Test: Mercedes C 220 BlueTEC 7G-Tronic, is the overall saloon?

Mercedes C 220 BlueTEC 7G-TronicMercedes C 220 BlueTEC 7G-TronicMercedes C 220 BlueTEC 7G-TronicMercedes C 220 BlueTEC 7G-Tronic

No doubt, It is a 4-cylinder. Conventional touch and acoustics 220 CDI, now renamed BlueTEC for its new emissions cleaning technology and for being and Euro6, it is practically the only limitation I feel the new Mercedes Class C. Understood, of course, as distinguishing factor among large sedans brand. Not a Class E mount also not smugly, it does, but today, here, is the only diesel option. Nor 6-cylinder gasoline ... for now are. The rest is already measured in short, very short distance. So if the air suspension was always exclusive upper segments (even forget about it in Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series), Today the new Mercedes C-Class can equip 1,600 €, raising the ride comfort to standards never suspected in average sedan, and yes, do not conceal where so far only came in his day Citroen C5 with its unique hydropneumatic vision.

then enter the new Mercedes C Class and close doors, turn windows, a seat (20 mm lower than before starting to also feel the rejuvenation now Mercedes) and perceived quality of some materials meticulously finished off. I have trouble, I no longer face their rivals Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series (with which, incidentally, had spent years in tow) but even find such good execution on a current Mercedes E-Class. Air conditioning even active recirculation when entering a tunnel to avoid breathing harmful gases, while positions to protect the environment, you can ask the ionizer and fragrance diffuser ... a Mercedes Class S. Ambition with C.

Class S scale

Mercedes C 220 BlueTEC 7G-Tronic

What is not in doubt is worth and that the new Mercedes Class S was present in the regeneration projects Class C, and both in design and in technology and, of course, architecture. In fact, both share modular platform, New Mercedes with longitudinal engines, which not only ends up favoring the lower classes, but, incidentally, distinguishes it even more input from Mercedes, all already below with transverse engine and other specific basis. The new Mercedes C-Class certainly is the great beneficiary.

If I believed that modern 'semi Coupe' Mercedes CLA he committed in his day, now I see and feel this Mercedes Class C is on another level ... now being Class E actually almost threatened. He even comes close in size, having grow up to 10 centimeters in length to resettle over that CLA today, and stretching the battle also 8 cm. Starting, therefore, it comes now a Class C Mercedes very different, with much more poise and packaging and equipment ever seen in the segment, which highlights the new stereoscopic camera ... also the Class S. Already standard, with all the important thing in comfort, offers a collision avoidance system capable of stopping itself the car less than 50 km / h, as well as alert fatigue 9 airbags, checking tire pressure, LED headlamps, active bonnet, light sensors and rain or even a practical detection chair in the front passenger seat to automatically disconnect the front airbag.

The endowment is, therefore, much higher than usual for Audi, BMW and Mercedes itself, and today itself, justify a always higher starting rate in Class C. also adds options and can configure almost science fiction Class C: up to 60 km / h can follow the car in front. C class innovative but without, of course, a classic C class. Bet now the Exclusive line for traditional circular star on the hood, traveling in their slightly improved but still contained rear seats (No space, but Audi A4 or BMW 3 Series continue to offer more leg width and distance) and, above all, enjoy your comfort on the road. Comfort C.

Upper class

Seen that in this new technology and interior Mercedes C Class leaps two generations: as old leaves to Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series ... already announced major renovations in 2015. But also a technique ... Class S. hand again back to its platform and use of aluminum, almost 50 percent of the total. Admittedly, in scale, we see no less than 100 kg announced by Mercedes, but its larger size and huge equipment is lightening.

As this is also now a C Class Mercedes sophisticated new front axle and 4-arm which retires traditional McPherson and, for now, do not ride nor its opponents ... not a class E. he loses almost half a meter in diameter turning, but with a direct serial and variable ratio steering, now tour before: therefore their very reduced 2.1 turns of the wheel (formerly 2.75) can make up more than a roundabout to your adaptation. So, except rush 180 degree turns, you feel even better maneuverability, besides higher refinement an axis insulates better suspension and steering, transmitiéndote always greater filtering any imperfections asphalt.

Mercedes C 220 BlueTEC 7G-Tronic

After our first contact with the new Mercedes Class C, almost 2 months, and we appreciate its unprecedented ride quality with extra air suspension, so that we see today where to where evolution comes standard. There is a first level of shooting comfort but opted this time to the intermediate line configuration Avantgarde: Always, as before, with dampers alone mechanically modifying its tared according to bump and roll, and 15 mm lowered chassis. More than enough.

Without the excellence of the air suspension, the Mercedes C Class offers longer a quality tread which fail Audi A4 or BMW 3 Series and, despite being somewhat dry compression with optional rim 18 inches (about front tire and rear 225/45 245/40), never limits the comfort, also giving very good agilityThus rule the following sports suspension with stiffer moron.

Be clear that it's a Mercedes Class C, so do not expect the dynamism and lightness (here, yes, 100 kg difference) of a BMW 3 Series: Mercedes continues releasing more the body extension. Movement, on the other hand, always transpires to inform in advance and a lot of progressivity of all reactions. Very sure, today you will not see the end, either in Audi A4, as much balance as this Class C. Imperturbable and aplomadísimo on fast roads, is then very incisive by address (although I miss most return in extreme linked) consisting of braking and immovable once already supported without, at the same time, to require such performance ESP as the Audi A4. Harmonic with C.

mini consumption

Muchorefinamiento in the new Mercedes C Class and that we return to the beginning, not hidden its four cylinders, including nor is it today this 220 BlueTEC an acoustic reference. You feel acceleration tarnishes something both concert suspension, rolling and isolation ... until you forget you're not going in an Audi A8 or Class S and you then get on a BMW 320d in which you perceive even less finesse in the snatch and more vibrations.

Huge response, this Mercedes C 220 BlueTEC is also almost as fast as the BMW 320d always instant despite its greater weight. With great push from 1,500 rpm and very gradual in the stretched his association with the 7G-Tronic automatic Plus 7-speed is also exquisite. Discarded double clutch 7G-DCT carried by Class A and CLA 220 CDI not married by abruptness with Class C, the torque converter does provide the required softness here.

Mercedes own, True, this change does not have the speed sequential, or stretched (not allowed to rise nearly 4,000 rpm ... or Manual mode) or, above all, the fantastic mode of propulsion inertia decelerations BMW ZF reference (well, and Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Land Rover ...), but it surprised by a very intelligent management where, in addition to seeking maximum efficiency, also takes care benefit: you'll see how much progress retains, for example, rises to never leave you hanging and anticipate any sudden demand for acceleration. Does not fail. The best thing is that, even so, consumption of the C 220 BlueTEC are magnificent ... to overcome in nearly a half liter TDI Multitronic A4 2.0 and almost 0.3 l / 100 km far unbeatable BMW 320d. It was because it lacked a Mercedes sedan that eventually prove that cochazo today written to the segment without doubt C.