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