Comparison: Mercedes CLA 220 CDI vs Mercedes C 220 BlueTEC

Comparison: Mercedes CLA 220 CDI vs Mercedes C 220 BlueTECComparison: Mercedes CLA 220 CDI vs Mercedes C 220 BlueTECComparison: Mercedes CLA 220 CDI vs Mercedes C 220 BlueTECComparison: Mercedes CLA 220 CDI vs Mercedes C 220 BlueTEC

The actual A class It has become the goose that lays golden eggs Mercedes. Today, it is your best-selling class and all its variants (5-door sedan SUV GLA and CLA) are a commercial success. Inspired by the concept of saloon 4-door coupe of elite CLS and at greater than even the previous Class C, CLA He seemed to become the saloon access to the world Mercedes, but not precisely below C class, if you not perhaps are supplanting their identity, even more exclusive result of its strong design ... and much cheaper.

Mercedes CLA 220 CDI vs Mercedes C 220 BlueTECNow, with the C-Class and on the street, three centimeters longer and wider than many others CLA and a higher technological content, seems clearer natural positioning of both models, but not also get to perceive sight, how closely functionally they become each other. But hardly is a visual impression, it is true also leads you to doubt comparing interior until you move them and immediately perceive two categories Car diferandefore.


With the A class, Mercedes She has made its tourism more popular and in this sense, his mechanical configuration base responds to the standard of Popular cars, although obviously with their rigors of manufacturing, quality and technical. his transverse engine and front wheel drive contradict the "unquestioned" historical technical principles of the brand, advocate longitudinal positioning of the engine and rear wheel drive scrupulously maintaining the C class. And although there may be a lot of theory about the technical category and therefore the product that is printed each configuration, the fact remains that, by comparison, CLA is a car clearly more "coarse" against highly refined Class C.

The address, in both cases with a Nonlinear zipper electric assist is heaviest in the CLA (More overload the front), especially stationary and through your flyer You feel more vibrations, true that very low intensity and only a direct comparison lets you browse them. On the other hand, immediately perceive smoother and much better isolated A C, both mechanical rolling. Its platform presents more elaborate structures suspension, especially the front, which you "you touch" and this generation can have a air suspension I definitely would talk about the role of two non-comparable saloons. But is not the case.

Mercedes CLA 220 CDI vs Mercedes C 220 BlueTECWe have had the opportunity to test both models with AMG finish which, among many things, involves a lowered and firmer suspension. With it, it has become clear to us that the CLA you can never hope to comfort and refinement generatesl of C class and, instead, C class yes the intended dynamism base CLA. With this suspension any of the two models are examples of comfort, but while CLA It seems that sometimes no filter and hit your wheels with potholes, transmitting noises the cabin "unfit" of a Mercedes, in the C class feel less dry and more constructive quality, which leads you to feel truly a premium product.

Mercedes CLA 220 CDI vs Mercedes C 220 BlueTECHe type of traction does not seem to intervene both in their dynamics as the theory suggests, once the electronics is an active part more dynamic cars today. Both surprised at how easy and very quick to enroll in all kinds of curve; he CLA without feeling overloading the front axle that INTIMATE understeer or accelerating strongly in the support or C feinting further shaft with a oversteer uncontrolled. today traction control emulating also autoblocantes get these two Mercedes so different feel very neutral and the like reactions.

Send softness

Again, the biggest difference must be found in the bulk softness Class C, that in some way continuously translate it in further refinement marching. And again feel engine and automatic transmission each. He Block 2.1 Diesel is shared by both, but in the case of C, presents an evolution that is additive with the exhaust gas, improving its ecology. Also announces significantly more torque (40.8 versus 35.7 mkg), by the same 170 hp. None will seem faster than another, but different.

Mercedes CLA 220 CDI vs Mercedes C 220 BlueTECHe C chooses a automatic converter torque and CLA is forced to install a direct-shift gearbox, in both 7-speed. The most striking difference between a change and another is that the torque converter Class C filters better the jumps between gears and transmission friction, generating again one comfort and sense of refinement mechanic.

On the other hand, the virtues of CLA double clutch in terms of speed of the gear changes are not really noticeable change versus C, or under the the hand sports more ruthless and as expected, it feels less elaborate operation at very low speed in town. It is clear, then, that Mercedes has two in which mechanical configuration models, that that "is not" but it is felt, it carries a performance that clearly marks the category of one another.

It is probably the driving the main tact added value sum C on CLA, because neither their greater habitability or rather feeling of space (also lower trunk) or basic equipment, make much difference to justify 3,800 euros it costs more.