Test: Peugeot 508 RXH 2.0 HDi Blue / 180 Auto, less is more

Test: Peugeot 508 RXH 2.0 HDi Blue / 180 Auto, less is moreTest: Peugeot 508 RXH 2.0 HDi Blue / 180 Auto, less is moreTest: Peugeot 508 RXH 2.0 HDi Blue / 180 Auto, less is moreTest: Peugeot 508 RXH 2.0 HDi Blue / 180 Auto, less is more

Banner PeugeotHas the same aesthetic as the RXH "engined"But not all-wheel drive As you know, it is a system that acts only very punctually way, so it makes sense perhaps start talking about numbers, or account, as want to see. This new RXH takes advantage of the pull that is taking market the SUV appearance costs a whopping 3,950 euros less than the Hybrid4, amount of money in life could be amortized by the lower consumption of the hybrid version, even if the difference is liter in their favor.

Peugeot 508 RXHTrunk also recovers the ability of SW versions -there 100 liters of normal differentiation; and not having to load or the electric motor or with batteries, the weight of which is released is abysmal: 160 kg unless a positive impact on dynamic braking or performance. In fact, this RXH exclusively thermal, available only with the 2.0 engine updated BlueHDI / 180 Euro 6, and not the 163 hp as the hybrid RHX, to which must be added another 37 hp Eléctricos- and also renewed gearbox automatic converter -instead of less pleasant pilotado- clutch is not only considerably faster than the RXH Hybrid4 in any measurement, but also more pleasant driving comparable circumstances; that is, except city, in the vast majority of situations. Of course the Hybrid4 also has another component for those who value technology or those short trips in all-electric mode at which no price can be put, so far reaching cross-references between them.

family SUV

Relative to normal family and to equal engine and equipment, props and body on the high RXH is paid at a rate of 1,850 euros, so not that be very clear that this RXH is the perfect family of the range, although it is true that for those who practice certain sports that require leave the asphalt, even if they are only hundreds of meters, this higher body is a versatility and safety mattress facing mechanical integrity. Roadside is true that only affects the behavior, being one of the best attributes of 508. While, facing the comfort, I do feel more comfortable and better cushioned the RXH from normal SW, whose damping series strikes me as somewhat firm when touching family travel. It's up to you.

Peugeot 508 RXHIn any case, do not forget that this version also tried other developments affecting the full range, such as the newly renovated 180 hp engine BlueHDI which makes the RXH even faster than the first GT 2.2 HDi 204 hp, spending far less than the 2.0 HDi / 163 from the previous range. A positive change in which either the automatic transmission is waged by an improved converter that brings a little more smoothly and quickly than before while retaining lever locking rough and hard all the way to its corresponding hallway.

In a nutshell

Acceleration. Great engine that does not lack ample spin and good punch, but their times are slightly worse than you expect for power.

Change. With blocking converter and enhanced management box, this automatic transmission is not lacking smoothness or speed, but not at the level that goes beyond competition.

Braking. Backed by huge wheels and a large brake system, this RXH has stopped at distances far better than the vast majority of 508 tested.

consumptions. BlueHDi for this new generation engine that already meets Euro VI, and passing through the spout reflects its evolution. Spend less than previous SW 163 hp.

Overtaking. automatic and more than 40 mkg torque ... No wonder their spontaneous response. In this exercise, it also improves even the electric RXH with its two motors pushing at a time.

livability. Without the transformation back to house electrical equipment of RXH Hybrid4, the inner capacity is just like any SW 508, and further releases 160 kg.

Power and torque. We can not measure it, but it feels: push and elasticity does not lack this version of 180 hp at which the automatic transmission certainly can not extract its full potential.

Sonority. It has always been a comfortable and good rodador with remarkable refinement. This version, however, has been somewhat less silent.

Trunk. Loading mouth quite close to the ground, deep and very regular shapes, although its 525 liters are far from the largest baggage handlers category.