Dacia Sandero dCi 90 Easy-R: Diesel tested the car and automatic cheaper

Dacia Sandero dCi 90 Easy-R CV, your best photosDacia Sandero dCi 90 Easy-R CV, your best photosDacia Sandero dCi 90 Easy-R CV, your best photosDacia Sandero dCi 90 Easy-R CV, your best photos

Dacia Sandero receives an element of the organ bank of Renault: A automatic transmission with which debuts in this type of transmission, because until the arrival of this box employing only the Dacia manuals. Perhaps this change was not in the original script for Dacia but perhaps satisfy those who use their cars in city, Today you have in mind.

Unfortunately This is not one of those modern transmissions, sophisticated and so accommodating for the driver, as is the dual clutch (EDC), which already reach the full range of Renault once has released the Renault Twingo and, shortly, will be in the Dacia Duster. EDC instead of 1,300 euros, also more expensive in the Twingo, Clio in 1400, for example, which reaches the Sandero is the AMT. Is a robotized change produced by Renault Dacia in Seville and life is a box Quickshift for those first-generation Renault Twingo.

Simplifying, for your design is taken as pdaub starting box originally manual transmission, with parallel gears, They were grafted elements that automatically perform gear selection, and clutch management, in this case regardless of a hydraulic system for connection and disconnection Magnetti Marelli that put: it is done electric motors work of ZF. It retains therefore the friction disc connecting engine and gearbox, but his pedal away: the driver just manages throttle and brake. The modifications involve only 7 kilos in scale.

Dacia discover dCi 90 CV Easy-ROnly the TCe 90 which uses it also has five gears; while the 1.5 dCi with the same power, brings six. He development of late March Dacia Sandero is the Easy-R Diesel as the manual -in this version, five relationships-; the rest are logically are shorter and tighter together.

Dacia Sandero, you choose how to use it

Gearknob with driver Dacia Sandero can interact to select up sequentially: Just to take her D, in which the receiver decides what gear should be used according to acceleration, engine speed, etc., M. In both cases perceptible jerks when moving from one to another gear occur, the effect involving disruption of essential power for gear change. In D, it is possible to smooth transitions when Eco mode is used, the smoothed engine response to throttle opening; M, accompanying the movement of the lever with the pressure relief of that pedal.

In any case, the process of shifting appears in this Dacia Sandero Easy-R much slower the driver would get an average, more than sure that intentionally to minimize pull; but so slowly it causes unpleasant situations. For example, in a lane change with heavy traffic during a gear change it occurs because you have to wait several seconds' Even 3 - for pickup clutch and engine change and thus have this response to further accelerate .

The advantage is that this change saves work: The Dacia Sandero advances in traffic jams or maneuvering without outstanding speed and not recoils. While the provision is correct, much as a decline of 2 seconds register in acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h compared to manual (the acceleration registered in our test was 12.9 seconds).

Dacia discover dCi 90 CV Easy-RIn fact, the increase in spending compared to the same model with manual transmission is irrelevant, 0.3 l / 100 km in town (for a actual expenditure in urban route of 5.6 l / 100 km), While rising 0.2 l / 100 km highway (with actual consumption measured by our Technical Center 4.7 l / 100 km). That restraint in consumption occurs even when This version does not have a Stop and Start too active if we use the air conditioning. In addition, it takes a little longer than others to stop the engine: it acts once the car is stopped for a few seconds. In all, the actual data of average consumption, according to our measurements, is pretty tight: 5,15 l / 100 km.

A peculiarity of this change Dacia Sandero is its price: It costs 500 euros, making it the most affordable market. So born also the cheapest auto Diesel you can buy today.

That price and the minimum effect of consumption are, ultimately, the arguments of this change compared to other automatic, but it is far from functioning effectively or comfortably ... beyond that does not require any intervention in its driver if you do not want. If faster, improve ..

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