First Test: 2015 Volkswagen Touran

First Test: 2015 Volkswagen TouranFirst Test: 2015 Volkswagen TouranFirst Test: 2015 Volkswagen TouranFirst Test: 2015 Volkswagen Touran

He Volkswagen Touran it was one of the greatest exponents in the segment compact MPVs, a car that from its staging has meant for Volkswagen approximately 10% of its net sales. Now It is completely renewed, based on the new MQB platform and adopting much of the technology and personality of the last Golf.

The new generation Volkswagen Touran grows 13 centimeters in length, until the 4.53 m, Y increases 11 cm wheelbase, which translates into a better habitability and increased trunk of 48 liters versions configured with five seats, announcing no less than 743 liters. In the case of 7-seater models, The boot capacity is 633 liters. In Spain will be standard 7 seats, although it can be ordered with 5 places as "no cost option". It will arrive in September, although you can already place orders.

As expected, Modularity is well studied and it is easier to manipulate than the third row from retractable seats, and access them. The rear door leaves a huge hole to enter the passenger compartment, both height and to move your foot, and the same happens when folding the 2nd row of seats if you want to use the 3rd row. In this case, it will be necessary longitudinally adjust the center row to distribute the available space between all passengers, as in a compact minivan centimeters never too if you want to use 7 seats. In this situation, the luggage capacity is reduced to 137 liters.

Functional butt

The functionality is attention to detail. It includes a specific hole in the trunk to store the tray When not in use, and equally practical is the folding passenger seat for carrying long bundles. The gestural opening the gate, past the foot below the bumper, It is comfortable if we carry bags in both hands, but does not work when close it.

Other practical options provided by the new Volkswagen Touran They have to do with information and entertainment equipment. You can have a voice amplification system for the front passengers, to smoothly reach the occupants of the last row through the speakers as well as receiving images in real time from a GoPro camera on the central screen, the fixed where you want to watch the little ones. Nor need system MirrorLink to connect phones with Apple or Android operating system and replicate their menus and applications (which are approved by the Automotive Consortium) on the touch screen browser. Among helps the driver find the assistant trailer, allowing maneuvering and reverse by simply selecting the desired trailer wheel by regulating the angle mirrors. The system is responsible for turning the wheel in the necessary way, making any driver capable of dealing with a trailer without difficulty.

Despite increased dimensions, the new generation Volkswagen Touran achieved a weight reduction of up to 62 kg. This helps improve the efficiency of its engines, announcing consumption up to 19% lower. As well gains in agility, to the extent that curves almost looks like a Golf. Plumbed and very stable, its chassis is effective and sufficiently reactive to provide a practically driving tourism, feeling supported by a conventional driving position completely, with wheel more vertical than before. The possibility to incorporate dampers controlled and different driving modes It achieves very good balance between comfort and stability, always helped by an electronic effective and XDS + system, which brakes the inner wheel in a bend to achieve greater efficiency and drawn very accurate. One drawback, less powerful engines can see something ballasted when the system operates under certain conditions. If you like to make a very dynamic driving is better to bet on the 2.0 TDI (150 hp or 190 hp) that the 1.6 TDI (110 hp). Gasoline found a 1.2 TSI (110 hp) a 1.4 TSI (150 hp) and a 1.8 TSI (180 hp). With the initial launch campaign, the new Volkswagen Touran is available from € 24,800 in the case of the 1.2 TSI (€ 26,280 undiscounted) and 25,535 € (26,960 € undiscounted) 1.6 TDI.