Seat Mii try the CNG, gas car for everyday

Seat Mii CNG EcoFuel natural gas, proofSeat Mii CNG EcoFuel natural gas, proofSeat Mii CNG EcoFuel natural gas, proofSeat Mii CNG EcoFuel natural gas, proof

If alone the Seat Mii is one of the small cars with higher quality or comprehensiveness, better touch or gives more sense of security among their peers, their version of CNG gas -Compressed natural gas- it contributes no longer one but two additional advantages over the vast majority of cars in its class.

The first great advantage provided by the Seat Mii CNG about their opponents it is that it can move two fuels. What is the best? He GNC; the secondary, for tank capacity, gasoline- is a very low cost of ownership because the CNG spends little Mii and because the price of fuel is lower than gasoline or diesel -actualmente- although not find in this segment- diesel engines. Concretely and, according to our calculations, 3.5 € has been the cost GNC for travel 100 km with the Mii Ecofuel.

The second major feature of the Seat Mii is that the DGT equates the potential for contamination of gas cars to hybrids, thus, benefit from the ECO label, which gives you access to cities where, as has already happened in Madrid, vetoes the step plates or Ecolabel.

Seat Mii CNG EcoFuelSeat Mii CNG: are all advantages?

Maybe not for you. Or at least, not now. Unlike a more extended supply GLP -Liquefied Petroleum Gas- Spain has 27 points just where CNG refueling, plus another 9 projected along this year -dato Updated February from 2017-. Yes, they are centralized in strategic cities, especially Madrid and Barcelona. Reside in one of these cities that have secured the supply, Mii CNG or Ecofuel, his real name, is one of the best solutions for urban mobility. And if most of the concerns is able to display in the front window ECO certification, there are not many cars that cost as little or less than: Dacia in its variants Logan, Sandero or Lodgy, or Fiat with the Panda, in both brands, with transformation GLP.

Seat Mii CNG EcoFuelWithin its range, the Mii Ecofuel It is a version "transform" of the 1.0 75 hp at a price 680 euros more expensive than it. With their 68 CV official -something more than 75 CV in reality its benefits are, however, similar to the Mii 1.0 60 hp version, incidentally, whose real yield is also higher than declared.

As you can imagine, the Mii Ecofuel, either fed GNC -the fuel by default-or-not gasoline has a switch to switch from one fuel to other- is not a fast car ... outside the city. In your environment, and like almost any other car in its power, will require some involvement with the gear shift and more ahead in all "your movements". Effectively, the properties of CNG versus gasoline in performance involve some loss of response and stuck, but the side effect is a cost per kilometer equivalent to that of an urban scooter.

Seat Mii CNG EcoFuel: our conclusion

He Seat Mii CNG EcoFuel not only uses the fossil fuel lower environmental impact but on fuel price and efficiency, the costs of using this version are true lighter. Look no speed, but any other quality that hide other Mii, especially superb overall quality.

Seat Mii CNG EcoFuel. Technical data

MeasurementSeat Mii CNG EcoFuel
Power (*)68 hp at 6,200 rpm
maximum torque (*)9.1 mkg at 3,000 rpm
0-100 km / h17.54 sec
0-1000 m38.3 sec
Real urban consumption3.6 kg / 100 km
actual road use2.5 kg / 100 km
Real average consumption2.9 kg / 100 km
Frenada 100-0 km / h39 m
Weight1,011 kg
Width / After136/133 cm
Space legs back68 cm
Trunk225 liters
Prices12,050 euros (with discounts)

(In asterisk * official data, the remaining data, own measurements of the Technical Center Highway).

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