We tested the 2017 Honda Civic: bigger, agile and technological

Honda Civic 2017: a compact biggest testHonda Civic 2017: a compact biggest testHonda Civic 2017: a compact biggest testHonda Civic 2017: a compact biggest test

The new Honda Civic will not reach the market until March 2017, but Autopista.es already have led its next edition 2017, nothing more and nothing less than the tenth generation compact car You can shake the foundations of the category given its large dimensions, overall ambition, positioning motors and equipment.

He Honda Civic 2017 accurately measures 4.50 meters long, which puts on the brink of making just two generations of cars were D-segment saloons, although its silhouette, aggressive, five-door and identifies him as a compact hatchback, as it is called. Of course, this Civic It will be the largest in its category, by dElante rival as the Mazda 3 (the only one that is close to 4.45 meters) or individual Hyundai Ioniq, who agrees wheelbase. Two months after putting on sale, will appear on May 1 Civic Sedan version it is postulated as the sedan Honda image, which has already announced that will not bring to Europe next Accord.

With that starting point, the new Honda Civic will be one of the roomiest compact both in terms of interior width to shoulder height, as in legroom rear passenger, which could be around 1.85 meters and could travel comfortably without the roof brush against them with the top of the head. Yes, the sloping ceiling is going to put a little difficult both to exceed 1.90 meters or who will be traveling in the central square, not too sobreelevada. A trunk 478 liters, as well the most useful category, complete the familiar. It is true that the system has lost rear seats folding Magic Seats of the previous generation, but this decision, far from being a mere savings, has its technical justification in new platform on which the Civic is made and in seeking the reduction of center of gravity.

The platform of the new Honda Civic 2017

The next generation Honda Civic is thus constructed with a new platform which also serve as basis for the next Accord and CR-V among others. It is characterized by a revolutionary way of assembling sheet panels, the massive use of high strength steels that allow lower weight and Rear suspension structure mutlibrazo (Something not available in the past two generations Civic) and that can offer a better adaptation to irregular asphalts with better response to changing asphalts. The address is electric and very fast, with over two laps between stops and a variable changes its hardness assistance depending on the speed without changing the gear ratio in the test drive we found precise and refined.

Honda Civic 2017Will this also Honda Civic in the first count, in their versions equipped with variable damping firmness with dos laws of operation (Normal and Sport) That based on the information collected by sensors of steering angle rotation of wheels and sensors traction control will acting a solenoid that facilitate or resist the passage of oil dampers, adapting in real time behavior more firm or soft, but at no time appreciate symptoms of discomfort.

Engines Honda Civic 2017

2017 Honda Civic appear initially with two petrol engines VTEC, a 1.0 three-cylinder 1.5 four cylinder with whom we had the touchdown. Both are supercharged direct injection, and apparently sought more refinement driving and push the maximum fuel economy. By the time they were not disclosed information about their performance although its average consumption, to be located just below 6 l / 100 km for the version of 182 hp.

Both engines will be associated with six-speed manual transmission and exquisite touch for accuracy and short runs though somewhat open the proven developments associated with the engine 1.5. Nevertheless, given time variable valve opening and good turbo boost It is capable of both pulling developments and appreciable saving consumption something loudness during the-fly as to stretch until after 6,000 rpm, just when the discharge valve, electric, is opened to ensure the longevity of the engine. Fans of automatic transmissions may opt for a CVT continuously variable with 7 steps prefixed to assimilate to a sequential change.

Honda CivicIn autumn will join the floorpan launch the Diesel version, the 1.6 I-DTEC known also with manual six gears or 9 innovative automatic source relations and ZF. Benefits were not disclosed, but should vary little from that currently equips the ninth generation Honda Civic.

Honda Civic: connectivity and driver assistance

As car launched in the second decade of the century, the H2017 Civic wave not only has carplay connectivity and Android Auto, but collected in the Honda Sense It offers a number of driving aids to the unusual time category. Thus, all commercial finishes will have auto attendant keeping track with correction function on the steering wheel recognition system signals, active cruise control with braking function based on the joint action of the front camera and technology radar, and protection systems for pedestrians. A more sophisticated traction control, called AHA, will influence the driving offering a more natural control of driving, more subtly correcting as soon as empezasen to incur a loss of motor skills.

CivicThe end result of the new 2017 Honda Civic is a car that, without losing its family orientation at all, continues to offer possibilities character and dynamic driving, especially if we are talking about the most powerful variant. It can be quick and subtle highway and provide satisfaction in areas of curves. There will be noble, handy and light give the impression reinforced by its low center of gravity- but it should not be mistaken for a GTI or Type R, which will reach the market before the end of 2017, with levels similar to those of the current power.

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