Mercedes C Coupe, elegant, sporty and radical

AMG Mercedes C-Class Coupe, 476 hp funAMG Mercedes C-Class Coupe, 476 hp funAMG Mercedes C-Class Coupe, 476 hp funAMG Mercedes C-Class Coupe, 476 hp fun

The new C class Mercedes came to market late last year and now it is the turn to the attractive coupe version, as you can imagine, benefits from all experienced advances in the saloon both technically and in terms of equipment and innovative solutions.

Mercedes C Class CoupeObvious that the new Class C Coupe offers design plus stylized and modern than its predecessor, which also shows a drag coefficient cx which it is reduced to 0.27 of 0,26. Their forms are also more fluid, the feeling of being more car, something that is felt also by a dimensions slightly bigger. Not surprisingly, it increases the total length 95 mm, 40 mm width, while the wheelbase also grows 80 mm. Maybe it's the new frame is equally 50 kg lighter, inter alia through the use of aluminum for the construction of fins, front hood and trunk lid. The new dimensions also allow superior habitability, what is seen especially in the rear seats, which are quite acceptable and allow travel without too many scarcities two adults.

The interior of the new Mercedes C Class Coupe You can also assume an exquisitely careful finish, as is standard among embodiments brand. He design, very minimalist, It is extremely attractive and warm at once. Very complete equipment, as with the sedan, can be almost science fiction if one is seduced by the endless list of options offered.

From the technical point of view, the frame Mercedes C Class Coupe It employs virtually the same technical solutions than the hatchback; refined four-arm front train is virtually identical, the same as the rear axle multilink. Of course, given its sporting spirit, the Hull height has been reduced 15 mm with respect to the hatchback. With the option AGILITY CONTROL It can also have a set stiffer settings rear damper and quicker steering ratio. Similarly, also you can optionally mount the air cushion Airmatic morons ranging intelligently and depending on the chosen Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport + and Individual driving program.

Motors Mercedes C Class Coupe

Mercedes C Class CoupeEngines offered for the C Coupé are essentially the same as the sedan, but the offer is not as complete and some versions also are available for the domestic market. Among the gasoline include C200 and 300 four-cylinder engine with 2-liter turbo 184 and 245 hp, while among the diesel you can choose between C220 CDI and 250 CDI for advertised 170 and 204 hp respectively. All engines are available with manual transmission six gears, while option can mount a automatic seven speeds or sophisticated change GTRONIC nine relations.

The AMG versions have not been made wait and arrive at the same time more modest variants. With a more striking appearance, these are distinguished by the adoption of specific tires and wheels, flared wings, the four outputs of leaks and a few more things such as the voluminous air intakes in the front or the discreet rear diffuser.

AMG Mercedes C-Class Coupé

Most obvious are the differences from the more modest versions of the Class C Coupe when the engine that animates the AMG C 63 Coupe comes alive. The roar emitted, is capable of putting the hair raising. As in the hatchback, the 4-liter V8 powered by twin turbo is provided in versions of 476 hp for C 63 AMG and 510 CV if the variant is chosen S.

AMG Mercedes C-Class CoupéThis engine impresses with its power and responsiveness; absolutely overwhelming to any regime, almost brutal, but fortunately abundant cavalry dosed quite easily. With 510 hp and a torque exceeds 70 mkg, the Mercedes C63 AMG Coupé S gets accelerate from 0 to 100 in 3.9 seconds, while the maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 km / h. To seek comparisons, the BMW M4 employs four tenth to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h and the figure rises to 6 tenths of a second in the case of the Audi RS5. The star model stands therefore at the forefront of performance among its class, which also occurs if the version of 476 hp, which only loses 1 tenth of 0 to 100 km / h and that despite is chosen the weight in running order of around 1,800 kg and exceeds the BMW M4 by about 150 kg.

As in the saloon, associated with the powerful V8 4 liter goes a change automatic Speedshift MCT seven speeds. This transmission, which combines the torque converter with multi-plate clutch, has amply demonstrated his qualities in other models of the brand and certainly has little to envy the dual-clutch changes riding their opponents.

For transmitting to the ground as high mechanical performance, the Mercedes AMG C 63 Coupe also has differential autoblocante mechanical, in the case of the S version features electronic management to improve efficiency. He AMG C 63 S Coupe also it incorporates dynamic support for him motor, rims 19 " instead of 18 "and a more generous footwear, also more powerful brakes on the front, where one encounters discs 390 mm instead diameter 360 and larger clamps. In option you can also assemble an impressive team record ceramic 400mm diameter.

Behavior Mercedes C-Class Coupe AMG

The Mercedes AMG C 63 Coupe debuts a redesigned rear, much more refined than the saloon and riding verxiones the more modest Coupé. This provides a more consistent footprint and enables more efficient behavior in all circumstances. Also available piloted damping three tared different and varying the tared automatically and depending on the driving mode chosen. Eco programs offered, Comfort, Sport, Sport + and Race, the latter reserved for the S version also features Individual mode that can be programmed to consumer tastes. Depending on the chosen program, change the response and the engine sound, the speed of change, the hardness of the suspension, also assisted steering and driving aids, among others. Incidentally, both the ESP and the traction control can be switched off partially or completely.

Although suspensions are quite strong even in comfort mode, this coupe surprised by how easily absorbs irregularities firm, which places him in a very favorable position against the competition when making long trips. Needless to say that this is a very fast car that has little or nothing to envy in performance to the fastest sports in the world. Best of all is that despite its classical mechanical configuration front engine, rear and its high potential propulsion offers nobility and ease of use surprising, although it is true that driving aids have a lot of work little is attempting to exploit its huge cavalry, but it is a car that can drive anyone. this coupe impresses for their benefits Y tourer capacity, effectiveness also offered to roll along winding paths.

In the circuit malagueño Ascari Mercedes AMG C 63 S showed a nobility of surprising reactions, even in Race mode and with driving aids in Sport, which is like shot in this track, the rear showed quite playful and insinuates easily little the gas pedal were too optimistically. Its effectiveness is impressive, although it is true that one can not help thinking how would this coupe with 200 kg less. Certainly would not have problems to become the new king of the category. No, however, there will be time to check.

Prices Mercedes C Class Coupe

The new Mercedes C Coupe They are now available at dealerships of the brand. The price of the cheapest version, the C220 CDI reaches 41,900 €, Meanwhile he C300 reaches 48.000 €, but in both cases the bill may rise considerably, just one is besotted with some of the elements contained in the succulent and almost endless list of options. Meanwhile the price of Mercedes AMG C 63 Coupe, Unconfirmed still be around 72,000 € about 6,000 € more recent version S. already can order, but will not reach the market until next March.

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