Tricks to keep the tires in good condition

Tricks to keep the tires in good conditionTricks to keep the tires in good conditionTricks to keep the tires in good conditionTricks to keep the tires in good condition


It is the first commandment because usually circular or too little air will radically change the behavior of the car in addition to accelerating the wear of the tread. Should review them periodically, not less than once a month, or when we will use our car stopped after a few weeks. It is checked cold and if for some reason you must make it hot, keep in mind that the pressure can rise by almost 0.3 bar during operation.

Tread depth

Tires in poor conditionThe law requires that water drainage channels present at least 1.6 mm deep, at which wear indicators are flush with studs tread. Nevertheless, less than 3 mm and may have difficulty firing water increasing the risk of aquaplaning. If you do not have a depth tester, you can measure it by entering a credit card or a pen tip and measuring the mark with a normal rule. Special mention have winter tires, which should not be less than 3 mm in order to fulfill its role and avoid mounting chains.

unbalanced wheels

We are not referring to mental health but we can notice vibrations in the steering wheel when we overcome certain speed. They may be caused by an accumulation of mud on the wheels or improper tire pressure may also come although of repeated blows of the wheels to lean on the sidewalk to park and even some "bordillazo" that had given during the brand. In that case, we might even have affected some of the elements of the suspension. You know: Be careful when parking.

Falls and convergence

Tricks to keep the tires in good conditionMisalignment of the address may cause the wheels do not rest on the ground evenly, causing them to spend more on one edge than in the rest of the tread, which would cause premature wear, with added cost of having to change tires prematurely and, above all, worst braking distances in an emergency. If your wheels are spent more on one side than the other, go to the workshop.

chapped and cut edges

The sun, cold and driving on roads full of salt in winter can make you lose flexibility to our tires and that these cuarteen on the flanks, reducing the protection offered to the canvas that make up the skeleton of the wheel. we should not worry too much if the cracks are superficial, but if we realize that increase in size. Wash your car more often if you circulate much salt covered roads.


Nobody has said that tires and expire after a certain date do not fulfill their duties. But you should keep in mind how the passage of time and the hard life they have, they can lose some of the flexibility they have when they are new and not enough grip. The figure is often used as a reference is not to extend tire life more than ten years from the date of manufacture. This is printed on the side. It is identified by four consecutive numbers in which the first two are production week and the last two the year they were made.