Renault Megane GT Turbo vs Opel Astra: two petrol face to face

Renault Megane GT against Opel Astra TurboRenault Megane GT against Opel Astra TurboRenault Megane GT against Opel Astra TurboRenault Megane GT against Opel Astra Turbo

There was a time when having 200hp in a car of the C segment of compact It meant pure sportsmanship. It sold well in advertising, equipping and self-image of the car. Today, brands can afford such caballaje in normal versions without having to satisfy a single public. Both cars of this comparison are the Renault Megane GT and the Opel Astra Turbo; run like hell and consume really little, each has its own style and yet, the two have really enjoyed being on the few occasions when it would so clear choice and at the end I would have to decantarme cheap or aesthetically I liked something else; You could bet on the Operating elegance Opel Astra or Renault Megane efficiency and I would be delighted with the choice. Let's see if in the end think the same.

Both the Opel Astra Turbo and the Renault Megane GT are two compact-ups. His last generations just arrived and signed two very interesting products. In the case of these versions Turbo and GT respectively provide modern gasoline four-cylinder and 1.6 liters they do forget in many ways turbo diesel engines and direct injection that got so fashionable in the last decade. Before them and equal power to provide similar performance and exquisite refinement that means you can forgive that consumption is slightly higher; They are also cheaper.

Renault Megane GT Turbo vs Opel Astra

Engines have similar configuration and operation is very good in both cases. Just look at the power curves that draw to understand. The performance data are better in the Astra due to lower actual weight (88 kilos less) and 10 percent more torque, and that the lightning-fast dual-clutch transmission of Mégane and Launch Control (there is the possibility of manual) makes you gain time at every change with respect to the Opel manual. In any case the difference not see it as something unbridgeable They are very fast! and, unless you're a lover best figure and go to use it, would not choose these cars because one run slightly more than the other, It is not there a major difference. In point of consumption is also better the Astra, which spends up to 1.4 liters less than average city despite consuming the same road, again the change makes the difference, in this case by the staggering; the seventh is longer than the Astra sixth and the first three are shorter.

The Opel Astra is offered with two trim levels, Dynamic like our test unit or Excellence, while the Renault Megane GT in a single-ended. This undoubtedly affects behavior, especially in French. Opel has a comfortable suspension moron, cash, but with an excellent compromise between what should be an everyday car and getting good performance, being for me, and with this suspension, one of the most compact in its class and non-sports court has been in a long time; its rear is with Watt. Renault created with the GT chassis a prelude to what will be the RS version, but with some pleasure that we will not see in sports. Has the guidelines rear wheels, plus a firmer spring and damper rival moron. This confers an extraordinary agility, sporting use offsetting the lack of a possible limited-slip differential, you do not need. Either slow or fast corner, the GT maintains the chosen path without abruptness of the rear axle and prevents understeer long before the Astra and stability; however, the Mégane GT is better. Y This is where you can make your preferences for one or another decantarte. The Astra runs more, but if you want to drive faster, the Mégane will bring more sporting satisfaction, which is itself a very good Opel in their behavior and very good speed Renault.

Operl Astra Turbo vs Renault Megane GT

I do not like the Opel initial touch your brake pedal with too dead travel, the opposite of Renault, the feeling of braking is too fast. As both brake well in all situations I can not fault much, but I would have liked a compromise on both. The Mégane to take the leave allows dual clutch driven in automatic mode or it can be used with cam. Works well, not extreme sporting use, and relatively nice normal, but should at least offer the opportunity to the manual gearbox for romantics, reproach Opel also do the opposite; today must be automatic.

Livability is good in both. The Mégane takes a sportier seats involving some loss of longitudinal space in the rear with respect to the normal versions. Except 7 cm difference in that dimension, the rest of the space they both offer is similar. I have liked the front seats of Astra. The backrest is very good on both cars but the stool falls short in French. In the trunk there is only 10 liters of difference in favor of Mégane, both with reparapinchazos measurement kit. If you opt for the extra spare wheel, according to our measurements the Renault does not change its space and Opel happens to have a good boot to a mediocre, with 80 liters less.

We are facing two very good cars, each oriented to their style, a style that you have to define whether it is you are looking for. Both have speed, an acceptable consumption and a good level of equipment. Just change image aside, if priorizas behavior or comfort, both they specialize without neglecting the opposite. Now, it's time to pay them and the Opel brings a lower price. It is true that lacks the rear steering and automatic transmission, so I think the Mégane GT does not have bad price despite being more expensive. A Astra butt extras such as test costs 29,858 euros (part of the 24,568 €) and stays at 25,000 € (or 20,587 € without extras) with official discounts, while the Mégane of 29,100 € and has a price end of 25,650 euros, plus extras you want to put.

The comparison between the Opel Astra and Renault Megane (data Technical Center

MeasurementRenault Megane GTOpel Astra Turbo
0-100 km / h6.90 s6.87 s
0-1000 m27,3 s27.0 s
20-50 km / h in 2nd6.0 s (D)5.7 s
80-120 km / h in 6th4.29 s (D)7.8 s
urban consumption8.7 l / 100 km7.3 l / 100 km
road consumption6.0 l / 100 km5,9 l / 100 km
mixed consumption7.1 l / 100 km6.5 l / 100 km
Frenada 50-0 km / h10.2 m9,8 m
Frenada 100-0 km / h40 m37.7 m
Frenada 120-0 km / h56 m55 m
Loudness at 50 km / h61.4 dBA61.8 dBA
Loudness at 120 km / h70.0 dBA70.5 dBA
Weight1,436 kg1,348 kg
Trunk410 dm3400 dm3
Space rear legs71 cm78 cm
inner width / after143/136 cm140/135 cm

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