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How it works Car2goHow it works Car2goHow it works Car2goHow it works Car2go

I'm sure you've seen parked on the street any more than 300 cars car2go and you thought Where do these cars? Who can lead? How you could rent one? Where'd I can leave? Car2go is a rental service 100% electric vehicles to move around the city center, operating without fixed rental stations, that is, You can find them in any corner and use.

The good thing about the car is that Car2go, to be electric, you can flow through residential areas regulated in transit and parking areas BE (Green and blue zone). Further, You do not have to worry about recharging the car battery, Car2go that is responsible. Under no circumstances you will have access to a car with less than 20 percent battery level.

As to disadvantages: not always find a car near your position Car2go, despite having a fleet of 350 units; and the Space is limited since they are two-seater cars. And if you take account, depending on how long you are going to use the service, you can get out more expensive than using public transport.

You can park for free in the SER

What to do to use the service Car2go

The only requirements are register and finalize the rental service always within the limits of the M-30. Car2go takes care of the rest. Users pay only for the actual use of service € 0,19 per minute, with no monthly fee or annual. Everything is included.

1.Registro on the web. You'll have to enter your personal data, data from your driving license, PIN number and data credit card or debit card. Registration is free until January 31, 2016.

2.Validar driving license. It is done only once and is done in one of the 35 points Car2go distributed throughout the city. You'll have to show your ID card, driving license and QR code printed during registration. this validation It will take only five minutes.

3.Dónde are cars. To locate the nearest electric car Car2Go must use the application. A map will indicate which vehicles are closest to your location and battery level. You can book a car for 30 minutes.

4. How open the car. The vehicle has on the windshield with an electronic board which will show basic information about the car, that is, if it is free and battery level. Car2Go open the application, click on "Start the car," and after a few seconds, the car will open.

Where I can drive 5.For. Once inside, an instruction book and key'll find a stand to the right of the touch screen. You have to enter the PIN number chosen during registration. Take the key and start the car. You can start to enjoy the holiday.

6.Donde leave the car when finished the rent. Remember that you can drive anywhere you like, as long when you finish the service within the limits of the M-30. Being an electric vehicle is exempt from Ser Zone, so you can park anywhere, provided it is not prohibited.

7. What do I do with the key. When you turn off the car engine, the system asks táctil- -through the screen if you've completed the trip or if you are simply making a stop. If you're going to make a stop, you must take the key to lock the car and then open it again. But remember that "taximeter" continues and will continue to be charged every minute. If you have completed the journey, leave the key back on the stand and out of the car. The closure is done automatically in 15 seconds.

touch screen with options available

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