What are the penalties for not carrying documentation car?

What are the penalties for not carrying documentation car?

In the car always must travel some documents are required. We, as motorists, have to carry documents that are essential for driving. The glove is usually the place chosen to travel some of the papers which, if not accurate, it is the best thing ever take them out of there so they do not go astray. And is that not carry in the car documentation may bring upon fines, in some cases up to 500 euros, we clarified the European Car, CEA.

Car driving license

It is one of the required documents should always ride in the car, or failing that, a provision authorization will be issued the Traffic Department. technical information model, its displacement and power as well as the frame number and other data is included in the permission.

What fine entails not have the registration certificate of the car?

In case of not having the registration certificate, the fine is 10 euros. Yes what happens is that the vehicle has caused low, the sanction reaches EUR 500.

ITV card

Card Vehicle Inspection, if your car has already served four years, should not be missing from the vehicle. There different parameters of vehicle behavior, such as consumption, emissions or specified dimensions, and specify whether or not the car has passed the review compulsorily

What fine entails not have the ITV card in the car?

Should not count ITV card the fine is 10 euros. For the period going to the Vehicle Inspection and therefore is expired ITV has passed, the fine reaches 200 euros.

Driving license

It is a fundamental document when put hands on the wheel. This must be valid and at least 1 point of our balance points.

What fine involves not carry a driver's license in the car?

If you do not carry with us the driving license in the car, the penalty reaches 10 euros. If you have not reported a change of residence in the driving license, the fine reaches 80 euros, and if your driving license has expired, the fine reaches 200 euros.

The amount of the fine is further rises if we get behind the wheel of the car with a driving license not in force (It is advisable to look at the date on which the driving license expires ever). In this case the fine reaches $ 500 It is a infringement which it is defined as a very serious, may be this constitutive fact crime, reflected in the art. 384 of the Penal Code.

Road tax and car insurance

These documents, although not mandatory traveling in the car, it is advisable to do so, as we specified CEA. It is advisable to take the receipt of IVTM, the famous numerito or Municipal road tax, and documentation showing that the car has insurance in force, and the bank receipt of your payment, but traffic wardens can check this information by the Insured Vehicle Information File (FIVA).

What fine entails not take receipt of car insurance?

Most penalty occurs when one not have the Obligatory insurance, that is, the car is uninsured. In this case the traffic police will proceed to vehicle immobilisation. The sanction here may vary between 601 and 3,005, at the discretion of the agent.

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