Alfa Romeo Stelvio: a test diesel and gasoline engines 180 200 hp

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2D 180 hp and 200 hp 2.0 turboAlfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2D 180 hp and 200 hp 2.0 turboAlfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2D 180 hp and 200 hp 2.0 turboAlfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2D 180 hp and 200 hp 2.0 turbo

The arrival of new engines the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, whose output gradually reaches cruising speed, multiplies the interest falls on this SUV and sports aspirations. In appearance but, above all, by its chassis configuration with a Front axle exceptionally effective: before any other factor, including propulsion in the few versions that do not resort to all-wheel drive, it is the key to its agility. In addition, new versions also maintain a cushion that seems quite rightly chosen for a car that aims, and from his image, poise and transmit only in high demand driving, we would ask something more firmly to the rear axle.

So far, I know. But is that if the range of launch Alfa Romeo Stelvio only he has been expecting a 2.0 Turbo 280 hp and most powerful of all available compression 2 2 Diesel 210 hp, now thrives with lower power versions. And, of course, cheaper.

Working with these blocks 2.2 and 2.0 petrol Diesel as a starting point, without changes in the displacement of each even turbochargers, variable geometry in diesel and electronic valves discharge, and pressure are similar to each other, between 1.1 and 1.2 and Bars- only with a different dressing electronics, foot is given to different versions of each of, respectively, 180 and 200 hp.

Alfa Romeo StelvioAlfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 Diesel 180 hp, "basic" highly recommended

Like all engines Alfa Romeo Stelvio, that 2.2 Diesel 180 hp we've had a chance to drive combined with propulsion, but this engine is also available with all-wheel drive Q4 is associated exclusively with the gearbox eight-speed originally ZF.

Depending on the choice we make with DNA control It allows very fast or quick selections of the gears -in modes, sport, normal, respectively or more comfortable and efficient: In this mode, the Advance Efficiency, It even has the possibility of leaving the Alfa Romeo Stelvio in a planing mode in which decouple engine change and. The DNA also modifies the relationship between throttle and the engine response pressure. In position A, even it is requiring excessive pressure on the pedal, in our view. Another peculiarity of the automatic gearbox is that in all engines has so far presented Alfa Romeo for the Stelvio, relationships are identical, whether mechanical petrol and diesel and, between each other, only changes the final group.

He new engine 2.2 180 CV gives the same torque as 150 CV -even unpublished but already announced a list price of just over 40,200 euros at the same rate (45.9 mkg at 1,750 rpm) and only 5 percent less than the 210 hp with the same block. Pushing either from a regime under, as they are 1,400 rpm, vibrates only slightly more than the 2.0 petrol and sounds clearly more. With his walk, this 180 CV can forget the more powerful diesel engine, the 210 hp, While saving the less powerful engine is only about 1,100 euros to equal transmission and trim level. Official data, the less powerful it becomes a second slower in acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h s -7.6 s face and 6,6- consumption of both engines is like. During our tour, part of it by expressways, other mountain roads constantly rising and heavy traffic, usually, staying below the speed limit and dry soil, we achieved a low power consumption of 6.4 l / 100 km for an average of 75 km / h.

Alfa Romeo StelvioHis condition propulsion SUV goes unnoticed in these conditions of use and can save 2,070 euros difference there with all-wheel drive versions: This Diesel 180 hp the only engine that can be selected from both, as the 2.2 Diesel propulsion is always 150 and the remainder Total. The drive system of the four wheel drive versions called Q4, support a distribution of torque between the two axles 50 percent, but can work with a 100 percent on the rear axle. Between October and November, and integrated into a Performance package called the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, whatever your type of traction, they will have a mechanical rear differential a Torsen. Also an active suspension with damping piloted, as they already have the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.0 turbo 200 hp, an energetic engine

The other engine that we could try is the 2.0 petrol turbo lower power sales, 200 hp. In front of his older brother 280 hp is a much more interesting option than it might seem, for those who seek a better price / performance -Cuesta 43,200 euros, almost 10,000 less than the cheapest version of the most powerful-because horses that difference between the two is not, except for those who are extremely demanding, very relevant. To find the disparity between the two need to bring the most powerful above 4,500 rpm, which is when the 2.0 Turbo engine gives the official power. Out of such use, the less powerful and more economical of the two four-cylinder engines and direct injection gasoline, it is more than enough energetic continuously It's very elastic for your answer smoothly to any regime, exceeded iniciales- turns, even in demanding terrain and sporty driving.

In the climb the Passo Stelvio from Bormio (Italy), Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.0 Turbo 200 hp not only it makes it clear how easily it can revive, again and again (there are 40 numbered and extremely closed in this southern port area in constant rise curves, except with an intermediate truce of a few kilometers), but can do so by addressing each one with excellent control of body movements and, above all, with just a minimum of understeer that in little or nothing, really muddies the path. Just off the curves more gap between the entrance and exit find that it is upgradeable closing torque converter once the change is accelerated decisively: by slow, first; then, by abrupt.

Alfa Romeo StelvioIn going down the opposite side and with a constant succession of paellas, limit heat resistance brake is quickly overcome, after four or five laps at alambicado travel and steep slope in favor. Also, of course, the speed that allow chassis and engine. We count on Alfa Romeo to get lower 900 ° C the brake temperature to about 200 ° C, temperature which is considered to have reached a sufficient cooling to retell all the stopping power at least are necessary about 40 seconds. However, in this stretch down to Trafoi Stelvio, the Alfa SUV (or any other fast car driven sportily) does not count, because of the proximity of the twists and the speed achieved with so much time to your advantage.

Among the aspects to improve, and do not go unnoticed by those who have capacity to decide on what path to take in developments Alfa is the information system, navigation and entertainment, clearly improved, especially by running your browser. Slow your schedule, your maps provide margin optimization in addition to their tendency to lose, or find, rather-sometimes nonexistent roads, can be infuriating.

Solved the closure of the range for the bottom, there is also news from the other end, for Alfa Romeo It has already closed Quadifoglio date for version 2.9 V6 with 510 hp, it will be released between October and November, just after the Frankfurt Motor Show that the Italian brand will not go.