Test: Dacia Logan MCV dCi 90, nobody gives more for less

Test: Dacia Logan MCV dCi 90, nobody gives more for lessTest: Dacia Logan MCV dCi 90, nobody gives more for lessTest: Dacia Logan MCV dCi 90, nobody gives more for lessTest: Dacia Logan MCV dCi 90, nobody gives more for less

In so far this year Dacia sales in Spain have grown almost 60 percent. Without going any further, for a month of 2014 the Sandero has been the best-selling tourism in our country and to close the year, remains in the Top 10 cars with more registrations. Definitely one of the highlights of the full range marketed by the Romanian brand, owned by the Renault Group, is to offer very affordable prices, directed especially to those who see the car as a mere means of transport and not give much importance to details related to technology, comfort or an effective behavior.

Dacia Logan MCVThis approach is extended to Logan MCV stars in this test, a model that, like all Logan, shares many components with the Sandero. The cheapest version of this unique family is around 10,000 euros, although in this case we tried the more powerful diesel, 90 hp, also with 75 hp there is certainly the most interesting of all Logan MCV, a car It measures 4.5 meters in length and has a unique trunk of almost 600 liters. No brand offers a vehicle of this type so cheap.


From the first moment you sit behind the wheel of Logan MCV perceives Sobriety is the hallmark. The steering wheel only moves vertically, not in depth, and the driver's seat has a lever for height adjustment that allows only two positions: either as close to the ground or otherwise, without intermediate points -the cheaper version Ambiance gasoline even lacks reglajes-. For preparation, consistency, lateral support, etc. also note the simplicity of the seats. Are specific details of an affordable car, but not be interpreted that the driver is uncomfortable, it just did not go as well as you would in a car more elaborate design and ergonomics.

Moreover, all seats offer enough space given its exterior size. No crush in front, behind the hollow leg is loose and to the central square it is more usable than other models despite being somewhat narrower than the outer.

Dacia Logan MCVMany details indicating the maximum savings wanted by the brand, as the proper consistency of the doors, sun visor with a mirror without light or cover the wheel serving for height adjustment is ancestral lights, steering wheel controls lacks though it integrates a satellite to control the radio, rear power windows (optional) are on the ground, leaving out we found a gas cap as elemental ... But as Dacia says in its slogan: "everything works".

large trunk

As measured by our Technical Center, the trunk of Logan MCV offers 595 liters of capacity, volume very prominent for a car of its size. The cargo space features lighting and side hooks allow hanging bags, also has some rings at the corners where you could snag a network that is offered as an option (103 euros) to better secure loose bundles to be transported. If you need to increase the capacity or move bulky or long items, you can fold down the rear seatback always from the inside, no shooters in the maletero-, which will match sections 1 / 3-2 / 3, to leave a load floor is flat almost completely. Serial whole range Logan MCV features a reparapinchazos kit, so that under the trunk floor does not carry spare wheel -Cuesta about 100 euros. Undoubtedly, the cargo area is one of the virtues of the model, although no details of upgradable finish.

Prima comfort

Dacia Logan MCVAs much thought to drive emerging markets, where roads predominate in poor condition, MCV suspension is soft, preserving more comfort, which makes it easy to see the oscillation body curves. However, in general, it is a nice car to drive, because their reactions are predictable and stability control works with any path loss.

His dCi engine used in models of Renault and Nissan, is not very noticeable in rumorosidad. While pushing this family transmits light and smooth operation. The actual average consumption of 4.9 l / 100 km, is a very good figure to be without Stop&Start. The Eco function -mitiga HEATING & AIR CONDITIONED- acceleration and gear shift indicator help to save. Sound insulation, especially of rodadura- improved. Address right touch, proper braking distances and change management, long runs, you should win liking. Poor light intensity.

Well ... with cheaper options

The Laureate finish is standard and includes two most prominent four airbags, ESP stability control, fog lights, trip computer, central locking, front electric windows, bluetooth, USB jack ... It's a logical framework for a car of its price, but, for example, the air conditioning is always optional, there is provided an automatic climate control and it is not possible to have curtain airbags, rain sensors and lights, electrically folding mirrors or, of course, technology and driving aids last generation. A highlight level options is the Media Nav package carrying our unit, a multimedia system with navigator and 7-inch touch screen also improves the image of the dashboard and is offered at an affordable price (230 euros). If someone thinks about buying the access version with the gasoline engine 1.2 75 bhp and Ambiance finish, you should know that your standard equipment does not include very basic details, because the steering wheel is fixed, the driver's seat is not adjustable in height and it lacks essential elements in the equipment.

With a great brand

Any Logan MCV does not require a large outlay, even if we decide to include the more expensive options, so the depreciation over time will be more manageable. Under the hood lurks relatively modern mechanical TCE especially gasoline and DCI-, but maintenance tasks are simple and acceptable price of spare parts, with the advantage of an extensive network of assistance under the supervision of a brand Renault's experience.

When deciding on a family as Logan MCV is very clear that absolute priority to the containment of the budget is given. Without a large investment it is possible to have a practical car with a huge trunk and, in its simplicity, contains a motor and other components developed under the umbrella of Renault, an important guarantee, no doubt. There is a striking design, and colorful materials or sophisticated driving aids ... but who would just as useful role and family vehicle.