BMW X6 Mercedes GLE Coupe 30d and 350d, two stylish SUV

BMW X6 30d 350d Coupe vs Mercedes GLEBMW X6 30d 350d Coupe vs Mercedes GLEBMW X6 30d 350d Coupe vs Mercedes GLEBMW X6 30d 350d Coupe vs Mercedes GLE

BMW X6 Mercedes GLE Coupe 30d and 350d seem to twins, but they are not. First it was BMW that innovated making the X5 into a five-door coupe with the X6. Now comes Mercedes and does the same with its ML, it happened to be called GLE Coupe. In both cases the concept is identical and now we see that the similarities in the result are many. The segment SUV sports it will not stop growing, and that although it a contradiction to talk of sportsmanship in cars more than two tons and a total height higher than most people. But it is a body style that like and, if there is demand, there is supply. Both BMW and Mercedes have managed to bring this concept to the field luxury and sportiness and, regardless of whether it is a contradiction to talk about sportsmanship or not, in both cases we have a high quality manufacturing that accomplishes two real cochazos. Both belong to the high ranges and cars derived from proven. In the case of X6 starting point was the SUV X5 while the GLE Coupe drift excellent, although veteran, SUV. There is no intention to leave the asphalt to complicate existence outside it, although they could. Reducing not offer specific finishes "off-road" or mixed tires. His aesthetic approach seeks effective on asphalt, although they have ability to go through more sites than you can imagine.

They have similar exterior proportions. He Mercedes GLE Coupe It is 1 cm shorter than the BMW X6 but 1 cm wide and 3 cm high. This coupled with the high front bonnet, makes If you see them separately GLE you look bigger than BMW, but you see that the difference is small. This same feeling you have when driving, again caused by the bulky front hood of GLE, which has sought to be more muscular in its front; end and move as one where you park park the other, except that BMW has worse turning radius and visibility of the star is worse in parking lots.

BMW X6 Mercedes GLE Coupe vs

Inside are luxurious cockpits and quality finishing well above average. I find it impossible to determine which is better finish, and It all depends on the aesthetics of your choice when set; BMW offers more interior colors and you can get something more than eye candy. Ergonomics is good in all controls and you can find only flaws are obvious, like the glove is too far away or you like more the selector lever behind the wheel of the Mercedes or BMW in the center console. Space is also satisfactory in both. By height you should have no problem, even in the rear seats. behind more differences between each other, without being problematic. X6 is narrower cm 3 and has 6 cm more leg room, while the GLE Coupe offers 7cm height; in these cars the worst figure does not force you to feel the pinch. The rear seats are more comfortable for three passengers in the Mercedes and better hold the body for two in the BMW, which has a less comfortable center backrest. The luggage capacity is best in the GLE, with also a gap under the larger floor. The two have a huge burden mouth, with its virtues and defects. You can get very large objects but the floor is very high and the top of the gate when open stays level NBA (2.19 m is that of GLE), so It is easy to hit the roof of a parking. Both carry automatic actuation, which is essential given the size and weight of the gates.

BMW X6 behavior 30d and 350d Mercedes GLE Coupe impressed by the ease with which hide the size both road and city. And park them because you imagine it's not easy here do not hesitate to mount the extra 360-degree vision cameras, you will save scratches and make it easier to find because it costs both the beginning and the end of the bodies. In city traffic move more freely from which they appear, with the advantage that gives the height. On the road I like the BMW X6 from the sporting point of view because it offers less inertia than his rival who weighs 168 kg. Besides the theoretical data taken from the scale, it is seen driving. The two units tested lacked the extra air suspension, something that I recommend in the two brands as the weight and height are offset marring hard suspensions comfort in both; They are not uncomfortable, until you pass a pothole. They have excellent traction only breaks in low grip if you opted for wider tires. If you are going to travel on snowy roads or with plenty of water, or exit paths occasionally better let that come standard, or Put some good winter when touching, They are weighing too much and there wheel section, especially if one chooses wheels 20 or 21 inches.

BMW X6 Mercedes GLE Coupe vs

The performance level of its diesel engines is good. The BMW X6 is always a bit faster on all benefits and also spends less. Both of them They have the same power but the weight becomes slightly slower and gastón to Mercedes. Moving from 10 liters in city is much for Diesel and when his rival in the same measurement consume nearly a liter less. Huge deposits allow them a good autonomy in both cases. Both are a good alternative for who wants a SUV less "familiar" and "sporty". These diesel engines are more functional and prestacional level is more than enough for both sports use are assumed as for normal use. In some things I like the BMW and Mercedes in others. In any case are two cochazos very good quality, although I still find them more sense than the aesthetic. I do not know if the novelty but the GLE Coupe on the street is striking.

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