VW Golf Variant 2.0 TDI 150PS DSG: 100,000 km test

100,000 km test for the VW Golf Variant100,000 km test for the VW Golf Variant100,000 km test for the VW Golf Variant100,000 km test for the VW Golf Variant

Total time taken to perform long-term test with VW Golf Variant: 1,408 hours. This figure represents almost 59 days enough time to read "War and peace" in the complete version up to 21 times. Driving is time that our fellow German magazine auto motor und sport have calculated on a average speed of 71 km / h, following information onboard computer. Of course, the time spent in driving VW Golf Variant (familiar) excluding breaks, after the endurance test on 19 January 2015. It has taken started 20 months, meaning it had a daily average of 167 km road runs, using four times a day.

We could say that the Golf is the more typical German car, the model most copies have been sold, over Opel and Ford together with all C-segment models for the long-term test, our unit had turbo diesel engine two-liter and 150 hp, DSG associated with a double-clutch six-speed Highline finish. In addition, this unit had a large and expensive list 24 possible options such as adaptive suspension, the hitch, excellent windscreen heater, the 18-inch and side airbags back, among other elements, which assume that the price of this unit goes from 32,000 to more than 45,000 euros. Very different options need to really use every day.

VW Golf Variant: large interior space

really this Volkwagen Golf We offer us more than we need in terms of equipment. In use, above all we highlight the interior space and functionality offered by the Golf itself. Some of the drivers of long-term test found in 4.56 m length VW Golf Variant an amazing relief to travel inside. If four adults, is really generous space to be compact, even with this familiar body. Body Variant offers a spectacular boot, with a minimum load volume of 605 liters to place luggage. A space that can be expanded when needed by folding down the seat back to 1620 liters, but does not leave a completely flat surface. A great capacity to carry large bundles.

VW Golf Variant familiar testIn different shifts to cover the travel, generous space It allows you to save seamlessly briefcases photographic material, tripods, flashes, boxes goals, leaning on the side panels and subject to the mat and not moving with the movement of the car. Do small scratches on the hard plastic ...? Only due to little care of the many drivers who have been using to store your luggage. Because otherwise everything in the VW Golf Variant has the same solid appearance showing the principle of catch. Comfortable seats have not lost their excellent holding ability with the long haul, where miss greater pronouncement of lumbar support to make it more effective.

VW Golf Variant 2.0 TDI 150hp: an efficient engine

To explain the talent showing the Golf to travel must mention the which boasts comfort and reliable performance tuned biketwo-liter turbodiesel r-not is the scandalous and controversial 2.0 TDI EA 189 Fraud emissions, but his successor. Engine that meets the Euro 6 emission requirements catalyst NOx without urea injection. During the stress tests check with specialists emission analysis is really clean and meets advertised. Emissions in real traffic, road, were lower than in the rest of Diesel engines tested.

In addition, the successor to the Golf compelling saga kilometers has been finding increasingly shaped (also in engine sound fineness), improving performance and always offering a tight consumption. He has covered the path with reasonable 6.9 l / 100 km on average. With a driving seeking maximum efficiency we have moved in the 5 l / 100 km. A section in the aid effectiveness of dual-clutch transmission DSG six-speed noticeable. In the Eco program, we can select the "candle mode", in which we shot on the road taking advantage of the inertia in neutral, and we do not need any maritime knowledge. Simply lift the foot off the accelerator and takes advantage of the inertia in favorable terrain.

VW Golf Variant 2.0 TDI DSG

The change is nice transitions between gears and very effective in operation as usual, but that of our unity presented a problem. Initially gear changes were very fast. But over the kilometers, especially to exceed 50,000 km, They slowed and steep slopes had to accelerate more than logical to boot. The adoption of DSG requires a significant outlay, because its cost is 1,900 euros, and 60,000 km have to change the gearbox oil, representing a cost of another 300 euros, 140 of them invested in the six liters of oil required to fill the transmission. In addition, the oil change continued to produce small jerks in the lower gears, in automatic mode or manual mode.

He navigation system/ Infotainment (2,315 euros) does not meet all the high expectations. It is sometimes slow to get directions and if we go abroad feel uncomfortable.

VW Golf Variant: low maintenance costs

In the standings, the Golf stands out for its low maintenance costs. It has only needed a new set of front brake pads, but ended up with the rear brake pads and bringing together original brake disc. Between maintenance shutdowns only it had to replace two liters of oil. As we have seen 60,000 km inspection costs were low, and despite the high engine performance tires treated carefully with a uniform wear.

Test VW Golf Variant 2.0 TDI FamilyVW devotes less attention to your Always high residual value. Because of the extras (€ 13,472), the Variant lost about 100,000 km 20,450 € value -only 45% of the new price-. But, Why should you sell after 100,000 kilometers Golf? Very solid, with the kilometers Variant does not seem to feel the passage of time.

Incidences of VW Golf Variant 100,000 km

7,948 km. The browser stops working.

8,009 km. Repair and troubleshooting. Fixed wireless connector (76.56 €).

31,330 km. Review with oil change (303.96 €).

57,040 km. Loss of performance in full motorway. A crane arrives emergency. After restarting the computer, everything returns to normal (0 €).

57,214 km. Using a tester caused faults are read. sporadic errors due to the low fuel pressure (0 €).

59.201 km. Review with oil change. Pollen filter replacement (398.32 €). Gear oil and filters (300,30 €). Replacing front brake (269.42 €) pills. Replacement wipers front and rear (50.69 €).

92,023 km. Revision oil change, air filter, fuel filter (450.02 €).

VW Golf Variant. So after we value long-term test

ACCELERATION. Good figures, which have been improving over the kilometers. 100,000 km invests almost 3 seconds faster than at the start to reach 180 km / h.

CONSUMPTION. Very good numbers of actual consumption, driving all that we have submitted.

WEIGHT AND MEASUREMENTS. Spacious cabin in all its dimensions, with generous legroom of passengers and luggage compartment volume dramatically. You are missing something over top opening of the gate.

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