Jeep Compass 2017: We tested an SUV with off-road strong character

Jeep Compass 2017: we drive a SUV very 4x4Jeep Compass 2017: we drive a SUV very 4x4Jeep Compass 2017: we drive a SUV very 4x4Jeep Compass 2017: we drive a SUV very 4x4

From July 7th, Jeep will sell the Compass, he second SUV with this name and that intercalated with its size between Renegade and Cherokee: compact SUV, so. It comes with a wide range of 14 versions at a rate of combining five trim levels with two petrol engines and three diesel.

Sport, Longitude and Limited trim levels are between the differences are based on standard equipment and optional packages. Thus, for example, jeep Compass Sport -this level is unique to the less powerful engines and traction account delantera- factory with air conditioning, six airbags, hill start assist, tire pressure control, four electric windows front -only one touch -, sensor lights, LEDS, alloy wheels 16 ", among others. In the Longitude the passenger seat can now be folded forward, fog lamps, rear parking sensors and electric and heated exterior mirrors or rims grow to 17 "appear, plus leaks are chrome, the door handles they are colored body and roof rails in black.

The highest level, jeep Compass Limited, extends the previous climate control, leather upholstery, driver seat lumbar and control the folding rear into three parts, provides daytime running lights with LEDs, tires are 18 "tires have pressure sensor, external inserts appear chrome such as roof bars or Exhaust or tinted windows. Also the sensor that automatically activates the lights here does the same with the windshield wipers.

2017 Jeep CompassTemporarily above it is placed the Opening Edition, alarm, electrical regulations in the front seats, audio Beats, including painting, folding door mirrors or keyless access and start, in addition to the larger touchscreen of three possible.

To this is added the Jeep Compass Trailhawk that although has a similar configuration to that of the Limited, mark distances, especially with a specific configuration to achieve a capacity greater progression outside the asphalt the rest of Jeep Compass and uncommon among current SUV segment are to be. They have, for example, a higher ground clearance -22.9 cm, but other Compass 2.5, 20.4 cm- or M + S tire wheels 17" -standard and the Longitude, Sport wear 16" and Limited 17"-. As well protection plates at low or a different bumpers to gain some degree in order to improve the output attack or steep slopes.

Jeep Compass 2017 platform known

The new 2017 Jeep Compass, which uses Small Wide platform similar to the Alfa Romeo MiTo, for example, 14 cm longer than the Jeep Renegade, another with the same base as the Fiat 500X, although both apart "short" axes - and 23 cm shorter than the Jeep Cherokee, with which most, in addition to the ties in Grand Cherokee, from the viewpoint of design of the body.

With its 4.39 m, and if we look at the length, the rivals the new Jeep Compass compact SUV would be those among which the Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI 4x4, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, Subaru XV, Renault Kadjar, Peugeot 3008, GLA Mercedes, BMW X1, Infiniti QX30, Ssanqyong Korando, Audi Q3, Nissan Qashqai, Range Rover Evoque, Ateca Seat or Mitsubishi ASX.

2017 Jeep CompassThe wheelbase of the new Jeep Compass is similar to the type Fiat; but the suspension is very different with respect to the compact car. In fact, the Jeep Compass and whatever the type of traction -there FWD models in combination with the two less powerful petrol and diesel; plus all-wheel drive, usually linked to manual and other Engines- independent suspensions are used in both axes: Are MacPherson struts in front; Chapman suspension and rear, both architectures concept very similar.

Jeep Compass 2017, their engines

As for the range of Spanish engines is already known for use in other group models Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) for sale: the Jeep Renegade, for example, you have all. It shall comprise 1.4 Turbo MultiAir in two versions, 140 hp, always combined with front-wheel drive and six-speed manual gearbox and 170 hp all-wheel drive and automatic transmission gears nine. According to estimates by Jeep, gasoline engines coparán around 25 or 30 percent of sales. In other countries, like Russia, there is also a third petrol engine, 184 hp 2.4 with automatic transmission always.

The rest will be diesel, primarily, with the 2.0 Multijet 140 hp as locomotive of those sales. There will be a 1.6 Multijet 120 bhp, transmission similar configuration with the less powerful petrol; and other 2.0 Multijet 170 hp, which is exclusive of the Trailhawk. As the 140 hp will always be all-wheel drive and, while for the first one could choose between the manual six-speed gearbox and automatic nine, the 170 hp will always last ZF automatic transmission source and manufacturing FCA.

The two units have been driving the Jeep Compass this automatic transmission was available in both cases linked to the 2.0 Multijet: 140 hp unit with Limited finish and 170 hp with Trailhawk level. Specifically, it can be somewhat sharper in other automatic torn to link the two parts of the torque converter, but It contributes little noticeable transitions gear and both versions with the 2.0 Multijet 140 and 170 hp in which we could try, It supports or meshes with the ninth gear frequency. This is a development of 62 km / h per 1,000 rpm.

2017 Jeep CompassJeep Compass 2017: an SUV with a lot of TT

The Trailhawk have somewhat different from other versions transmission, all-wheel drive as its own, for example with a 4WD Low mode. It offers a functionality that simulates a reductive because, in this case, the logic of change is scheduled block first step to second-from short- development: in practice, the engine reaches, is working on the change in manual or automatic mode, the 5,000 rpm without go from there. That means reaching a maximum of about 32 km / h; but always remains the driver to move the lever to select the second at the time it deems.

By using this function with one of the three buttons containing the Selec-Terrain control simultaneously stability control is deactivated. The other two buttons are on the Hill Descent Control and 4 Lock.

The first system is unique to the Jeep Compass Trailhawk and, once activated, automatically and uniformly maintains speed descents, and using the brakes, 2 km / h The driver can not alterarla-. The second, which is common to all wheel drive Jeep Compass makes four wheels drive at all times.

He Selec-Terrain control also it allows you to select, with its rotating part, various driving modes adapting the operation of up to twelve different land systems. These include the braking device, the traction control or plate clutch that distributes power from the engine between the wheels.

Thus, car, the rear axle can be switched off to reduce consumption; in snow, the more balanced distribution of the traction between both axes is achieved with a maximum of 60 percent of the front pair and a back 40; Meanwhile in sand and mud, and it can take up to 100 percent of torque to the rear axle and the traction control allows a somewhat higher wheel slip. Jeep Compass in Trailhawk there is a fifth, rock, with similar recent adjustment, but with a greater capacity for action by differential lock brakes.

2017 Jeep CompassWe were able to drive a Jeep Compass Limited both as a Compass Trailhawk road, paved or dirt tracks and even with the second face trialeras of little difficulty. In the first ground, the road, the difference of each other is not very big, although we note that, between the two units, the Jeep Compass Trailhawk was able to contain further movement of the body despite having a suspension sobreelevada. In addition, on paved tracks but with some areas very bumpy, is better prepared for off-road version showed a higher quality tread, even less interference of the irregularities in the direction. Off-road, the Limited showed a superb traction, but the Trailhawk had the advantage of greater height above the ground, in addition to reducing the role and support of the HDC. In both cases direction hardly falls, although it is moderately fast, while the 140 hp engine already has more than enough to freely move an SUV that is not too heavy nor feel that way.

2017 Jeep Compass, driving aids

Driving aids fitted as standard across the range of the Jeep Compass are warning of a frontal collision or lane departure, combining both work a camera and radar. Both of these work very well: the first without excessive warnings; the second, without sharp corrections. On the other hand, They are optional cruise control adaptive cruise the vehicle in the blind spot or that help parking maneuvers: The reversing camera, the vehicle detector after the Jeep Compass as we step back or that deals with battery and park in parallel with minimal driver intervention.

2017 Jeep CompassJeep Compass 2017, details inside

Like all Jeep, the steering wheel rim has a considerable thickness. In it we find controls for the stereo, cruise control cruise handling driving aids ... It has height adjustment and depth with control feel and appearance of poor quality, as with plastic surrounding the button Boot. The upper areas are padded as trims, they have better presence.

The implementation of the two units we had been driving the computer screen between the speedometer and tachometer, color and larger -7 "against the 3.5 of Sport and wearing Longitude-. It offers a wealth of information. Jeep Compass Trailhawk in the chapel of the instrumentation, as well as other elements such as the speakers of the door-indeed, with them, rigid bags limited capacity - or the basis of change have red inserts that allow distinguish it from other versions. It is also specific upholstery.

In the center of the dashboard, with a design reminiscent of the same element Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, It is the multimedia screen. They can be of three different sizes: 5, 7 or 8.4". All permit applications via internet have to connect to the smartphone and both with more features, those of older screens are compatible with Google Android Auto and Apple carplay on Limited and Trailhawk. The system 8.4" It has a browser It is supporting the introduction of destinations with voice. It also allows routes off the network or off-road record and share those made or reflect on your screen data such as body roll, pressure, altitude ... with parameters such as steering angle, G forces ... all through Jeep Skills Application.

Under the screen, as in the other Jeep, the Compass buttons of stay air conditioning functions, While some such as heating or ventilation of the seats are operated from the screen. Also with these controls they are those of the parking sensors and automatic parking system.

We did not like the seating by ergonomics, despite being the most sophisticated, with electrical regulations. The reason is in projecting the headrest and pushes. Out of the way, it demands that we place the more inclined than we initially would support. They are a good size though, curiously, the length of your bench is lower than that of the two rear side seats. This best bench is set for two that for three occupants, with a tunnel at the foot of the central passenger protruding very little -in front of him, in addition to an outlet of 230 volts, vents in the front- and then Armrest It lacks any functionality than the folding of the back: Depending on the version, in two or three parts, whereas in this case as a central area with reposabotes when folded and separating the two side seats.

2017 Jeep CompassHe trunk is not very wide, with about 302 liters of capacity if we place the ground in the highest position, flush with the loading plane; although it grows 80 to 90 liters when we place in the lower positions: In these cases, a step with lowered backrests would occur, even in the highest position also appears in the opposite direction, because the soil is above the seats few centimeters. Below ground would still space for a spare wheel, although we could drive units did not have it, but a reparapinchazos kit. On the other hand, removal of the upper tray required to strictly follow the instructions, nothing to take the initiative without further. And yet, not be comfortable operation: certainly could have been solved better. Without leaving the trunk, also it draws attention to the gate, motorized, does not have that built-in automatic damper but has an arm that is the one that moves.

According to our measurements, habitability is correct: any of its dimensions, or width, longitudinal space or high, stands overshot or against the competition. In any case it should reflect that happens with the vertical dimension even when it has the panoramic roof.

As for prices, cheaper version is at 25,500 euros -the less powerful petrol and Sport- finish and the most expensive motor, 39,600 and 39,900 euros. These are the Opening Edition finish and, respectively, using the 2.0 Multijet 140 hp and 170 hp 1.4 MultiAir.