When can I start driving if I remove the card

When can I start driving if I remove the card

Any judicial conviction Crimes against traffic safety entails the temporary deprivation of the right to drive. To return to get behind the wheel of a car It will depend on whether the permission time deprivation is lower or higher than two years.

If permission is deprivation than two years, you have to know that it is necessary a course of rehabilitation and vial sensitization 24 hours teaching duration in an authorized center and also must a test in traffic. To get permission, in this case, it has a balance of 8 points.

If the sentence is less than two years, to resume driving, you will only prove that he passed during use and reeducation vial sensitization 24 hours. In this case, you need not perform any test or examination.

Penalty of up to EUR 500

As we Motorists European Associates (AEA) explains, although there is no time limit for notifying the driver what to do, nor is there an obligation to inform the DGT usually does. Therefore, once it has served the sentence can join in any of the authorized centers for the course and be able to recover back your right to drive.

If, for whatever reason, you decide not to perform relevant to retrieve your driving license course, you will be fined an severe administrative penalty amounting to 200 euros, in the case of being deprived of the right to drive for less than two years time. And one very serious administrative penalty of 500 euros in case I have been for more than two years time.

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