I have burned the car, how and when insurance claim?

I have burned the car, how and when insurance claim?

Imagine that, like every day, leave your car parked at night in the street and the next morning, when you go to pick it up you are unlucky that Your car has been torched because of a third party. Before this happens, you must be clear how you act your insurance company. Will you take care of cover the costs of repair or indemnify me to buy a new car if it has been burned completely?

To cover the damage caused in a car by fire you must have insurance against all risks or car with excess, as it is this type of insurance in which own policies include damage, which is the guarantee in which they are included.

So, if you have taken out a comprehensive insurance, your company will take care of everything. If you have hired a franchise insurance, damage will be covered from the contracted budget. That is to say, if your franchise is 300 euros and repair exceeds that amount will have to pay the 300 euros in your pocket, and your company will take care of the rest.

But the best option is to make sure have contracted coverage fire, which it is usually included in all all-risk insurance and most insurance expanded third. Fire coverage covers damage to the car by fire, either by an act of vandalism by a vehicle breakdown itself or by an atmospheric phenomenon like lightning falling.

Insurance claim

Depending on how you torched your car, You need to submit the appropriate documentation your insurance company. Note that you demonstrate that the loss has not been negligence by the insured or by any other person related to him. The insurer must rule out that the fire was caused.

If your car has been burned in the street by an act of vandalism, because someone has thrown a flammable liquid, or because they have burned garbage cans and fire has spread damaging your vehicle, the complaint would be required in order to claim the insurance. If firefighters have intervened to extinguish the fire, you can use the crowded and intervention of them to demonstrate the fire.

If you have contracted fire insurance, get informed how much you will pay the insurance if your car is burned completely and you're forced to buy another. Companies use two terms in conditions to pay reparation or compensation that must be clear:

-Value again: it's the price you have to pay if you wanted to buy your new car a dealer at the time of the accident.

-venal value: the price at which you could sell your car at the time of the accident. Reference can say that the market value of a car 5 years old is about 60 percent lower than the price of the same car buying it again.

Only in case of natural disasters (Like a storm or an earthquake) or terrorist acts, who will take care of repairs is the Insurance Compensation Consortium. Yes, provided the damaged vehicle have an insurance in force.

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