BMW 320d, test their sports skills

BMW 320d test, with good sports skillsBMW 320d test, with good sports skillsBMW 320d test, with good sports skillsBMW 320d test, with good sports skills

The BMW 3 Series is the best-selling car BMW and it has recently been updated with a set of developments of all kinds, From a slight redesign bumpers and headlights (now full adaptive LED headlights optional), To the incorporation of tricilíndricas mechanical access for the first time in a car in its class. Other developments undergo less visible improvements in the multimedia system, or as usual increase in power consumption with reduction for most versions, with name changes in some cases (for example, the 335i is renamed 340i, or 328i, 330i).

But the list of modifications applied to BMW 3 Series It is much longer than you might think a priori and also affects the development of some elements of the frame. As a summary, and not going into too much technical detail, we say that we have not missed the adaptive suspension to achieve a dynamic optimal balance between efficiency and comfort, and now driving satisfactory in all situations and roads without resorting to such optional element. It does not mean that he has returned to the purely sporting side of past generations BMW 3 Series, as the dominant note remains a high ride comfort and a fairly docile reactions, but now ride quality with best complements agility. In any case, in the list of extras available options remain for everyone, and no shortage nor the M sport suspension or adaptive, which will surely achieve contain further body movements without sacrificing comfort, though, as we have said, we do not believe it is indispensable, precisely because reducing pitch and roll has been one of the objectives of BMW with adjustments made in which the suspension.

BMW 320d

On the other hand, the direction of the BMW 3 Series is now a little more direct, It remains extremely accurate and has a very natural feel. In relation to what is customary today is quite informative and makes you not feel completely disconnected from the road, then transmits the driver-quite discretion, yes-some slight movement of what is happening under the wheels, giving some feeling that the car is 'alive'. Its handling is always very fluid and it almost seems that curves are plotted alone. Before giving the impression that the car rested on two phases, and sometimes had to correct the path that the suspension geometry influenced more on the turn, even quiet rhythms, something that required a slight period of adjustment on our part. With the new edition model made easier with management and, although still requires precise movements on our part, curves are plotted once. Should face the twisty roads with more sporting spirit remains the same personality as before, ie, the limit of adhesion is announced by a slight drift of the front axle that can neutralize base of more gas and direction to the rear round the twist, or hollowing to get everything back to your site. Everything happens gradually and without undue complications, with the possibility of activating a more permissive electronic stability control mode, or disconnect it completely if you really want to be involved in driving with all its consequences. In any case, the traction is more remarkable and simply based on gas costs to embarrass the rear, at least with this engine.

The 320d engine It has always been the benchmark in our market. Now increases its power from 184-190 CV, with specifications Euro 6 facing a greater cleaning of exhaust gases. In theory, it also consumes less, 4 l / 100 km on average approved in the case of the automatic version (before 4.4 l / 100 km), although in practice it has spent 5.7 l / 100 km that reviewing our database of measurements, represent 0.4 liters more than its predecessor recorded. Figures aside, the answer and how to deliver the power remains impeccable. It's very immediate, forceful without weaknesses, but the fact is that there is a clear improvement in acceleration performance -only, not very significantly. We could blame the weight, considering that this BMW 320d He has thrown on the scale 75 kg more than the unit we had before the restyling, but most likely this is the toll to pay for a cleaner engine.


But the really interesting new BMW 3 Series are the Advanced LED headlights with adaptive functions, with whom it is a pleasure to travel at night. They are able to change their light beam constantly and very broad manner depending on the environment. Even in urban areas, if you look, it looks like they are working and moving constantly, each beacon independently, to the side of the road, toward the center (sometimes two lighthouses at once, as if the car put bizco), opening or closing the beam to better illuminate the environment depending on speed and other vehicles. And if in town and does all that, imagine when you go to road. What is surprising white light, but above all, its powerful. In addition, unlike what is usual, turning on the long side of the road also enlighten us a fairly close distance, like a fog senior, providing a excellent visibility. A button on the indicator stalk to activate the Automatic beam, at which point you really see the potential of the system. According to the traffic signals (to prevent reflection dazzle us) and curves, changes the direction and height of the beam, and turn on and off selectively lights road either side of the car, always gradually so that not annoying, also a moving part inside the headlight creates a shadow area to cover it with other vehicles and their drivers not blind. On two-way roads it can be seen exactly how this will continually moving shadow square 'hunting' of oncoming cars, and if there are many directly passing beam. At first it becomes weird when just when driving behind another car long automatically connect with the corresponding indicator light on the instrument panel, but also with the above shade to avoid glare. Perhaps this is the main improvement of the new BMW 3 Series.

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