Kia ceed, a more refined car

First Test: Kia cee'd, más refinadoFirst Test: Kia cee'd, más refinadoFirst Test: Kia cee'd, más refinadoFirst Test: Kia cee'd, más refinado

Maybe it's your new image at least determining the renewed Kia cee'd. And perhaps it is because the model does not ask any of its three body variants, 5 doors, Sportswagon (Family) and pro_cee'd (Coupe) make profound changes to their designs one of its core values.

Ahead, the new cee'd, which will be the sale from month October (Prices are not yet known), reinforces its sporty design with a paragolpes plus width Y angulate. The antinieblas receive a chrome frame. Behind, likewise an paragolpes newly minted gives the cee`d an aspect sportier. The pilots change their conventional bulbs leds, besides recognizing their greater brightness, "signed" at night with another stroke. The rims, from 16 and 17 inches according to reports, design change.

Inspired by sports pro_cee'd GT which also receives an update specific day, Kia He has developed a GT line for the rest of the range cee'd. This highlights the sportier finish daytime running lights kind "ice cubes", that more sophisticated look renewed cee'd.

Inside the changes are trivial: new chrome They appear in the dashboard, picture from Watches, aerators, shooters doors and on the basis of lever of changes. In the console lies the 7 inch a new system multimedia, with audio (new digital radio), video and navigation. From TomTom are navigation services, including traffic information in real time, location of radars and weather forecasts. New is also the slif system, reporting the speed limits, identifying by a camera signals trafficking pathways. The information is reflected in the central screen and watch box.


In the mechanical aspect developments are more decisive. He Diesel engine 1.6 CRDI receives a new system injection and one oil pump variable flow reducing friction. This block is split as before in a 110 hp version and another 136 (Previously 128 hp). Along with the engine 1.4 CRDi 90 hp, both mechanical receive absorbent material to reduce noise and vibration. And is that KIA He has worked particularly to reduce NVH (Noise, vibration and harshness perceived) in cee'd, besides endowing material insulating Further on the carpet and the ventilation system, and double absorbing foam in the engine to block vibrations.

The result of all this leads you to feel the cee'd Diesel like a model very refined, that has nothing to envy models most prestigious brands. In fact, the exponential progress Kia It is also reflected in the performance of their mechanical Diesel. He 1.6 CRDi 136 hp It is a very bright overall choice, for good ride and overall driveability. This version may mount new direct-shift gearbox what Kia He has developed and manufactured in the same Slovak plant (Zilina) where it produces all cee`d range.

The new DCT change features 7 speed and besides being faster than the previous automatic converter, this combination CRDi 136 hp DCT reduced to the 115 g / km CO2, 145 of the previous equivalent model. Obviously all versions are euro VI, including options 1.4 MPI 100 hp Y 1.4 CRDI 90 hp still present in the new range.

Dynamics Kia cee'd It has also been refined with a job tuning reversing in a high ride quality. For example, they have changed supports of the dampers rear and kneecaps of the stabilizing, It stops being solid, a configuration hollow. Kia claims to have reduced (again) vibration and improved quality bacheo and it is true that in versions GT line we could try, comfort and car settlement surprises and much for the better.

Between the best

Particularly, back to place the cee'd the level of European models most representative general. The electric steering It has been changed and now offers a more linear feel. And the autocentric It is enhanced with a new geometry front axle. For these reasons, the cee'd It is also very thankful between curves and I, returning to finish GT line, which responds to the demands of the enthusiast driver. In its improved dynamics at high speed it is also involved electronic management stability, with a new vector system partially brakes the inner wheel to facilitate the rotation of the car.

The surprising progress Kia also it reflected in how he reacts to mark the direction the market takes. He new Sportage, which incidentally we could see in the production chain Zilina, It has all the credentials to aim even higher where it has the current model in a SUV segment and today key for any automaker. As I said before, KIA He has developed and manufactures its own Automatic dual-clutch gearbox to premiere cee'd, It will debut as an advanced 1.0 T-GDI engine (Turbo direct injection), a sophisticated block three cylinders gasoline high performance.

Developed in the R & D center Group in Namyang, in South Korea, he 1.0 T-GDI is also manufactured there, while the rest of mechanics cee'd They are manufactured in the European plant in Slovakia. This new engine will be split into two versions, from 100 and 120 hp and 17.5 mkg constant between 1500 and 4000 rpm in both cases. We tested version 120 CV and we need to talk general liking. Responds with force from below, turns harmony, it feels very soft and displayed as a compelling alternative to Diesel threatened. No validated data, but Kia anticipates that both variants are the more efficient gasoline engines they have ever built. In a varied course where we combined the city, with two-way roads and highway at high speed, look average in a cee'd from 5 door in 7.5 l / 100 km.

At the opposite end will follow the pro_cee'd GT He is offering himself as a very good GTI. It has revised its engine 1.6 T-GDI, receiving a new turbo generates greater pressure. offers same power (204 hp) and torque (27.0 mkg), but homologous better acceleration (7.6 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h) and braking. Through an electronic system modifies he sound of the motor. For him pro_cee'd opens a new oblate wheel and out they are specific new ones 18-inch wheels.