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Kia Optima SportswagonKia Optima SportswagonKia Optima SportswagonKia Optima Sportswagon

The new Kia Optima was launched in late 2015 in its sedan version and did so with a single diesel engine 1.7 CRDi 141 horses . Then it was announced that the range is completed with new versions, such as family body, plug-in hybrid and new engines or finishes. Now the family grows and we have already tested range 2017, which begins shipping in October this year. In addition to the Diesel variant, we can now enjoy the Optima Sportswagon (relative), a whole new level of GT Line finished, the sports version GT petrol and interesting plug-in hybrid. Let's look at each separately.

Optima Sportswagon (family Optima)

Kia Optima Sportswagon

He Optima SW in front of the saloon provides a new boot 552 liters. Its design is based on the brand Sportspace prototype presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2015. It maintains the length and width of the sedan and only grows by 5 mm height with roof rails included. In its frontal view, It is identical to the sedan and only changes in the design of the back. Likewise, the rear seats do not change your space. Adds a division in 40:20:40 rear seatback format, with the two outer seats that can be folded down from the luggage compartment itself with the handles located behind, in order to simplify the task. The tray is hinged and has a Network separation compartment also extensible. This tray has a space under the floor where you can save Do not bother to tempt all backups when killed. Once killed, it is completely flat bottom, without cumbersome steps. In the trunk floor there are two side rails that serve to place various systems to prevent cargo go moving while driving. The gate has electric drive, handsfree function, since it opens automatically when it detects proximity of the key. Sportswagon the Kia Optima is available with the 1.7 CRDi engine of 141 horses and the new 2.0 T-GDI petrol and 245 hp, plus basic finishes and GT Line. It goes on sale in October 2016 and they have not yet reported prices. It highlights its level of equipment and the huge battery of new systems we have already tested successfully in the Kia Sportage, such as automatic braking, active cruise control, notice or rear blind spot traffic among many others.

Kia Optima GT

Kia Optima GT

He Kia Optima GT It is the most powerful car what Kia has developed for Europe. It is available with the two bodies, saloon and estate and comes as advance of the sportsmanship which offer Kia in upcoming models. He has thought out 8 new cars by 2018, including a powerful four-door hatchback coupe and large it will be located. Tuned in Nürburgring (Germany), GT is the Optima 10 mm lower than the other versions of the Optima, it carries stiffer springs and the new variable suspension, modifies the hardness independently each damper. Uses the new 2.0 turbo engine of 245 horses, the first Kia model to take you. It is made of aluminum and allows some interesting features. Reaches 100 km / h in 7.4 seconds and reaches 240 km / h speed. It is front-wheel drive, automatic gearbox with torque converter for six speeds. Stronger brakes equipped with 30 mm diameter vented upper discs. It includes an active sound system, which modifies the same depending on the driving mode chosen; It has a resonator in the cockpit, which offers a more sporty sound in Sport mode, turning discreet in normal mode. The level of finish is more complete and differs from conventional versions in numerous aesthetic details. This finish is also available for the rest of the Kia Optima, creating GT Line versions. Their behavior is sports sedan. It is not radical and yes fast and safe, without the comfort being affected too much.

Optima Plug-in Hybrid

Kia Optima Hybrid Plugin

The version plug-in hybrid Optima - or Optima Plug-in Hybrid- You come to our market in 2017. This is an interesting hybrid with a plug autonomy of 54 km. Announces an average emission in its first 100 km of only 37 g / km of CO2. It employs a four-cylinder engine and two liters of 156 horses supplemented with other electrical 50kW integrated front of the gearbox. Gets a combined capacity of 205 horses, with a maximum torque of 38.2 mkg. It has a button with which you can choose between two driving modes, one fully electric and another hybrid version. It is making electric charge after the left front flipper and It takes 5 hours to charge one hundred percent a domestic mains. System also has kinetic energy recovery, being able to recharge up to 25 percent of the electric range. Offers different aerodynamic elements that improve wind resistance. The front bumper and modifies the grid opens or closes depending on engine temperature, more efficient and streamlined. This is complemented by a more aerodynamic design wheels and a specific rear bumper. The operation of this version has seemed satisfactory. Perhaps fewer options available Driving a European plug-in hybrid, but its simplicity is also appreciated. Zero emission autonomy is the best on the market, so to speak positively will when you compare with the current rival.

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