Test: Volkswagen Golf Variant 2.0 TDI 150PS DSG, familiar with space

Test Volkswagen Golf Variant 2.0 TDI DSGTest Volkswagen Golf Variant 2.0 TDI DSGTest Volkswagen Golf Variant 2.0 TDI DSGTest Volkswagen Golf Variant 2.0 TDI DSG

A friend tells you that he has bought a Volkswagen Golf and the first thing that comes to mind is a GTI. Can you imagine what their sport rims, upholstery pictures of life and GTI all over. However, when I taught you find a family, with two child seats behind bars on the roof and that has little to do with the sporty and passionate Golf you had in mind, yes, that comes out in the announcement and with which you dreamed when you were young. True, different versions have made the Golf lose passion. No longer has that essence that had no other and that made him unique, and while it has changed to be more practical, comprehensive and appropriate for each audience. As a fervent supporter of the GTI will tell you that the sports version still retains some of its original magic, but when you meet a familiar pattern like this here I try, no matter how good it is, it is no longer the same.

VW Golf Variant family photosHe new Golf Variant It's a good car and this version 2.0 TDI with DSG and 150 horses it seems very recommendable, but it is the first time I feel a sense Golf perfect "appliance"; this Variant does everything well, offers good space, quality and transmits it can not find a single serious defect. It is very close to the ideal of what should be a car for every day. Over the conventional Golf Variant adds a spectacular sunroof (huge) and a trunk 175 liters top to the height of the tray space is multiplied if we decide to exploit the gap to the ceiling. That's the only reason (in your aesthetic tastes do not mess) by which must decide between a Variant and Golf 5 conventional doors, as in other measurements, mechanical equipment or are traced. Moreover, if you are looking for space for real, do not waste time on the Volkswagen itself looking at a Tiguan (180 liters less capacity) than the Golf Variant even gives you more space in the rear seats and there are also 4x4 version .

You might hesitate to go to a Passat and saving the logical difference in price, it would seem reasonable, although all you earn is space in the rear seats (not bad) because to the trunk of the Golf Variant it is 20 larger than the Passat Variant liters. The conclusion of this is that you have one of the models that are most interested in what refers to interior space and exterior size. Obviously nothing has to deal with a Skoda Octavia Combi, but compared to the rest of competence it stays in very good place. Not a spectacular car design but with chrome roof bars and nice wheels becomes attractive. With the finish Sport offers good front seats. Behind there is little ergonomic support, which helps the passenger in the center is more comfortable than a Golf 5-door. Fluffy in these places is something hard ... it is in taste, as some might prefer the lower hardness and greater comfort seats French rivals.

VW Golf Variant test photoWith this engine Diesel Variant moves to spare. This unit has been the least power has given to all who have passed through our Technical Center, and that has not prevented the prestacional level was good. Loaded to the brim and running the air conditioner continues to provide good response on the road, being a good combination. With the DSG wins pleasure to use, although it gets a higher than most of its rivals price. It performs well although dispense with the 18-inch wheels with tire profile 40 carrying this unit (optional), as It causes some unnecessary dryness in the rear; better with 17-inch wheel series.

It has a good system of Stop / Start and eco connected mode achieves a successful level of consumption, offering a great compromise between spending and performance, common to all models VW group equipped with this combination of multilink rear platform and 150 hp TDI. With the Sport trim conveys a high sense of quality, both rolling and touch all controls or filtering noise and vibration. Altogether it seems a practical car and recommended. Another thing is that the price will not fit, in which case look at Seat or Skoda that have similar features, touch, and space consumption.