Test: Suzuki Vitara 1.6 DDIS 4WD SUV good family

Test: Suzuki Vitara 1.6 DDIS 4WD SUV good familyTest: Suzuki Vitara 1.6 DDIS 4WD SUV good familyTest: Suzuki Vitara 1.6 DDIS 4WD SUV good familyTest: Suzuki Vitara 1.6 DDIS 4WD SUV good family

After a segment dominated for years now on the rise, Suzuki Vitara the reborn with a philosophy adapted to the new times. With a focused approach road priority use, but still completely aside their adventurous side, This all-wheel drive version offers more content than ever and seasoned with some attractions that not all of his rivals can boast, although competition in this segment and more than anywhere else, is multiplying by the minute.

Just open the door impossible not to notice the colorful inserts Our unit, customized to match the body color striking. Pedals, gear knob, dashboard, fence aerators, steering wheel ... no detail is not colored, which provides some originality a rather sober interior design. In this superior finish, the doors have partial leather upholstery back, like seat upholstery mixed. Otherwise, predominate hard indestructible appearance and childproof plastic.

Suzuki VitaraStill with smart key in your pocket, press the start button to demonstrate a clear sound Diesel, much more perceptible from outside the car or with the window down. Although some vibration sin below the optimum torque area, located about 1,600 turns, your answer is nice and determination to accelerate, to which must be added that all controls touch is very accomplished. Only change remains a reminiscence of terrain and sometimes can be somewhat harsh cold, but you get used almost immediately. Management contributes to the task of making sense of tourism, quickly and accurately, like riding position. The latter, although not present a problem in our case, can be influenced by the adjustment of the backrest, which is not per wheel but by lever, and not entirely accurate, as well as the lack of lumbar adjustment, something quite common in this segment.


But the best is yet to come, because if there is something that our Suzuki Vitara highlighted with note has been in terms of behavior. Suspension certain firmness denotes that is a model designed for occasional getaway unpaved tracks actually shows good skills and it shows very strong in rough terrain, although the tested unit had a unique surface vibration -the "cricket" we have heard several kilometers pistas- in the area of ​​the dashboard. Patching is the quality and the car can overcome very confident minor complications that may arise, bearing in mind that it is an SUV, with its limitations on absence of reducing and differential locks. All-wheel drive does its job well and it has a selector that allows us to choose between different However, Auto, Sport and Snow. The first prioritizes the distribution to the front wheels, but diverts torque to the rear wheels if no loss of motor skills. In Sport, the throttle response is stronger, it is also part of an initial 20% on the rear axle, increasing reactivity and inducing rotation very slightly under acceleration. Snow, who is also the ideal way to travel by land with mud, you try to maintain a 50% power on each axis, but the deal remains variable for the reactions of the car are always affordable, in fact, if you accelerate without mercy in the turn is more understeer than in Sport mode, although it is more incisive at the entrance of the curve if we approach too fast. By last, Lock has a function that can be used at low speeds in Snow mode, and maintaining a fixed distribution 50/50. It is the only way that you can connect the Descent Control. Not bad for a SUV its size, in which the content weight, short wheelbase and short overhangs are valuable weapons for a skilled driver.

Suzuki VitaraRoad also come to light the benefits of all-wheel drive system and a frame which has proven to be one of the strengths of the model. Said firmness of suspensions without reaching be uncomfortable, it helps contain inertias and achieve supports fast enough when registering the car in the corners, so that It conveys confidence. Its relative lightness seeks very good agility, but hardly it will come to get in trouble, as always reacts noble and very controllable to unexpected, even in slippery roads. Precisely for this reason, he admits without question a very dynamic driving, as its grip limit is very high, also forgives any driving error thanks to effective electronic aids and they do very good team with all-wheel drive, without being overly intrusive. At the same time, it is interesting the additional safety equipment incorporating, which include the collision warning system with automatic braking, whether to mitigate a potential impact on a car braking suddenly, or to completely avoid it.

Another element is appreciated that headlights incorporate LED technology for low beam, complemented by halogen long traditional type. Visibility is good, also because of the height, the size of the mirrors and the wide glass area which provides the model whose pillars do not detract much vision. If we add a very compact dimensions and a turning diameter of 10.4 meters, we get a very maneuverable car It defends well in urban areas and even in tight spaces. In short, it is a model with many possibilities that will transmit its virtues as you use it. And if you get bored, you can always talk to the voice recognition system.