Seat León 2017: a Spanish-selling test

Seat León 2017: photos from our first testSeat León 2017: photos from our first testSeat León 2017: photos from our first testSeat León 2017: photos from our first test

Yet established itself as a benchmark for dynamism, with a agility and precision of movement that make it up as one of the sportiest compact, the renewal this third generation Seat Leon focuses on improving the resources now evolve faster: new features for electronic driving assistants and more likely to connectivity in its multimedia information system, navigation and entertainment.

The basic stylistic features of Seat Leon They remain in its range 2017, with light changes cosmetics grid -40 mm ancha- new paragolpes, rims Y headlights. Now, headlights have always technology and flashing LED lights, while the focus is halogen series. On optional Full LED It has been improved much both the quantity and quality of illumination; something that was a necessity, because they were below featured in the previous generation with optional xenon also.

Inside Seat Leon 2017At Inside the Seat León 2017, the most noteworthy is the sobreelevada center console, in which, for the first time, you can find a electric handbrake -from the Style- versions as well as a button that flashes red for combined starting with handsfree key. We find new upholstery, a ambient lighting LED that lets you choose between different colors and a receptacle in which to load he phone wirelessly. But the most remarkable focuses on the screen Touch embedded in the center of the dashboard. It can be up to 8 " (Standard on the FR, Xcellence and X-Perience, with a 5 "monochrome versions Reference for access) and reduced to less than half their physical buttons. Now there are only three: for volume and power, main menu and Seat Full Link. classic "back" is missing when we want to retrace our steps to a menu. Also it includes two USB ports parallel to the functions Mirror Link, Apple Car Auto Play and Android, while adding a GPS signal amplifier in order to improve coverage of our smartphone. As a postscript, end 2017 will reach optionally the configurable virtual cockpit instrumentation already known from other models of the Volkswagen Group and the Audi TT debuted.

Seat León 2017, to the future

Among those attending driving, arrives and driving semiautonomous to the Seat Leon, the so-called "Trafic Jam Assist". A system with the cooperation of adaptive cruise control (ACC) and lane keeping (Lane Assist), with radar and improved camera, able to maneuver, accelerate and brake automatically in jams until speed 60 km / h. Not only the trajectory is corrected when the vehicle is about to leave the lane, but studies its limits to keep in the center. Meanwhile, the role of autobraking in city at risk of scope now recognizes pedestrians.

Test Seat Leon 2017It has been tapped to improve quality or increase the amount of insulating material, which results in a quieter interior and further refinement in its tread.

Mechanically developments in the Seat Leon 2017 They are minimal. Slight readjustment in the development of the adaptive damping (DCC), the motor 1.6 TDI now in version 115 hp instead of 110, the 2.0 TDI 150 hp that can be associated with all-wheel drive and Cupra with the 2.0 TSI reaches 300 hp; but to get to know the details of the latter will have to wait February 2017, date chosen for presentation. What we can advance is that the Cupra family not only grow in power, so does in versions with a Unpublished ST Cupra 4x4 with change DSG 6 speed. The rest of the range is made into gasoline with soft and elastic 1.2 TSI from 110 hp with 6-speed manual transmission -at Spanish market will not reach the three-cylinder 1.0 TSI we do see in the Ateca- a 1.4 TSI from 125 hp, he 1.4 TSI from 150 hp with system cylinder shutdown and, until the arrival of the Cupra, as a stop, silky 1.8 TSI from 180 hp able to combine direct and indirect injection. In Diesel 1.6 TDI It is offered with 90 or 115 hp, Only the first 5-speed manual gearbox for the 5-door version, and 2.0 TDI with 150 or 184 hp, that can be manual 6 or automatic DSG relationships with the same number of gears.

A new finish for Seat Leon 2017

The range of finishes is structured as above, with Reference as access step, and with 7 airbags, air conditioning, trip computer and cruise control among others. It then places the style, alloy wheels 16 ", XDS electronic differential, dual zone climate control, electric parking brake 5" screen color ... and next to the FR, at the same price level by 1,550 euros more than the Style-, it premieres xcellence, which means a higher chrome framed windows sophistication and comfort, key hands free, curtains ... but also with touch screen 8 ", 17" wheels and sports seats as in the FR. In addition, the X-Perience family version ST body with high damping and adjuncts that make crossover is maintained.

Although orders are already allowed, the first units They will not reach dealers until January 2017, with the same price of the outgoing model in the three bodies. SC three-door and five at the same rate while for the ST family have to shell out an additional 1,000 euros.

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