Land Rover Discovery 2017: We tested the most capable SUV market

Land Rover Discovery 2017 testedLand Rover Discovery 2017 testedLand Rover Discovery 2017 testedLand Rover Discovery 2017 tested

During the last 26 years, the Land Rover Discovery has shown enormous circular solvency skills on and off the road. Now, with the fifth generation model, the brand has made a quantum leap to develop a new model made with aluminum and magnesium, which has saved up to 480 kg weight from the previous edition model, ie 2184 kg in reducing SDi version.

Land Rover Discovery 2017: Large outside and inside

With a slightly less than 5 meters, a width of over 2 meters, a height of 1.85 m, and a wheelbase of 2.9 m (38 more than in the previous generation mm) length, the new Discovery provides capacity 7 occupants, all independent and large seats, arranged in three rows in large mode to facilitate visibility of all passengers. also load capacity is well above average, because with all seats occupied has 258 liters 1,137 should take only 5 to 2,406 liters when all the seats are folded. Further, conventional wheel has parts and a folding platform protruding from the trunk to be used as a seat, table or shelf, which holds up to 300 kg. Meanwhile, the boot has a large tailgate -of one piece, instead of the two previously model of facilitating the introduction of large lumps and, in the versions with air suspension, it is possible to lower the height of the body to facilitate loading and can be opened from the key or by gesture control. It also offers a multitude of holes and glove boxes for depositing objects (more than 30 liters).

Land Rover Discovery 2017Land Rover Discovery 2017: Interior very luxurious

A few differences Range Rover as regards the interior, which has been made with quality materials, good fits and many practical elements, both driving, and to facilitate life on board. HE retains the characteristic stepped roof of all editions of Discovery, but now softened to improve the aerodynamic coefficient. Even in the third row seat occupants can travel 1.90 meters tall comfortably and access to seats not complicated. For the first time, You can have automatic folding seat using switches located in the trunk, from the rear doors from the central touch screen car or from an application for smartphones that can run remotely. The folding operation takes only 15 seconds and has sensors that prevent possible crushing of objects forgotten in the seats. Known in other models of the house, the "Key Activity" or smart key without batteries, is also available to facilitate the practice of activities not allowed to carry a conventional key top, since this does not lead batteries, it can be submerged up to 30 meters deep and withstands temperatures between -50 and 125C.

Neither are the systems driver assistance nor the Terrain Response 2, which lets you select the type of terrain on which we circulate or to act in automatic mode, the descent control system or PTCA, which allows advance to Discovery autonomously, freeing the driver pedals management in adverse situations.

Land Rover Discovery 2017: maximum connectivity

How could it be otherwise, Connectivity is another of the strengths of the model because it has the InControl Touch Pro system, which offers a wide range of applications through the touch screen 10 inches. You can have digital television, entertainment features, satellite navigation, climate control, multimedia, WiFi connectivity for up to 8 devices, control optimal route based on traffic conditions, etc. In equipped versions of Remote Premium system, the user can lock and unlock the car remotely, and select features air conditioning and can know the status of the vehicle if it is stolen.

Land Rover Discovery 2017: efficient diesel engines

During the touchdown we have had the opportunity to drive diesel versions of four and six cylinder 240 hp and 258. While The V6 offers a more robust response in acceleration and recoveries, thanks to increased torque response, the truth is that SDi we found very interesting, so much for the services offered, such as consumption figures that records road. It is true that the tours have made road in Utah and Arizona (USA) have respected strictly the harsh limitations of American speed, but in some tours track if we practiced a much more spirited driving and figures recorded computer board remained in around the 7,7 l / 100 km, which is not bad.

The car feels very light, without annoying inertia or bad ways supports or linked curves. Soft suspensions (in proven pneumatic versions) provide greater convenience in areas easily absorbing bumpy all imperfections.

Land Rover Discovery 2017Land Rover Discovery 2017: unsurpassed off-road

special mention and projecting end in paragraph offroad, where the Land Rover Discovery is shown as a true specialist, with a unusual capacity traction for such model size and weight, although it has lost 480 kg with "Aluminum diet" compared to the previous edition.

All the advanced technology systems for off-road assistance as control decreases, the brake release pending, the traction control system, the sensor fording, the torque control system or the system peripheral chambers 360 They act to allow advancement however complicated the situation.

Land Rover Discovery 2017: prices for Spain

I4 2.0L 180hp TD4 Auto. S: 56,150 euros

I4 2.0L 180hp TD4 Auto. SE: 58,800 euros

I4 2.0L 180hp TD4 Auto. HSE: 68,000 euros

I4 2.0L 180hp TD4 Auto. HSE Luxury: 75,150 euros

2.0L I4 Auto SD4 240CV. S: 60,450 euros

2.0L I4 Auto SD4 240CV. SE: 63,100 euros

2.0L I4 Auto SD4 240CV. HSE: 72,300 euros

2.0L I4 Auto SD4 240CV. HSE Luxury: 79,450 euros

TD6 258CV 3.0L Auto. SE: 65,300 euros

TD6 258CV 3.0L Auto. HSE: 74,500 euros

TD6 258CV 3.0L Auto. HSE Luxury: 81,650 euros

TD6 258CV 3.0L Auto. First Edition: 91,750 euros

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