Opel Mokka 1.6 CDTi 1.6 dCi Nissan Qashqai against

Comparison: Opel Mokka 1.6 CDTi 1.6 dCi vs Nissan QashqaiComparison: Opel Mokka 1.6 CDTi 1.6 dCi vs Nissan QashqaiComparison: Opel Mokka 1.6 CDTi 1.6 dCi vs Nissan QashqaiComparison: Opel Mokka 1.6 CDTi 1.6 dCi vs Nissan Qashqai

Many times the budget we have when buying the car begs the question of such popular "lion's tail or head mouse". In this case, we are seeking a Diesel SUV and AWD. Alternatives in the market are many but we have set a budget can not exceed 25,000 euros. The first thing that comes to mind is the Nissan Qashqai dCi 130 4x4-i, a good car all-wheel drive is triumphing in the charts thanks to its good general equilibrium, wide range and successful aesthetic. We like and what we want, but our budget we can only access it in your Basic version called Visia that, as shown in the images, leading to hubcaps in its 16-inch wheels and no fog. Cost 27,200 euros, While funding and welcoming us to PIVE plan you can get to stay in some interesting 24,012 euros; is the point at which we look at other alternatives.

This is where the idea of ​​the Opel Mokka arises. It is a car that size is Halfway between being rival Qashqai and a lower segment. This version has tested here with the new 1.6 CDTI and AWD which, with finishing top of the range called Excellence, stays in 27,320 euros. If applied the promotional discount brand, just reaching the 23,073 euros, increases down even if, like his rival, is financed or choose the PIVE plan, so that in the end the difference with the Nissan Qashqai test can be of up to 4,000 euros; a lot of money. At this point we have two engine options and equivalent traction, with Nissan good space but basic equipment and another with more complete and elegant interior presentation but somewhat smaller, especially in the trunk. Let us see if makes up the price difference.

Opel Mokka 1.6 CDTi 1.6 dCi Nissan Qashqai against

Engines around 130hp

He Opel Mokka just received the new engine CDTI 136 horses. It is a 1.6 4 cylinder made of aluminum, with VGT and multivalve cylinder head, which also carries the Astra. And replaces the Veteran 1.7 CDTi, which slightly improves its performance and forcefully, in the categories of consumption and refinement. Takes manual gearbox and all-wheel drive with differential connecting the rear axle automatically on demand. For its part, Nissan maintains the propeller 1.6 dCi 130 hp, since it already complied with the rules EuroVI. It is a good engine, Source Renault, shared with almost all models of the diamond. All-wheel drive system has a center differential that can block the driver will. Normally moves in front wheel drive and, as Opel, may be 4x4 at the time when it is needed, although the driver can manually intervene in its operation to blow button and make always be 4x4 plus lock the center differential to limit compromised situations grip at low speed.

Benefits within walk more or less at par. The Opel Mokka is faster always accelerating, and it only takes geared slower when your larguísima sixth speed; generally it has longer developments. Both cars sin a little lack of low-end torque, but in the end the prestacional level is more than correct and down move relatively freely. With consumption there is more difference being the Mokka more fuel than its rival, especially in town. Nissan spending is good, but Opel is better, at the end of the long development and a good engine make you spend half a liter less according to our measurements. If I had to choose one I would point performance with Opel, always bearing in mind that data Nissan are already more than enough for use far beyond what would be expected of a car of this type.


behavior the two met plenty. I like a little more Nissan Qashqai why supports intervene in its distribution system drive button to blow, something that has more value if it is to subject the car off-road use. There is a good standard, dynamic and secure in both, and the commitment is relatively good comfort despite having to deal with most typical height of a SUV; end brands hold these cars damping to reduce body movements and They are not as comfortable as the equivalent saloons, It happens to everyone. I like 16-inch wheels and high profile tire wear, since low and profiles huge tires tend to put these cars for aesthetic reasons at the end make the suspension more dry, and does not take advantage dynamic theoretical advantages of a sports tire.


The interior space is higher in the Nissan and is where you value that is an upper segment. Mayest front are not any more space, with the rear seats and especially the trunk, where it may be the point that makes you lean on one or the other. There are 8 cm over rear width and 5 cm more legroom in Nissan. 72 cm rear longitudinal space and 95 cm behind an adult will comfortable in both Mokka and rival; the difference mark width, where three adults will more comfortable for space, not for seats, in Japanese. The rear central plaza instead is, ergonomics, more pleasant in German. In trunk segment difference between a car and another be seen with 130 liters for the Qashqai, which provides more space.

Interior presentation is correct in two, with a much higher level of equipment in the Opel and more elegant in its finish. In the 4,000 euros difference that between one and the other have bi-xenon headlights, parking sensors, electrically folding mirrors, the lights, the air conditioner, which is also dual, rain sensors and lights and an assistant light on the road that Opel Mokka It comes as standard, as well as wheels and fog lamps. If the latter want them in the Nissan, and also I recommend you take, you have to climb to finishing Acenta, which increases the difference in 1,500 euros, well justified by an increase in equipment to a Very interesting level and it is very close to what this Mokka offers; but we have already gone to 5,500 euros separation.

Given these differences your car may be the Mokka If at home are four inaccurate over 325 liters of luggage something just for this size of car-and you want to save those 4,000 euros. If you need space, you will not be forced to spend, always knowing that any of the two options you choose have enough performance as they become your car every day.