2016 Ford Focus RS, more powerful and radical than ever

The Ford Focus RS 2016 testedThe Ford Focus RS 2016 testedThe Ford Focus RS 2016 testedThe Ford Focus RS 2016 tested

They are a dozen new Ford high performance brand makes available to its clients here for the next three years. This process of "deportivizar 'range starts with the cARKETING of the Ford Focus RS, the third of its name, however, the 30 model of the brand with the distinctive (Rallye Sport, meaning) that points to the most powerful and brave.

He Ford Focus RS its alot More powerful his two predecessors. While the first generation Ford Focus RS, of 2002, available a four-cylinder 2.0 liters and 215 CV something less than the 250 hp with which today account of a "simple" Ford Focus ST and the next, in 2009, and with the jump to the five-cylinder, 305 hp boasted a 2.5, which begins its journey in the market does with 350 hp. It is such a power that achieved the most special Ford Focus RS500 based on the previous generation to that pentacilíndrico, although with different air filters, intercooler, exhaust manifolds, fuel pump and, finally, specific electronic management; also with a turbo varying its operating pressure very slightly.

Far from sharing the 2.5 with that, the new 2016 Ford Focus RS Take hold of one of its latest engines to reach the organ bank industrial Group: 2.3 Ecoboost which has been responsible brand, at least for Spain, the Ford Mustang, although version of 310 hp. In U.S.A. It is under the bonnet in Lincoln MKC and Ford Explorer. It is a four-cylinder, direct injection, variable valve timing and a turbo double entry.

2016 Ford Focus RS testFord Focus RS, its rivals

With the 350 hp This engine, obtained after modifications turbo intercooler, in addition to a redesign of intake and exhaust, the new Ford Focus RS 2016 It measured with cars like the BMW M135i, Mercedes A45 AMG, Audi RS3 Sporback and Honda Civic Type R. All have in common a power greater than the 300 hp, border which is the Volkswagen Golf R.

Consequently, the New Ford Focus RS also truly it runs much. Its performance is much more than quick for a compact tourism because down from 5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h It is not something that is within reach of many cars on the market, whether compact or not: A Porsche 911 Carrera, a not suspected of being sporty car accelerates similarly to Ford Focus RS. Believe me when I tell you that, when accelerating hard, back to their sport seats is literally stuck for a few seconds. Incidentally, there is an optional that continue, as they did previously, the mark Recaro. Standard seats feel firmer than in other sports, big and very good lateral support cars. Car ideal for walking and can provide much lateral acceleration like this Ford Focus RS.

Ford Focus RS, some secret technology

Of the credit for that accelerates as it does is the engine of its all-wheel drive (yes, for the first time Ford Focus RS has four-wheel drive) And, of course, also has what puts his Launch Control torn Control: Simply select the mode on the menu, put first step on the throttle and release the clutch to achieve, regardless of the state of the road surface, the maximum possible acceleration. To change at the right time ahead of delivery (box is always a manual six-speed accurate and fast operation but excessively long distances), a light tells the driver Ford Focus RS which is approaching the 5,900 laps, flashing if it 6,800 rpm. The injection cut is about 300 laps later than the version of this same engine that uses the Ford Mustang.

East motor It is very elastic, with very strongly from low revs, even with an overboost (a transient increase of boost pressure) for about 15 seconds, according to Ford, which increases almost 10 percent of even if it is at full throttle.

2016 Ford Focus RS testBoth push and over many laps, resulting not only in the delivery, acceleration and recoveries, but also in driving pleasure: the Ford Focus RS can not only be extremely fast on mountain roads, expressways or even in the circuit, it can also be pleasant to drive to get around town. The most limiting aspect in this scenario are your Rheumatic low profile (235/35 R19), a boot system and automatic engine stop Auto Start Stop in prolonged stoppages that does not always work as it should and, above all, how little tour, which makes maneuvering is not easy.

Ford Focus RS, with Michelin ally

These, on the alloy wheels 19 " specific RS, are Michelin Pilot Super Sport Series, suitable for day to day; although they can be replaced, optionally, by one of identical dimensions but sporting characteristics: the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2.

The standard tires and are in good part responsible for the excellent dynamic behavior, very dry grip (which is how we found during our test asphalt) and very good response. A suspension (Not less than one-third stiffer than the Ford Focus ST) That promotes its good tread in all conditions, also a reasonable ride quality, and all-wheel drive Ford Performance with dynamic torque split they are also jointly responsible for the excellent start on asphalt Ford Focus RS.

Alone deserves separate all-wheel drive space. This system based on a multi-plate clutch connecting the two axes, thus adapting to the possibilities of transferring power to the ground of each, also has the ability to adjust the torque between the two rear wheels, which is especially valuable when cornering. He comes to work as a stability control, but in reverse: instead of intervening on the brakes of a wheel, what it does is provide more torque to the contrary, eliminating the risk that the car open long path.

His performance could go unnoticed to the driver, but when Squeezing engine 2.3 in tacking areas it is that there are not even hint of loss of motor skills, it has a rear axle that acts actively driving and thus the cornering is very fast.

Technical peculiarities abound for this very special version of Ford Focus RS and among them, they are those that are linked to the operation of the stability control. They tell us that their set-up has been one of the aspects in which the technical high performance department -Ford Performance- they have invested more effort. The result is the ability to count for him with various driving modes that let you adjust additionally as the engine, steering, shock absorbers or exhaust sound work. Also, of course, the all-wheel drive, this element rotating around much of differentiation Ford Focus RS regarding any of its rivals.

2016 Ford Focus RS testFord Focus RS, now with various driving modes

Along with the Modes Normal, Sport and Track, Figure additional one stands unusual. In fact, we remember that no other car incorporate something like Drift Mode. This helps the driver to make controlled oversteer. Ford obviously talk that is designed for circuits only ...

The idea is to get the rear wheels Ford Focus RS work unhindered electronics after pressing the button next to the gear lever, but Ford insists that much about getting "controlled skids".

Ford Focus RS, price

He Ford Focus RS It sold 40,260 euros, a price very competitive. Always body five-door (The above Ford Focus RS were always three-door), in its standard equipment not only the Recaro seats part leather upholstery exclusive light alloy wheels 19 ", but also the headlights adaptive bi-xenon, (optional there are microfiber included) the SYNC system 2 to control the audio system, browser, or mobile air conditioning, etc.

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