Buenviajecepsa.com: enjoy it while traveling

Buenviajecepsa.com: enjoy it while traveling

Given the great social concern in all matters relating to the Road safety and the desire to offer solutions to their customers in their daily lives, CEPSA He wanted to demonstrate with the launch of the website buenviajecepsa.com his concern for people is real. This project reinforces the commitment CEPSA with your customers and what they care about, such as the road safety.

CEPSA began its journey in the field of Road safety with a new initiative pioneer in its market and truly innovative to the public: an umbrella portal all the necessary information so we can make Our travel a safe experience and to enjoy it to the fullest. To do this, he has enjoyed the cooperation of the General direction of traffic and of the Spanish Road Association main strategic partners.

In buenviajecepsa.com the driver will find four information channels with all kinds of aid and recommendations. First, in the channel Know more, all kinds of agglutinate Tips on preventing accidents and the necessary preparations before getting behind the wheel (seat belts for all occupants, safe and adequate fixation for children in their respective approved chairs, etc.). The second channel is called In the path and in it the full list of all ITV stations as well as various recommendations on driving is collected according to the season; the third channel is called Before leaving and in it a program that calculates the safest, most direct route information of the actual state of traffic thanks to the information provided is included by chambers DGT and a list of the black spots on roads, ie those most contentious points and more accidents. The fourth of these channels is called Rest area and therein they include Buen Viaje simulator Cepsa, different games for children in which an entertaining way learn basic tips road safety and several tests knowledge through which you can refresh your knowledge or will assist you in case you're getting the driving license.

CEPSA has developed and made available to the driver an effective tool help for the election of its travel itineraries. In www.buenviajecepsa.com you can find the safest routes Calculator CEPSA, a handy utility developed in collaboration with the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) and the Spanish Road Association (AEA).

Leaning against one of the leading mapping globally, and using a methodology developed by the Spanish Road Association, the data supplied by the DGT regarding the traffic on Spanish roads over the past five years, allowing in this way are processed calculate the fastest, shortest or the safest route to our destination in Spain or Portugal.

The hazard ratio calculation is performed through the analysis of the different factors that affect driving (intensity of heavy traffic, accident rate, steady state, etc), giving the driver the possibility of an itinerary which reflects clearly and reliably, the hazard ratings of the various sections of its route, as well as the situation of blackheads and radars, thus facilitating , a smooth scrolling.

This tool is an aid to safer driving with a complete description of routes that displays the route on the map, with tools like 3D view, bird's-eye view and zoom, designed to virtually walk the path before doing so on the road.

The buenviajecepsa.com launch campaign is inspired by an experience with which many identify. When we start a trip by car or motorbike and we felt safe, the route, by unknown it seems to become family. It is as if we had tour, as if what crosses our way He greeted us like an old friend...