Honda Civic Type R, is the fastest GTI?

Test Honda Civic Type RTest Honda Civic Type RTest Honda Civic Type RTest Honda Civic Type R

The new Honda Civic Type R is not a normal car, glaringly obvious yes, but it also feels to drive. It has changed a lot compared to last on the inside but the sports concept is the same. Whenever there is a serious change in slope icon car fans accept. BMW M3 should never turn into M4 and make turbo or turbo Porsche do not have all its 911 and yet, in both cases they have made very good cars that outperform their predecessors in all. There will always be "homesickness" with feelings or mechanical sound but no choice but to surrender to the evidence. A Type R that does not cut at 8,500 rpm is not worthy of being called Type R? Seen and tasted as I say yes, that is up and even surpasses him. Let's see why.

The previous Honda Civic Type R had the best frame of its category, at least as regards sportiness. Nevertheless I could not do anything against its rivals, all turbocharged, more power and better performance. Useless to go through faster curve between curve and then if you tear your head curve. Now that send emissions more than ever, Honda Type R have redirected the concept the new requirements without abandoning the whole VTEC character which has many followers. Employs a 2-liter aluminum with variable intake and exhaust, modifying the time and the height (not always theoretical openings). This greater control allows you to take a lot out of supercharging which also benefits from an electronic flush valve, with which there is greater pressure control induction. The result is 310 hp at 6,500 rpm with cutting the 7,000 laps! and a maximum torque of 40.8 mkg from 2,500 rpm; ie that Honda has sacrificed 1,500 laps of those mythical 8,500 previous rpm in favor of a much faster, powerful and less gastón fuller engine, but it keeps coming very top, where all fond of VTEC technology wants to be. Do not miss the intercooler air / air or oil cooler for change. The 6-speed manual gearbox has a closer relationship than usual, short runs lever (40 mm) and a touch of races that invites you to play with it forever. The differential is a self-locking helical with a well balanced for everyday and sporting use moron, with which Honda say they fell 3 seconds Nurburgring.

The CIVC frame Type R has everything you need to live between curves. It's hard as a table, but this is not surprising because before it was so. It increases pathways, enhances and lightens the suspension arms and front decouples the spindle, which in addition to withstand greater lateral loads reduces "effect" autoblocante on the steering wheel. Behind hardens the torsion bar in H. adopts a real-time adaptive dampers, that within milliseconds hardness they vary both compression and extension in each wheel independently to adapt to the different phases of acceleration, braking or curved and, selecting the + R mode harden 30 percent.

Any self-respecting R GTI and have different driving modes moves in a normal state or sports. In the case of the Civic Type R its natural state is sporty and with + R changes dimension. Its hardness and sports only see reactions comparable to those of Renault Megane Trophy and Michelin SportCup2, leaving the rest as models of more bourgeois touch, regardless of how fast they are. Seat León Cupra is a very fast and easy to drive, the Type R is equally but also makes you continually know you're wearing a racing car, with the advantages and disadvantages that entails; It is a hard drive. Undertakes to apply the saying that does not sting like scabies, since it is for a client who seeks precisely a certain feelings and values ​​above all, which will make you very happy. So dry pothole note on the neck, has a poor turning radius and rear spoiler annoys visibility ... but you will not care. It sounds nice and it seems that the discharge valve is stored in the glove box, because you listen constantly to work as if it were a WRC. Table look exert pressure on the brake pedal or the accelerator plus water temperature, boost pressure, oil pressure and oil temperature, and a G force meter. If you want you can measure lap times, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h or 400 meters and notifies you type leds colors optimal time F1 gear change.

The engine pulls from below so gently or forcefully as you ask. If you accelerate depth gives the impression that there is little low, feeling provoked by his excellent traction because if you look at the odometer you realize you're running a lot. The front end is very obedient and unless frenes later rarely will miss the apex. I like your direction as the Megane RS Trophy, so far my reference. At the rear costs you dislodged and yet is very fast, the fastest compact that has passed through our timekeeping in Inta. It was 5 tenths faster than the León Cupra, so far the king of compact A. continental SportContact6 which is standard I liked a lot. It must take into account that the self-locking work always makes the tire to work harder than normal and in this case very well endured harsh treatment and continuous circuit, and offer good benefits. If you're rolling in circuit can serve you, but you will always go better with a Michelin SportCup or a Continental ContiForceContact; and since you change you can improve the brakes a little more about sports than standard pills. Our unit braking reached because few kilometers I had a situation that was solved with the passage of kilometers and I was not a problem in the circuit.

The interior is nice, with Great seats and many extras. For space it is the largest among its rivals also the segment's largest trunk. Changes behind the two seats approval, thus he is earning amplitude although he had not been more keep the 3 places normal Civic; 3 door if he had understood better. Living with Honda Civic Type R is a pleasure for the senses and that means that if you're not passionate about this can end up sick of it. It's not annoying, not hard, nor highly indiscreet if you look at the passion in your environment necessary but may not feel the same. If you look closely its equipment and offered much sportsmanship, the 34,500 € that costs do not seem to me a lot (€ 37,000 if you opt for the GT finish our unit). Internet test to set their rivals and you'll see that the end is who has the best price. You may think that I liked, but you're not wrong, I loved it. I see his aesthetic overly aggressive, but that's as personal tastes. The truth is that the more you drive less you care how it is outside, because love. Honda has done a great job in all sections. If you want to track days and going to work remember not change this adaptive dampers and suspension going great.

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