Test: Mercedes GLA 220 CDI 4Matic, the best Class A

Test: Mercedes GLA 220 CDI 4MaticTest: Mercedes GLA 220 CDI 4MaticTest: Mercedes GLA 220 CDI 4MaticTest: Mercedes GLA 220 CDI 4Matic

Beside, Q3 or Audi and BMW X1, respectively, will take "a head": 159 and 154 cm up ground compared to 149 cm of GLA, so, at first, you can imagine what the first feature of this new SUV from Mercedes. It is even lower than some other compact use, such as the Citroen C4 or the Opel Astra. Maybe it is not a determining factor for an SUV really, but to appear so because it really costs to assimilate the GLA as a vehicle with some specialization in the field, and not only for its low roof line, but also its height from the ground body -there an optional suspension that can mount the 4Matic versions with 30 mm height, also with greater flexibility adjustments-.

But check to roll down the field, where your common sense tells you that you can enter, and you will find paradise. SUV label, cushioning is a true gift to circulate no longer on wide and easy slopes, but also on paved roads pace "raids"Absorbing bumps, potholes and cracks with a stiff chassis uncommon in many other cars that would not hesitate to put you in last SUV. brutal quality, damping and filtering. Transfer it to the real world now, the rigorous urban asphalt road or where you're bound to live with this exclusive GLA, also adding the potential for a very effective all-wheel drive -available in all possible versions, not as in the A- Class, and the result could be ... the best Class A.

Mercedes GLA 220 CDI

And roll seems to have somewhat more compact packaging that derived. Although I think Mercedes has missed an opportunity to convert the GLA in the "compact" perfect because in this transformation also it seems to have faded -not some mechanical refinement should have any, but also a lot of reason dynamic behavior. For the former, we must resort to feelings, certain measures such as sound, and much, much exchange of views. It has been the most underrated car in the writing aspect, although it is true that historically this engine does not put too much on your part. More noise than desirable, but also mechanical and aerodynamic rolling that they fail to close the circle that welfare board does deserve the GLA for packaging, interior design and quality of materials.

And even in the change, probably urgent need to find a link between softer gear, I feel some slippage and mechanical slowly than I remember in other Class A, while still providing ease of use and is a direct participant in the actual provision of car. Because once again, appearances are deceptive and although what is certain is that the meter itself confirms noise values ​​higher than -4 dB competition rather than, for example, the Audi Q3 equivalently, our Technical Center also corroborates acceleration and lightning-fast recovery capability, much better than you can feel on board.

In behavior go ahead that feature sportiness of Class A gives way to conduct seemingly bigger and heavier than it really is, when in fact the least weighs his kind car: nearly 1,900 kilos moves one Evoque with 150 hp and AWD, no less than 230 kg more than the GLA

Mercedes GLA 220 CDI

Understeer, star

True, we are talking about very high levels of demands, much as we do have achieved their peers, which tourism SUV that truly behave and just sacrifice, rather than efficiency, ease behind the wheel. In the GLA, the front is that he will leave clear what the limits of the car are, either because the Management has an extra degree of filtering on a Class A, either by excessive understeer that accompanies not necessarily determined driving. Add to all this weight distribution on the front axle supports more than 60 percent of the total kilos, and the result is to go driving feeling the front train is always running "behind", Forcing you to change references braking, turning and natural acceleration in any car. Better the more you manage to advance and define these three phases and, as far as possible, always keep a moderate acceleration from the moment you start to insinuate the turn, because if you do the opposite and you walk into the curve at full retention, you will to feel slightly "pushed" outward curve.

Not be alarmed, it may be a somewhat more descriptive way of saying that the GLA is not agile or requires a finer and anticipatory driving a Audi Q3, good reference for effectiveness in this category, but the GLA is not at all an unsafe car because by active and passive satisfactorily covers your swords. By the way, I keep in my notes presentation how variable could be the grip depending on the brand of tire mount, so if you're going to buy it I recommend avoiding Yokohama cdrive 2 which gave us some other quebradero of head when we roll with them on water.

mechanical release. I do not mean to their seven gears developments will provide locomotive, which is not exactly the case, but by its high capacity and strength at low and medium engine speeds, the GLA moves and holds much good the last two relations even in unfavorable conditions, whether loaded or plotting. Although there is a lot of efficiency in the engine itself, which has been showing the house in other larger models, its less than 6 liters on average in real tours of city and highway may confirm the theory Mercedes: one day all SUV will be well , lighter, lower and aerodynamic because the destination is not one that also achieve the highest possible efficiency.

Mercedes GLA 220 CDI

Volume versus space

2,000 euro premium over the compact from which it derives not going to allow you to combine leisure and family responsibilities warranty: for it is Class B itself better if you do not want to leave the mark BMW X1 or if you want to not give up the SUV format almost 400 liters of trunk. But inside spider centimeters tall and occasional -a liter trunk volume coast -For 13 centimeters long that the GLA is, perhaps, what Mercedes has sought: to be the best alternative to Class A.

ACCELERATION: It does not look like it when you're gone, but the figures make it clear that the GLA is not exactly slow.

CHANGE: More slip clutches and more slowly than usual compared to other models of the house using this change.

BRAKING: There's little body collapse and therefore, the rear axle also provides great deceleration. Magnificent figures.

CONSUMPTION: Mercedes keeps up his sleeve, because it makes their cars spend very little even with this "great" engine displacement and power.

OVERTAKING: The change itself and the abundant torque quickly solve these exercises, but as acceleration, apparent lack of punch.

WEIGHT AND OCCUPANCY With less "sheet" other similar, especially height, does not accumulate GLA kilos in vain. 6 cm higher than A, but without great innovations in terms of interior dimensions.

POWER AND TORQUE. Much displacement, strength and elasticity, but little capacity stretched. Very refined car, but not the engine.

SONORITY It is probably where most weaknesses of this block turbodiesel manifest.

TRUNK 45 liters extra trunk respect to compact it derived, but still small if you want a functional alternative to conventional compact.