First Test: Peugeot 308 1.2 S & S 130 PureTech EAT6, pure efficiency

Peugeot 308 1.2 S & S 130 PureTech EAT6, efficiency and effectiveness by flagPeugeot 308 1.2 S & S 130 PureTech EAT6, efficiency and effectiveness by flagPeugeot 308 1.2 S & S 130 PureTech EAT6, efficiency and effectiveness by flagPeugeot 308 1.2 S & S 130 PureTech EAT6, efficiency and effectiveness by flag

Banner PeugeotThe Peugeot range 308 debuts the new generation automatic gearboxes EAT6 (Efficent Automatic Transmission 6), which it is now available in a single variant associated with gasoline market, 1.2 PureTech 130 and two diesel: the BlueHDi 1.6 120 and 2.0 150 BlueHDi. This is the third generation of gearboxes of PSA group, heiress of that AT6 Piloted 2004 and the jump is notable in this new. First, because we talk about a torque converter automatic change, with 6 speed, in which certain aspects have looked to improve efficiency and dynamism. Newest achieved through the QuickShift technology, which allows the gear changes 40 percent faster, while the lower consumption will associated with your Start optimal management & Stop. Presume Lion brand efficiency with gearbox EAT6, not surprisingly, it is an automatic transmission that, for the manual version, only transmits 1 grams of CO2 per kilometers. But that's another story and will be in the 1.2 PureTech 110 hp version of the 208. The 308 is something else. Keep reading.

Peugeot 308 1.2 S & S 130 PureTech EAT6

I must say that the PureTech marriage between 1.2 and 130 automatic EAT6 It looks like it will work much better than their predecessors. Both so that in Peugeot betting on a sales forecast in versions with automatic transmission, in all ranges, the 20 percent -being the current figure of 10 per cent. PureTech automatic variant develops 130 well, both urban area, where premium comfort inherent automatic, especially with heavy traffic, as road, mainly in acceleration additions, one of the outstanding traditionally -double the automatic clutch, DSG and PDK separate subjects -. Speaking emissions in the 1.2 PureTech 130 associated with the change in numbers, are EAT6 117 g / km of CO2 in the Style trim and 119 g / km in Allure and GT Line, what it comes to be 8 g / km more for the former and 9 g / km CO2 more in the other two versions when compared with manual. With respect to consumption, combined cycle, encrypts the finish in Style 5.1 l / 100 km while the Allure and GT Line make 5.2 (Both the sedan version and the station wagon). When we compared to consumption of 6-speed manual transmission, it only increases by 0.2 l / 100 km, a difference really small.

These figures make the Peugeot 308 in its gasoline 130 hp version in one of the most efficient in its category, Not surprisingly, all Euro comply with the rules 6.1, which comes into force next September. In total, with regard to automatic piloted preceding it, emissions are reduced by 13 g / km of CO2, in addition to the Puretech associated with it, reduce its emissions by 6 g / km of CO2.

Why six speeds?

While there are already automatic changes between 7 and 9 speed, the EAT6 is 'happy' with six relations. It does so because in terms of efficiency do not need more, at least that we comment from Peugeot. Great blame for this lies with the PureTech gasoline engines, whose three-cylinder architecture and improved combustion and reduced friction, they become one of the most efficient in the market. To this is added the management system stop-start Stop & Start, which it is available in all versions of the range EAT6.

Peugeot 308 1.2 S & S 130 PureTech EAT6

Prices Peugeot 308 1.3 S PureTech&S EAT6

5p Style 308 1.2 130 S PureTech&S EAT6: 21,650 euros.

Allure 5p 308 130 S 1.2 PureTech&S EAT6: 22,580 euros.

5p 308 GT 130 S Line 1.2 PureTech&S EAT6: 24,350 euros.

5p Style 308 SW 130 S 1.2 PureTech&S EAT6: 22,550 euros.

5p Allure 308 SW 130 S 1.2 PureTech&S EAT6: 23,580 euros.

308 SW GT Line 1.2 5p PureTech 130 S&S EAT6: 25,350 euros.