PGO Cevennes, a modern car with vintage look

The PGO Cevennes, testedThe PGO Cevennes, testedThe PGO Cevennes, testedThe PGO Cevennes, tested

He PGO Cevennes reminds the Porsche 356 Speedster, that is undeniable, but below it has nothing to do. What we find is a chassis straight tubes and square section, McPherson schemes at both ends and that centrally disposed engine manufactured by ... BMW. This is the same block Valvetronic 1.6 liters with multipoint injection and turbocharging, coupled with a manual six relationships that encourages Mini Cooper S or DS3 Racing (Performance in the near future) directly transplanted to the rear axle of PGO Cevennes.

PGO Cevennes: power and lightness

Series, the PGO Cevennes pays 184 hp, but this test unit was a bit special; thanks to escape made and others tweaks have 199 hp. With a weight from 999 kg, a battle of 2.26 cm and generous track width, you can easily imagine the small bomb that we have hands.

However, one wonders what immediately is whether this PGO Cevennes supports use other than rabidly sports. And indeed, it is. Obviating the inherent characteristics of difficult -free model, poor visibility, etc in urban use It does not pose much of a problem as you get used. Their reduced dimensions facilitate maneuverability, and despite the short distance to the ground it exceeds bumps and unevenness of the roadway easily. The suspension It is, along with engine response, one of the brightest spots PGO Cevennes, with a excellent compromise between comfort and efficiency. The clutch is smooth and progressive, no surprises, and the engine can be supplying its strength at the point of gas, no ears nor punish those around us. But if we tread depth at a time when we are near the red zone cuentavueltas. Its acceleration is simply diabolical ...

PGO Cevennes testPGO Cevennes: a delight to drive

Because, drive the PGO Cevennes the ideal scenario is a real treat. On the twisty roads of the Cevennes (France) -the massif that gives name to the model-, can sustain a rapid pace. As if it were a kart. The rear axle only off the asphalt forcing him to do His generous Michelin Pilot Sport meet outstanding-because otherwise, even rolling really fast, it maintains an exquisite behavior at all times. If your right hand just loose short lever manual transmission (no automatic transmission option) is for the sheer pleasure it gives us to handle, because this motor generates enough torque to do without it in a wide speed range. The effect of the turbocharger, helped by a discharge valve, is felt in rate hikes. The Valvetronic seems always asking for more, and more and more ...

But if it's traveling things change radically. the PGO Cevennes detests highways are not for him. The high noise level that is derived from the poor roof insulation makes it impossible to hold a conversation or even listen to the radio. Although the interior is comfortable and well-conceived and life on board is pleasant, some details of the PGO Cevennes They leave much to be desired: The instrumentation is difficult to read, especially at night, and adjusting the ceiling could be much better -in our trip from Barcelona to Alès was released twice, once in full highway, with correspondingly scare with a coupling system too simple and prone to fail. The fault was resolved after a visit-not to the PGO prevista- factory.

He PGO Cevennes, star of the range, It goes really well equipped as befits their price (51,095 euros) power steering, air conditioning, heated windscreen, windows and electric mirrors, radio-CD, navigator, central locking ... None of this will be found in the Porsche 356 Speedster that inspires you, or does your comfort, safety and dynamic efficiency. Another thing is the authentic charm, the patina of old and all. But for taste, colors. It is a matter of personal priorities and use pretend to give. And the economy, of course. The values ​​currently quoted the Porsche 356 Speedster not even wise comparison. But not only for this reason: PGO is no vehicle but a modern car collection Sure, efficient and fun- with appearance of a legendary classic sports. With all the good and bad that entails.