What to do if you have a car accident with an animal

What to do if you have a car accident with an animal

Collisions with animals continue to rise year after year in Spain. Wild animals move from one place to another to feed or mate and, although usually go for their usual ways, sometimes Left alone on the road. Most accidents with animals takes place on conventional roads and mainly during the spring and fall. Regions with more accidents registered animals are Galicia, Castilla Leon, Aragon and Catalonia.

Boars and dogs are the animals most involved in accidents. Less common is to see foxes, wolves or deer, but be alert because you can always find with any type of animal and an accident. Birds reduce the visual field causing collisions against the windshield. Amphibians reduce tire grip If we pass over. Meanwhile, large animals cause accidents to hit the car or when we try to avoid them. What to do?

How to avoid an accident with an animal

-Undoubtedly, caution is never over. If you drive through forested areas, forest edges or areas with poor visibility, we must reduce speed. At a speed of 60 km / h, the braking distance is 35 meters, while at 100 km / h is 79 meters.

-If you encounter a wild animal on the roadside, it is advisable, if you wear long range lights, change and put the lights crossing, slow down slightly and honking. The dazzling lights disorient the animal and could run toward the road.

-Keep driving at low speed if you see a wild animal as it is possible that there may be further behind the pack. When they panic crossing the road unexpectedly and uncontrollably.

-If a collision is unavoidable, hold the steering wheel, go straight and brakes. Trying to avoid an animal crossing the road is a risky move because you can hit a tree or vehicles traveling in the opposite direction.

Should you have an accident with an animal

-Stop the car in a controlled manner. Ensures the accident signaling with triangles and do not forget to wear a reflective vest before leaving the car.

-If there is personal injury, call 112 or roadside assistance service.

-Warns the Seprona (062) to withdraw the injured animals.

-Reported the accident to your insurance company and make photograph of the damage caused by the animal. Remember that the "hunting coverage" in the insurance policy covers damage in accidents with animals. Repair a wrecked car by an animal costs on average 1,400 euros.

The law says responsible for both personal and material damage in case of an accident with an animal is the driver of the vehicle.

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