First test: Mazda CX-3 1.5i 105 hp SKYACTIV-D

First test: Mazda CX-3 1.5i 105 hp SKYACTIV-DFirst test: Mazda CX-3 1.5i 105 hp SKYACTIV-DFirst test: Mazda CX-3 1.5i 105 hp SKYACTIV-DFirst test: Mazda CX-3 1.5i 105 hp SKYACTIV-D

The first thing that strikes this Mazda CX-3 to see the natural is the low and 'small' seems. Official photos gave us the impression that we were facing a more SUV concept, but it really is a compact high. It should be clear that length of 'only' 4, 28 meters, which puts with characteristics similar to those of a VW Golf dimensions. Also surprises its attractive design, although this is a matter of taste. The CX-3 is clearly committed dynamic lines and sporty look, reference to the Kodo design esthetic parameters that Mazda is running on its latest models. Believe it or not, the chassis structure is not inherited from the Mazda 3, something that size might make more sense, but it is a elongated version platform Mazda 2.


CX-3We tested version 1.5 Diesel 105 hp and we felt quite adequate. It does not have a great performance, but makes up for a very low power consumption He declared 4 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle and we have achieved a mountain tour and highway 5,5 l / 100 km). It's a pretty nice engine, not too loud and when they squeeze, You can get sporty. The range also includes two petrol 2.0 SKYACTIV-G of 120 and 150 hp


As good Mazda, the chassis is fine-tuned to give the driver some sportsmanship. Not being too high SUV, does not suffer from the inertia of all purest land, and behavior is more conventional compact. Very agile and that dynamic aftertaste that you will appeal to driving enthusiasts. As for suspensions, they are fairly well calibrated, throwing firm without that, far from affecting the comfort of the occupants.


It is not their strong point far. The front seats are very good for height and width, but at the back, if you measure about 1.90 meters you'll miss some extra centimeter high and perhaps longitudinal space for the knees, especially if the occupants of the front seats throw something back their seats. As usual in this type of vehicle, but are approved three seats in the rear area, the ideal is to use only two and the third merely as a timely resource.


With 350 liters, divided into a double compartment, the trunk of the CX-3 is not very large, even smaller than compact reference and the range Citroën C4, Peugeot 308 or 'brother', the Mazda 3.


CX-3This is one of the sections which highlights the Mazda CX-3. It has a technological equipment fairly complete security, with blind spot monitoring, rear warning traffic light control long-range directional, adaptive cruise control + emergency braking, warning of unintentional lane change, head up display, among others. The great part is optional or come in packs, but this type of car and given the opportunity to acquire it should be viewed.


Through System MZD Connect, you can connect your Smartphone to the car and have access to the Internet, take a look at social networks or send and receive email. Striking the Aha app, offering online radios, podcasts and audiobooks. All these functions can be handled with a rotary knob after the gearshift or through voice.


All you want and more. Being in a "mixed" segment, both compact and small SUVs can become rivals. Mini Countryman also sports the focus and Renault Captur and Opel Mokka price will make things difficult.


Gasoline 120 hp

Style 2WD 120 hp: 20,345 €

Style Navigator 2WD 120 hp: 20,745 €

Luxury 2WD 120 hp: 22,980 €

2WD Luxury Pack White 120 hp: 23,780 €

Automatic Style 2WD 120 hp: 22,145 €

Style 2WD 120 hp Automatic Browser: 22,545 €

Luxury Automatic 2WD 120 hp: 24,780 €

Luxury 2WD Automatic White Pack 120 hp: 25,580 €

Gasoline 150 hp

Luxury AWD 150 hp: 26,280 €

Luxury AWD 150 hp Pack White: 27.080 €

White AWD Luxury Pack and Travel Pack 150 hp: 28,130 €

Automatic AWD Luxury 150 hp € 28,080

Luxury AWD 150 hp Automatic White Pack: 28,880 €

Luxury AWD Aut P.Travel P.White and 150 hp. 29,930 €

Diesel 105 hp

Style 2WD 105 hp: 21,795 €

Style Navigator 2WD 105 hp: 22,195 €

Luxury 2WD 105 hp: 24,430 €

2WD Luxury Pack White 105 hp: 25,230 €

White 2WD Luxury Pack and Travel Pack 105 hp: 26,280 €

Luxury AWD 105 hp: 26,230 €

Luxury AWD 105 hp White Pack: 27,030 €

White AWD Luxury Pack and Travel Pack 105 hp: 28,080 €

Automatic AWD Luxury 105 hp: 28,030 €

Luxury AWD 105 hp Automatic White Pack: 28,830 €

Luxury AWD Aut P.Travel P.White and 105 hp. 29,880 €

During the launch, at these prices be trivialized 1,800 euros off, PIVE if applicable, and a pack of equipment depending on the version given away.