Octavia RS / 230, wolf in wolf

First Test: Skoda Octavia RS / 230First Test: Skoda Octavia RS / 230First Test: Skoda Octavia RS / 230First Test: Skoda Octavia RS / 230

No, not replace the current version of the Skoda Octavia RS who drift, with its 220 efficient, effective, and fun docile horses, but is a crowning the range between Skoda sportier version. The brand Motosport department has been involved in its development, and when after something as important as tuning a car there true specialists behind, the result can not be more than round.

The mechanical base is the same. Small details are actually the increase ten horsepower engine 2.0 TFSI direct / indirect (motor, incidentally, with much potential travel over other brands of the group); Team measuring wheels 225/35 R19, which undoubtedly contribute their grain of sand in grip and cornering speed; or specific aesthetic additions and new exhaust. But what is truly relevant is what lurks in the same transmission line, specifically, on the right side in the direction of motion l.

The secret? A autoblocante controlled limited slip. Call it Haldex, or VAQ, which it is really called Skoda. Actually, it is the same evolution between Golf "normal" GTi and GTi Performance, exponentially element that transforms the performance of the front of both car when they cease to be straight. And that's the same transformation that has suffered the Octavia RS 230 compared to 220 hp.

Electronically controlled, this new autoblocante It has 10 disks that assimilate a limit maximum pressure of 1600 Nm. Oil cooled, exchanges data with direction, limited stability or slip differential XDS incorporating normal -Act RS by the wheel-brake for maximize traction and minimize understeerDiverts force to the wheel most likely to transmit at a rate that can reach one hundred percent, and exerts a jerk on the outside wheel to help the Octavia to register the car in the curve.


The result, a car leaner, more efficient, more fun, but like normal RS with 220 hp, super balanced. At least it seems to be, because so far we have not tried on the open road, but in the Slovakia Ring circuit. Skoda cites only lowered by 15 mm compared to normal Octavia as changes in suspension height, but there's no news about new firmness settings regarding the RS / 220. However, any production car with suspensions as tables will seem soft when entering a circuit.

It notes that Skoda does not want to lose that usability that has always characterized all generations RS. The fact is that, despite these normal signs of weakness, the new Octavia has not behaved nothing wrong in demanding circuit. At first, the engine has a much more evocative sound that puts you in tune and from the same pit lane. Y Needless to reach the second bend to know that the RS / 230 has a magic wand at its front end. While digests power pulls excellently and where other cars would have spent literally dragging the front, in the Octavia RS seems only a very slight slippage.

Miracles do not exist and, as I say, a circuit is too big for a car with registration... Car also able to bring the whole family and all their luggage in tow. Not a single change in this sense: RS / 230 is a real family sport impressive interior capacity. It is sold in body sedan and Combi (800 euros), as well as manual or DSG.

¿The engine also makes this Octavia faster? Well, probably yes. While it is the first Octavia with speed limiter and the fastest of the RS. 6.7 seconds is its acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h -dato the sedan with manual transmission, just one second faster than the RS / 220-. And still spending little on conditions of approval: 6.2 l / 100 km (The same as 220 hp) is a great thing for a sedan of its size, power and possibilities. But again, I repeat, is not the speed of acceleration what really differentiates one from another, but that "Quality" with the horses coming down so in open twisty road, it will make the RS / 230 easily off the RS / 220. And besides, let alone fighting with the car.

Are you interested in? It depends. Pay 2,850 euros when the RS is how it goes and we will be able to go on our roads, as not too much. But is that despite this difference, the RS / 230 has a knockdown price for the car it is and what gives you ... And if not, look and compare.


Skoda Octavia RS / 230: 31,800 euros

Skoda Octavia RS DSG / 230: 33,410 euros

Combi versions: 800 euros

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