10 tips in case of accident

10 tips in case of accident

1. Signals fault

If the car is broken, it is important to signal it with emergency triangles. You have to place the first 100 meters before the incident and before a curve if the accident occurred later.

2. To look better

When you have to get off the car, wear the vest before and not in full roadway: It is important to make you see but beware, do not make you immortal!

3. Go from circulation

If you have to travel on the road, do it as far away from traffic: If possible, position yourself behind the guardrail. Do not allow passengers to descend the car, although bearing vest.

4. Where a wheel change

Looking for the right place to stop the car and places as far away as possible from circulation. Do not even get into your head to change a wheel anywhere, especially if it comes from the left. If you have hired roadside assistance service with your insurance policy, do not hesitate to call them.

5. Accident call 112

This is the number you have to dial on your phone in case of suffering or witnessing any accident to send emergency services necessary assistance. Stay calm during the call and provides the information as accurate as possible: location, number of vehicles involved and victims.

6. How auxiliary

Stop the car in a safe place to try to make the situation does not deteriorate. After, short contact of the damaged vehicles, operates the parking brake and turn on all the lights possible emergency.

It is time to place the warning triangle. If possible, ask for help from others so that, with the vest in place, sheltered from a site to warn other drivers of the accident.

7. help a wounded

A person who has had an accident is often confused and afraid. Talk to obtain information that may be useful to health services, as if you are allergic to any medications or have any major illness.

8. What not to do

Never give drink to a wounded, nor move or remove them from the vehicle. Nor should transport him to a hospital, except in very exceptional cases.

9. cover his, although hot weather

It covers the patient with a blanket, usually they have cold. Further, monitors in the mouth no foreign bodies Instead, loosen and clothes and belt.

10. Information, fair

If you ask about the state of his companions and you believe that the news is not going to be very positive, Do not be too explicit not to provoke a crisis of anxiety.